The 3 Steps Of MLM Marketing For Outstanding Success

3 steps to MLM Marketing is a transcription of a video.  Alright alright hey hope things are going well for you and your life and MLM life and everything.  Hey what a cool thing going on right now is we are about to turn ads on for this show.  I got an amazing ads person I’m definitely gonna get to interview her sometime for you guys in the future so you guys can see how she’s running ads on Facebook for MLM.

So she’s about to start running ads to the show, so that’s kind of cool. And so when you guys see it, just know, be aware that’s what’s going on.  We’re trying to widen the group.  What’s really fun is like the thousands of downloads that are already happening for this show.  I think I we’ve definitely struck a chord, so anyway that’s exciting.  I’m really, really pumped to have all of you guys be here as listeners.

This question comes from Eli Fuentes:  “Hey Steve, what are the top three most important things we need to know about marketing our MLM?”  What’s going on Eli.  Great question.  So what are the top three things needed in order to actually market an MLM appropriately.

Well, I don’t know what it was probably, probably six months ago now, I was speaking at an event in Vegas.  And I was all prepared and really stoked.  It wasn’t that big of an event but it was I mean it’s good-sized though definitely a big room and I sat down and I was all thinking I was all prepared.  And it was funny.

I sat down in the back just to kind of listen and see what those speakers are talking about and it became apparent very quickly that I had prepared the wrong speech.  That the actual questions and the actual things that I could give in order to actually be powerful for these people. I had prepared the wrong thing and it was extremely nerve-wracking because I was on in a very short time.

So I pulled my computer up in the back and what I did is I started writing like crazy

I mean I wrote and wrote and wrote and I was redoing my slides and I was like oh my gosh I have literally created this this speech as if these people are doing X Y & Z but they’re not.   They’re actually in this whole separate industry.  It was like, oh man, and so I mean I changed my title slide, the name of the thing, you know, the main points I was gonna make, all the stories.  I mean I changed almost the entire thing.  And it was nerve-racking and what I had realized like I said is not just that I had created the wrong speech but I understood the false beliefs that these people had about what I was going to talk about.  I had falsely understood those things meaning I thought that these people had all believed that I can’t remember now what it was.

Anyway the whole point is that I was not being accurate and what these people believed and didn’t believe.  Does that make sense?  It’s really, really easy for you know, a golfer to believe that there’s a few ways to improve the swing.  You know what I mean, but like people are inclined to several beliefs related to what they do every single day.  Just like for an MLM.  You know if someone’s gonna go, “it’s very very hard to recruit somebody who did not already have like a pre-existing disposition towards MLM or entrepreneurship, right? Very hard to do that.

Everything that I do is all about finding people who have pre-existing dispositions towards MLM

And then helping them get closed into my MLM by various things that make sense.  And so I realized that I had understood the beliefs incorrectly.  That I had gone awry and the reason why it’s such a big deal with marketing is because all marketing is, is education marketing. It is merely just educating people on a new way of thinking , right?  They’ve got to take on some new beliefs.

So if you’re gonna go marketing an MLM, meaning you’re basically saying what what education are you giving you know now that education can come in the form of stories.  It’s not like it’s a classroom, but it can come in the form of stories.  But merely it’s the transfer of belief.  You are literally teaching other people how to think differently.  It’s very, very powerful marketing.

MLM Marketing Step Number 1:  Understand the false beliefs of the people you’re trying to attract

So for the number one thing I’d say if you said hey what are the three things I need to do in order to actually start marketing my MLM is you’ve got to understand the false beliefs of the people around you.  Meaning, if you’re trying to recruit from a group of people, you need to understand what that person is believing, even if it’s false.  Understand what those false beliefs are, know how to counter them, know how to go and re brick; rebuild.  Break and re-frame those belief patterns.  So anyways, number one I’d say it and it’s funny because that pursuit like never really ends.

