5-months Experience on Somaderm™ Gel

5 Months on Somaderm Gel is transcribed from video.

I want to tell you a little bit about my journey with NewULife over the last several months and fill you in a little bit more about the gel product and where the company is right now and where we plan to go.  So first of all, as you guys know I have been involved with a network marketing company that’s brand new to the arena and it’s called NewULife.  They’re based out of California and they have one product right now.

This isn’t something you’re going to find on eBay or Amazon

It is an HGH transdermal gel; a homeopathic gel and HGH stands for human growth hormone.  This is a really cool product because it’s not considered a health and beauty product.  This isn’t something you’re going to find on eBay or Amazon.  This is actually an over-the-counter homeopathic drug.  It has FDA registration and it also has something called an NDC number which stands for national drug code.

This product is really cool because it’s got a variety of different active ingredients that have been providing so many benefits for so many people.  That’s why people are going nuts for this product.  So firstly, it has somatropin which is HGH and it is a combination of 191 different amino acids.  They’re compounded together to mimic the effects of HGH.  So all these awesome amino acids give you all kinds of energy and pep in your step.  But it kind of gives you your mojo back.  There’s so many other benefits I can’t even list them all on this video because my phone’s gonna start ringing.

It helps to stabilize and regulate your levels

But the other active ingredients are for thyroid and adrenal support.  So whether you have an overactive or underactive thyroid, what Somaderm Gel does, is it helps to stabilize and regulate your levels.  And it also has a variety of raw botanicals that are layered in the product, as well.  They’re considered inactive ingredients and they do a variety of different things.   This product is helpful for both men and women. And I know there’s a lot of guys out there ‘cuz I have a ton of male customers. I don’t know why but you guys never want to talk about having low energy.

But there’s so many men out there that are experiencing really low energy.   Really from like age 35 and up.  So if you fall into that category,  you’re gonna want to message me and you want to get on this gel.  This is going to help increase your energy, it’s going to help increase your stamina, your endurance, your strength, your flexibility, and it’s going to help with your sleep patterns.  It’s gonna help you fall asleep better, stay asleep and my favorite is how well-rested you feel when you wake up in the morning; ready to conquer the day.

Visceral fat reduction, the body fat reduction, the increase in muscle definition, and muscle tone

The other benefit from this Somaderm Gel is people who are younger maybe in their our 20s and at the gym all the time and that doesn’t go to say you know people that are older that are at the gym can’t benefit from it but typically people who are younger that are using this product are using it for the fat loss effects:  the visceral fat reduction, the body fat reduction, the increase in muscle definition, and muscle tone.  This is really going to help with all of that.

And it’s also a help with people who have morning stiffness and some aches and just generally have issues moving around comfortably. this product has been helping so many people achieve wonderful results as far as feeling younger again.   Also let’s talk about looking younger again, to helping with your skin texture, the fine lines and wrinkles.   What this product does is it helps restore moisture into your skin which effectively does diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because your skin is plumped up.  It’s a little more moisturized.  That’s what I’ve noticed for myself.  It’s definitely improved the texture of my skin, as well.

My hair and my nails are for sure stronger

And I feel like my hair’s gotten stronger and so that’s awesome and my nails are for sure stronger.  So I’ve had a lot of benefits and I’m going on five months of using Somaderm Gel.   I have so many customers.  I love getting messages from people that talk about how happy they are and how great they feel.   And how happy they are for their spouse, who’s just been dragging around throughout the day.  So I’m thrilled that I am representing a product that is a real over-the-counter medication that’s helping people.

And here’s the thing – so if you are one of my customers and you’re trying Somaderm Gel and you just started it, I want to remind you guys this is a homeopathic medication and that means it’s a micro dose level.  Most people do experience results within weeks one through three, but it could take several months.  Everybody is different. You’re going to have different results for each person and I just want to really drive that home.  So this is a product that you want to try.

You want to definitely commit to at least using it for you know 180 days at minimum, to give it a solid try.   To make sure that you like how you feel, because there are a lot of people that I’ve had as customers who after four weeks are like, you know I’m trying but I’m just not feeling it yet.  But I’m gonna hang in there.  Then all of a sudden, like week eight or even week nine, they’re like alright I get it now.  This is awesome, I’m feeling so good.  So keep that in mind.

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