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Full Healy Presentation

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I’m from the Netherlands so if you hear a strange accent it’s because I’m Dutch the Dutch people are always in the house doing nice things I’m very excited let me just record this I’m very excited to be here this evening just to show you a little bit about what the Helius and that is this little beautiful device and so for the ones who don’t know me yet my name is Martin Hagar I’m 42 years old from Amsterdam I have a clinic in Amsterdam I’m specialised in holistic health solutions and cosmetic pigmentations in the clinic two […]

COVID 19: Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai Crushes Dr. Fauci

by Nancy
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  (COVID 19 coronavirus).  And with that we’ll bring in a man who has a multiple degrees from MIT, including a PhD in biological engineering, he is also running for Senate in 2020. Welcome Dr. Shiva. So nice to have you on the show today. Great to be here Christine, I hope, you’re well. Absolutely. Okay, so we’ve all been held as a captive audience right, watching President Donald Trump handle the corona virus outbreak. He has received both praise and criticism. What do you think? How has the president handled the (coronavirus COVID 19) outbreak? Well he’s handled, you […]

Welcome To Healy

Healy is new, Healy is different, and Healy is extremely versatile. This little game changer is the first smartphone controlled wearable that provides easy support in all important areas of your life with the use of frequencies, Healy analyzes, the frequencies you need right now. And the smart wearable applies subtle currents and individualized frequencies to your body by its electrodes. It strengthens your balance and harmonizes imbalances, fitness health and inner and outer beauty. Healy has over 120 programs to provide energetic support for you, for your body, and for your cells. Every single cell in our body is […]
HGH Gel Testimonials

HGH Gel Testimonials Check This Out!

HGH Gel Testimonials is transcribed from video. These HGH Gel testimonials are real-life experiences after using this amazing product. HGH Gel Testimonials #1 Oh my goodness! I honestly have not been this excited about a product because you know when we when we go through grad school we learn about all these hormones that we will  eventually end up losing.  So it’s a little depressing knowing that we’re gonna be losing HGH and even testosterone is gonna go down. But I’d been on this product this week for one month.  I lost five hard pounds because over 2017 I lost […]

5 Secrets To Look 10 Years Younger

by Nancy
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Look 10 years younger secrets is transcribed from video. So, I’m at a party the other day. Me and my friend, Thomas we have a woman come up to us. Small friendly get together and she’s amazed that I’m 40 years old. I don’t know how we got to talking about age, but she’s asking me what do you do with your skin, what do you do with your clothing, how do you look so young. She calls over her husband and she’s wanting me to give her husband tips and that got me thinking. You know I need to […]

Self Care Tips for Mental Health Days

by Nancy
Self care tips for mental health days is transcribed from video. *singing* Hey, It’s Ahsante and today we’re talking about mental health. Sometimes I get into a depressive funk, it may last a day, it may last a few days. There are different reasons, sometimes it’s stress or anxiety, sometimes I’m frustrated with myself or my life in general. And sometimes I just wake up sad and don’t want to get out of bed. And I feel like we all feel some variation of that, whether it’s more or less intense, sometimes you have to get yourself out of a […]
Reverse Aging Tips: Skin Care

Reverse Aging Tips: Natural Skin Care

by Nancy
Reverse Aging Tips:  Natural skin care is transcribed from video. Reverse Aging Tips #1:  Protect Your Skin With Sunblock – [Dr. Milgrom]  To reverse the signs of aging, well, good question. I would start however, by saying the first thing a person needs to do is not create additional signs of aging by protecting their skin today. What you’ve done in years past is already past. So let’s start with not adding more insult to the injury by protecting your skin today. And the single most important thing is sunblock. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock, and then of course, some more sunblock. […]

5-months Experience on Somaderm™ Gel

5 Months on Somaderm Gel is transcribed from video. I want to tell you a little bit about my journey with NewULife over the last several months and fill you in a little bit more about the gel product and where the company is right now and where we plan to go.  So first of all, as you guys know I have been involved with a network marketing company that’s brand new to the arena and it’s called NewULife.  They’re based out of California and they have one product right now. This isn’t something you’re going to find on eBay […]

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods – Dr. Josh Axe

by Nancy
Top 10 anti-aging foods by Dr. Josh Axe is transcribed from video. Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to “Ancient Medicine Today.” I’m going to be going over the top 10 superfoods that support anti-aging. If you want to look younger, feel younger, if you want to have healthier skin, thicker skin, hair, and nails, then I’m going to be going over, again, the top foods and herbs. They’re going to help you do just that. And I’ll tell you I notice a lot of people who start to age faster than they should. Now a lot of that’s […]
Somaderm HGH Gel

Human Growth Hormone HGH: Kevin Greene, MD

Human Growth Hormone HGH – Kevin Greene, MD – transcribed from video. It’s been around forever.  It works.  So human growth hormone HGH – is released.  We have  something called the pituitary gland.  The front of the pituitary gland is the anterior pituitary gland that releases human growth hormone HGH.  But it’s not the human growth hormone that does all the work.  Human growth hormone then goes to our liver and from our liver it releases something called igf-1 which is stands for insulin-like growth factor-1. There are many different organs that it has a role in.  Human growth hormone […]
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