There’s a an initial understanding you need to gain, but it doesn’t really ever stop.  You get deeper and deeper and deeper into the false belief so those people I mean kind of for life you know and so you keep talking to people who that’s one of the rot you know one of the reasons why even though this whole thing is built on automation and systems and stuff like that it will never be totally automated because you can’t take the human element out of it.

You need to be able to understand what those ever-changing false beliefs are so that you can change your marketing message.

So, going back to that stage example, I ended up going and I was writing and it was so cool because I actually nailed it.  I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, but I nailed it.  I know I did a great job on the speech because I changed my speed, I changed the message.  A lot of the core was the same and a lot of what I told them at the end to do was the exact same, also.  But the way I presented it was different.  Does that make sense?  I hope there’s some light bulbs going off here.  This is like deep, more hardcore marketing type stuff.  As far as like what marketing actually is, so anyway, that’s number one.

So number one  is understand the false beliefs of those people who turn to recruit Remember, you’ve got to know how to attract them to you.  And when I say that, what I mean is you need to learn how to create a new opportunity out of your MLM.  I have said that so many times on this podcast.  It’s literally because that is the secret.  Like that is one of the biggest secrets of all of this.  It’s tied in with but you’ve got to know how to be able to track people through you that’s rule number one actually of the course that I’m building.

Rule number one is they come to you

So I don’t go to family and friends I don’t beg them to join.  I don’t and if you’re into that, more power to you.  But I hate that stuff, I cannot stand it.  It drives me nuts because it makes the individual prone to feeling like the business is more important than the relationship.  And I have done that before.  I’m speaking from experience where I know I have offended people very close people to me because of that.  And so I’m not even willing to go there anymore.

So the cool part of that is that now I had to figure out how to attract people to me, who weren’t family and friends, who weren’t hot market or warm market.  Does that makes sense?  People who weren’t right next to me in my own network and it’s it’s exciting to say you know that it’s probably worked so number one it got an out the false beliefs are of those people,

MLM Marketing Step Number 2:  Know how to attract people to you

Number two you’ve got to be able to know how to attract people to you; whether it’s through a product,  or it’s through some value you’re giving, or there’s some consulting or whatever it is.  You’ve got to know how to attract people.  And most the time, it’s easiest to do it with something free at first and then do it with something paid in the back that we can kind of qualify the lead a little bit more and get more quality people.

MLM Marketing Step Number 3:  Getting paid to prospect

Number three is all about getting paid to prospect and that’s like the Holy Grail.  If you can figure that, out holy crap the world cheers.  You know what I mean?  It’s like everything is a lot easier if you can.  If you know how to get paid while you’re prospecting; meaning you get paid regardless if someone joins.  Now I’m excited to say I’ve done that over the last year and and it’s super awesome.  I’m not trying to toot my own horn or you know say how awesome it is. I’m just letting you know and letting everyone know that it’s possible.

It’s not crazy actually, either.  I’m not a coder.  And I’m not a programmer.  I’m an okay marketer.  I love it.  It’s so fun. I’m an okay stage presenter, although I love it.  But really where I excel in is just not giving up.  Just stop giving up and you wanting to keep starting over.

So anyway,  number one understand the false beliefs of those people you’re trying to sell to, right?  The people you’re trying to recruit.  Number two you’ve got to attract those people to you.  And one of the easiest ways I do it is just by giving away free stuff like crazy.  And then pretty soon that builds an audience around me.

Figure out how to create another revenue source out of the existing one

Does that make sense?  Anyway, that might not be the answer you’re thinking I was gonna give but that’s exactly what I would do.    You have to understand those false beliefs.  If you understand the false beliefs, its really easy be able to figure out what kind of free thing to create to attract people around you.

And if you know how to attract people around you, it’s really easy to take one of those elements and turn it into a paid thing that makes sense.  Anyway, hopefully that helped Eli.  Hopefully I helped everyone else who’s listening.

MLM marketing steps are not hard, once you understand how each step builds on the next.  Figure out the first step, and that will lead to the next mlm marketing steps and then the 3rd MLM marketing step.


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