Nancy Landa

How a Healthy Mindset Can Change Your Health

by Nancy
When getting healthy is a goal we intend to succeed with, it becomes a priority.  When it is a priority, it is on our mind all the time.  The decisions you make with a health as a priority will be different than what they were before health was a priority. For example, I live in a 2-story home.  My office is located upstairs.  There is a bathroom upstairs and another one downstairs.  Since I’ve been working upstairs in my office for years now, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the bathroom that is upstairs.  After all, it is just […]

How To Build A Following For Your Business On Facebook

by Nancy
Most internet marketing gurus will tell you to build a Facebook page for your business.  This was actually sound advice a few years ago, because those that liked your page would see your posts.  It was a very effective strategy…until recently. Facebook changed their algorithm.  Now, less than 4% of those that liked your business page actually see your posts.  The only way you can ensure they will see it now, is if you boost your post.  Yep, you’ve got to spend money on Facebook to get the results you used to get for free just a couple years ago. […]

New Health Report: Natural Alternatives For Healthy Living

by Nancy
A New Health Report:  “Natural Alternatives For Healthy Living” has just launched and I want you to be among the first to know about it!  It is a report I’ve written with you in mind.  I’ve researched the most common health challenges that people are facing, and then sought out the best tips, techniques, and products available today to help you overcome any of those challenges. It has taken me quite a bit of time to put this report together, and I could, of course charge a good price for it, but I decided not to do that.  Why?  I […]

How To Stay Organized Amidst All The Madness

by Nancy
We all run very busy lives, right?  As the owner of 3 businesses, my life is so hectic I have struggled to stay organized and not let things drop through the cracks.  Unfortunately, when that happens, it feels terrible.  Things like forgetting an appointment, a deadline, or making a payment on time, makes life a bit less enjoyable. I was recently introduced to a program called Trello.  It’s a free program that helps you keep the many facets of your life organized.  It has “boards” you create for anything and everything.  As someone that has always worked off a hand […]

Why Eat More Superfoods?

by Nancy
This video was created from a post on I think the author’s answer to why eat more superfoods is spot-on. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Time For A Mid-Year Resolution?

by Nancy
It’s mid-year already!  Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions?  How long did you stick with them?  If you’re like most people, they quickly faded around mid-February to early March.  Perhaps its time for an adjustment – creating a new resolution.  Let’s make it one that you can stick with.  I’m resolving to get healthier.  Want to join me in this quest? Here’s what I want to do:  I want to simply eat healthier foods.  I’ve been reading a lot lately about superfoods.  I’m intrigued by just the name!  But the health benefits they provide is nothing less than amazing.  […]

How To Build A Profitable Business Online

by Nancy
If you’re looking to build an online business, but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, I’d like to help you prioritize the activities you do each day, week, and in the months ahead.  Staying focused on what you need to do versus what you want to do can be one of the hardest things you do. First, you need a “voice”.  What I mean by that is you need a place where your voice is heard – a place where you can be yourself, speak your mind and grow a following of people that […]

Why Is CBD Oil Neuroprotective?

CBD Oil has neurprotective properties, but what exactly does that mean?  In this video, you’ll learn what neuroprotective means, and why cbd oil can help with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, traumatic brain injury, and much more. For more information about CBD Oil and it’s many benefits, click here.

The Power of Community

Family – that’s a powerful word, isn’t it?  What comes to your mind when you read that word?  Is it a happy, warm feeling?  Is it sadness?  Perhaps you recently lost a family member, like me.  Anger, perhaps?  Families tend to bring out the worst in us sometimes.  They know us (or think they do) better than anyone else.  I keep hearing that family is important, and I believed that, raising my kids with that idea.  Now that they’re grown and on their own, however, it seems it doesn’t mean what it did for me when I left home. When […]
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