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14 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

      CBD Oil May Help With The Following… Kills or slows bacteria growth (Antibacterial) Reduces blood sugar levels (Anti-diabetic) Reduces inflammation (Anti-inflammatory) Reduces risk of artery blockage (Anti-ischemic) Reduces seizures and convulsions (Anti-epileptic) Inhibits tumor/cancer cell growth (Anti-proliferative) Treats psoriasis (Anti-psoriatic) Suppresses muscle spasms (Antispasmodic) Promotes bone growth (Bone stimulant) Tranquilizing, used to treat psychosis (Anti-psychotic) Relieves anxiety (Axiolytic) Relieves pain (Analgesic) Protects nervous system degeneration (Neuroprotective) Reduces contractions in the small intestine (Intestinal Anti-prokinetic) That’s quite a list!  Now maybe you can understand why there…

Product Review: HempWorx CBD Oil

I learned about HempWorx CBD Oil from a good friend of mine in early January this year (2018).  I had been taking care of my mother for over 12 years.  Mom lived with me and had Alzheimer’s disease.  I desperately wanted to find something that could help her.  She had taken a turn for the worse a few months earlier with the onset of a “raging urinary tract infection”.  That’s what the doctor at the hospital called it.  Her legs were terribly swollen, but the doctors didn’t seem concerned with that.  She was discharged after just 1 night.  The problem […]

Why Is CBD Oil Neuroprotective?

CBD Oil has neurprotective properties, but what exactly does that mean?  In this video, you’ll learn what neuroprotective means, and why cbd oil can help with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, traumatic brain injury, and much more. For more information about CBD Oil and it’s many benefits, click here.
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