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Joy VS Happiness

Matthew McConaughey – Joy Versus Happiness

  Joy versus happiness – transcribed from video. We’ve all got two wolves in us. A good one and a bad one. And they both want to eat. Best I can tell, we just got to feed that good one a little more than the other one. Happiness is an emotional response to an outcome. If I win I will be happy, if I don’t I won’t. It’s an if-then, cause-and-effect, Quid pro quo standard that we cannot sustain. Because we immediately raise it every time we attain it. See happiness; happiness demands a certain outcome. It is result reliant. […]
How To Find More MLM Prospects

How to Find More Prospects

How to find more prospects – transcribed from video.  Hey guys. I am really pumped for today honestly. I am, what I am excited about is like this is obviously one of the biggest questions that all MLMers have.  And it makes sense. In fact, I remember this, the first MLM I ever joined.   I went and I talked to friends and family, and this is years ago.  And I went and I literally walked down Main street and a lot of you guys know those stories. How on Earth do I find more prospects to go and pitch? But […]

The 3 Steps Of MLM Marketing For Outstanding Success

3 steps to MLM Marketing is a transcription of a video.  Alright alright hey hope things are going well for you and your life and MLM life and everything.  Hey what a cool thing going on right now is we are about to turn ads on for this show.  I got an amazing ads person I’m definitely gonna get to interview her sometime for you guys in the future so you guys can see how she’s running ads on Facebook for MLM. So she’s about to start running ads to the show, so that’s kind of cool. And so when […]
Publish Your MLM Journey

Why You Need To Be Publishing Your MLM Journey

Publishing your MLM journey – transcription taken from video.  – BOOM, what’s going on everyone? It’s Steve Larsen from Secret MLM Hacks Radio. And today I’m gonna teach you guys about how to publish your MLM journey. What’s up guys? Hey, for this episode what I’ve decided to do, and a few episodes are gonna be this way just so you know, I have a group, I have a program called Secret MLM Hacks. It is the program that is actually in companion to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. And a lot of the episodes that I’ll have here, there’s something that […]
Somaderm HGH Gel

Human Growth Hormone HGH: Kevin Greene, MD

Human Growth Hormone HGH – Kevin Greene, MD – transcribed from video. It’s been around forever.  It works.  So human growth hormone HGH – is released.  We have  something called the pituitary gland.  The front of the pituitary gland is the anterior pituitary gland that releases human growth hormone HGH.  But it’s not the human growth hormone that does all the work.  Human growth hormone then goes to our liver and from our liver it releases something called igf-1 which is stands for insulin-like growth factor-1. There are many different organs that it has a role in.  Human growth hormone […]

SOMADERM HGH GEL!!!–My honest 8 week update on the gel!

  hi you guys it’s sherry Allison from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I thought I would do is I would bring you up to date on what’s been happening with me at the eight eight eight weak point of using the Somaderm HGH gel.   So let’s hop in.  Okay, so first of all, for those of you that are skeptical, please don’t be skeptical.  I got to tell you what happened to me was um a friend of mine called me up and said there’s this HGH thing and I heard hormone and I immediately said no.  Because when I had breast […]
Somaderm HGH Gel

Week 6 On The GEL – RESULTS!

  The Gel Testimonial Transcribed from video Hi guys it’s Jeannie Warren back with an update.  I am so excited.  I’m over five weeks on the HGH gel and I feel so amazing!  My energy every single day is better than the last.  I sleep like a baby and my skin has gotten so much tighter.   I’ll be 47 in just a couple months and my skin has improved.  Its really supple and I have more moisture in my skin.   I had dry patches on my arms and they’re completely gone.  Completely gone!  My moods are better.  I’m so excited […]

If You Want To Be Happier, Check Your Beliefs!

I used to think being a dad meant I was supposed to teach you everything I know.  I’m not so sure anymore.  Why not?  Because I’ve spent half my life unlearning what I was taught.  But it’s harder to unlearn something than to learn it.  All the stuff I stole from people; I stole their beliefs.  I know, let’s just say I borrowed them and didn’t give them back.  When you’re young you borrow all your beliefs from your parents, your friends ,you get some from school, some from TV.   You stole my beliefs.  In fact,  by the time someone […]

Happier and Healthier Habits

Let’s talk happier and healthier habits.  These are my daily habits for being happier and healthier.  I wanted to just kind of sit down and talk to you guys about this topic. How to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.  I get questions all the time about how do I stay motivated, how do I push myself to go to the gym everyday, how do I still eat healthy, how do I just stay positive?  So I kind of want to give you my tips and tricks of things I try to implement every single day. I started really retraining my […]

MLM Product Funnels: Self Liquidating Offer

 The Self Liquidating Offer Guys welcome to the final part in this four part series all about creating MLM product funnels. Now, this is a question that I get asked frequently and it is something that is completely, “Is this even possible?” Yes, yes it is okay. Now this is the most advanced of the three strategies. The first one was teaching you the assets that you need to create in order to do the other three. Well this is part four the third strategy, it’s not all encompassing. It’s not like these are the only strategies out there to […]
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