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Up2give Presentation

by Nancy
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Welcome to this Up2Give presentation where our motto is let’s be different.  At Up2Give we have a strong moral, integral, and purpose-driven vision to change lives around the world through our ecosystem. We’re standing on four pillars with the first being philanthropy. We are focused on creating a culture of worldwide giving. The second is education. Reward those who give while teaching them the value behind growing personally. The third is banking; bank the unbanked through our giving and the fourth is personal causes – create a social revolution of stories with people whose needs have been met through the […]


by Nancy
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  Right now, Up2Give is like the speeding train that people are on. We’re just a big community. That has inspired people around the world to the powerful entity and because of Bitcoin and the opportunity that Bitcoin has actually given us to be able to facilitate the movement financially. It’s something that quite honestly, [ Music, ] understanding the community, understanding the love that people have; from the passion that people have to truly trying to do something positive, has really driven me to to focus a lot on educating people on banking and helping the unbanked (over one […]
Happiness After 50

Happiness After 50 – A Different Perspective

Happiness after 50 – a different perspective is transcribed from video. Are we our own obstacle to happiness? always and I think the older that we get because we’ve dealt with so many issues in our lifetime we get in front of ourselves all the time … thanks for joining us once again for another episode of Our 2nd Act with Paige and Silke… for your second act of life …here we are again in Silke’s backyard that’s we are in and we are here and we’re sitting here we’re talking about how happy we are.  Yes this is happiness; […]

The Vortex Holds The Solution To Making A Lot Of Money

The Vortex holds the solution to making a lot of money is transcribed from a video. About a year ago I was introduced to ask and it is given.  And life shifted in a great way; particularly around finance paid off.  All of our personal debt.  Things are moving beautifully and a few weeks ago, a client contract went away and my first response was to take the windshield of the front of the car stick it in the floorboard.  Well now I have to make X amount of money happen in X amount of time and it’s not a […]

Small Habits To A Happier Healthier You

I’m Mike with list 25 and here are 25 small changes to be a happier healthier version of yourself don’t worry be happy now Habits # 25 Waking up even a half hour earlier can set your whole day on the right path.  It gives you time to not rush in the morning and therefore feel more in control of your entire day.  And as a result, be less stressed. #24 Taking a bath or long warm shower not only relaxes you and eases your stress, it can actually help you feel less lonely.   Some experiences we have in social […]
Joy VS Happiness

Matthew McConaughey – Joy Versus Happiness

  Joy versus happiness – transcribed from video. We’ve all got two wolves in us. A good one and a bad one. And they both want to eat. Best I can tell, we just got to feed that good one a little more than the other one. Happiness is an emotional response to an outcome. If I win I will be happy, if I don’t I won’t. It’s an if-then, cause-and-effect, Quid pro quo standard that we cannot sustain. Because we immediately raise it every time we attain it. See happiness; happiness demands a certain outcome. It is result reliant. […]

If You Want To Be Happier, Check Your Beliefs!

I used to think being a dad meant I was supposed to teach you everything I know.  I’m not so sure anymore.  Why not?  Because I’ve spent half my life unlearning what I was taught.  But it’s harder to unlearn something than to learn it.  All the stuff I stole from people; I stole their beliefs.  I know, let’s just say I borrowed them and didn’t give them back.  When you’re young you borrow all your beliefs from your parents, your friends ,you get some from school, some from TV.   You stole my beliefs.  In fact,  by the time someone […]

Happier and Healthier Habits

Let’s talk happier and healthier habits.  These are my daily habits for being happier and healthier.  I wanted to just kind of sit down and talk to you guys about this topic. How to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.  I get questions all the time about how do I stay motivated, how do I push myself to go to the gym everyday, how do I still eat healthy, how do I just stay positive?  So I kind of want to give you my tips and tricks of things I try to implement every single day. I started really retraining my […]

Life-Changing Habits: Jim Rohn

Life-changing habits can have a positive or negative impact on your life.   But it depends on the habit. So here’s what else I hope you’ll find here today and that is inspiration.  Who knows the mystery of inspiration? Why some people are inspired and some are not.  You were inspired to get here.  Some were not.  Who knows the mystery of that?  I don’t know how come you made it.  The rest of them didn’t make it.  And we don’t know what that mystery is.  Some people turned it down.  And some people said it cost too much.  But some […]

Success Perspectives – Tony Robbins

Everyone wants to have success in life.  Is it possible to find success now, rather than wait for some arbitrary moment in the future?  According to Tony Robbins, the answer is an overwhelming yes!  Here’s a transcription of his video. In people’s lives there’s only maybe a half dozen, seven, eight categories that really matter most people you know they major in minor things.  They focus on stuff that doesn’t matter.  They know more about this celebrity going in and out of rehab than they do about their own personal development.  But I say if you look at your body […]
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