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How to Build a Six Figure Business With Webinar Marketing

by Nancy
Webinars.  Holding a webinar is a great way to generate a significant income in a short period of time.  Here are the steps to getting starting with webinar marketing. Everyone says it’s hard to make money and that you need money to make money,  Today I’m gonna share with you how I built a six-figure business in 90 days using Facebook ads and how you can to sign up for Facebook ads yeah you may say oh I need money to do that no you don’t credit cards are net 30 that means you can spend money on ads and […]
Millionaire Habits

Millionaire Habits – 12 Money Making Habits

by Nancy
Millionaire Habits – 12 Money Making Habits.  Ever wonder what millionaires do on a regular, consistent basis that made them wealthy?  In this video transcription, you’ll learn of 12 millionaire habits.  Incorporating these 12 habits can help you get there! I’m going to be going over 12 habits that millionaires have and hopefully you can start implementing them in your life to increase your chances of success. Millionaire Habits # 1:  Have A Budget Now this could be a monthly budget or a weekly budget but they track their net worth through their income and expenses and this is something […]
Network Marketing

Network Marketing & Robert Kiyosaki

  Network Marketing; why Robert Kiyosaki recommends the network marketing industry for building wealth. This video reveals his thoughts on this industry, who it is for, and who it is not for. Below is the transcription of the video. He is the author of one of the best-selling business book series of all time: Rich dad poor dad. For the past several years he’s been a huge supporter of the network marketing industry. He’s made the claim that network marketing is the E-business of the 21st century. Mentor me Robert! Let me tell you, why I endorsed network marketing, why […]

Online Business Model Overview: Local Marketing Consulting

by Nancy
There are many ways to make money online – it can be quite overwhelming to find your place; a business that excites you enough to make you want to jump out of bed every morning to build.  So how do you choose one that’s right for you?  In today’s post, I will cover the Local Marketing Consulting business model. A local marketing consultant helps local business owners with marketing their business online.  These business owners could be restaurants, attorneys, roofers, plumbers, chiropractors, dentists, accountants, etc.  Any business that operates in a local community qualifies as a “local business”.  They are […]

How To Build A Following For Your Business On Facebook

by Nancy
Most internet marketing gurus will tell you to build a Facebook page for your business.  This was actually sound advice a few years ago, because those that liked your page would see your posts.  It was a very effective strategy…until recently. Facebook changed their algorithm.  Now, less than 4% of those that liked your business page actually see your posts.  The only way you can ensure they will see it now, is if you boost your post.  Yep, you’ve got to spend money on Facebook to get the results you used to get for free just a couple years ago. […]

How To Stay Organized Amidst All The Madness

by Nancy
We all run very busy lives, right?  As the owner of 3 businesses, my life is so hectic I have struggled to stay organized and not let things drop through the cracks.  Unfortunately, when that happens, it feels terrible.  Things like forgetting an appointment, a deadline, or making a payment on time, makes life a bit less enjoyable. I was recently introduced to a program called Trello.  It’s a free program that helps you keep the many facets of your life organized.  It has “boards” you create for anything and everything.  As someone that has always worked off a hand […]

How To Build A Profitable Business Online

by Nancy
If you’re looking to build an online business, but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, I’d like to help you prioritize the activities you do each day, week, and in the months ahead.  Staying focused on what you need to do versus what you want to do can be one of the hardest things you do. First, you need a “voice”.  What I mean by that is you need a place where your voice is heard – a place where you can be yourself, speak your mind and grow a following of people that […]
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