COVID 19: Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai Crushes Dr. Fauci

by Nancy
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(COVID 19 coronavirus).  And with that we’ll bring in a man who has a multiple degrees from MIT, including a PhD in biological engineering, he is also running for Senate in 2020. Welcome Dr. Shiva. So nice to have you on the show today.

Great to be here Christine, I hope, you’re well.


Okay, so we’ve all been held as a captive audience right, watching President Donald Trump handle the corona virus outbreak. He has received both praise and criticism. What do you think?

How has the president handled the (coronavirus COVID 19) outbreak?

Well he’s handled, you know, is the best he could, given the fact that he’s surrounded by sharks and people who are not really advising him well on the science side of it. What I’m talking about is Dr. Fauci and that’s what’s unfortunate. Because you know the president went through the Russian collusion nonsense that he had to go through, then he had to go through the impeachment thing and now he’s having to deal with this coronavirus. And unfortunately, this guy Fauci has been in this environment for nearly four decades across multiple presidents and he’s essentially embedded into the scientific establishment, which has created an unfortunate lie about the immune system.

And an unfortunate lie about the solution to something like this called a corona virus or, more importantly, infectious disease.

Without any real emphasis, which is a real issue about the fact that it is a overactive dysfunctional weakened immune system that over reacts and that’s what causes damage to the body. Unfortunately Fauci has not talked about that, because the truth of that leads to a solution which has nothing to do with mandating vaccines and shutting down the country and that’s what’s unfortunate, absolutely and I’m glad you said solution, I’m gonna get back to that a little later in the discussion.

Many people are talking about Dr. Fauci right now, and many people are questioning both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx when it comes to these models that continue to change and their motives, which you kind of touched on a little bit.

What is your take on these doctors that are advising the President (about COVID 19) and why they’re advising him the way that they are?

If you look Christina at the typical MD, many of them go into wanting to become a doctor out of some noble service. But fundamentally, the medical school education is really a Big Pharma medical education where the doctors really train if this than this, and that then is typically a pharmaceutical drug or some harsh medical intervention.

Now, if you look at someone like a Fauci and Birx, they’re sort of at the top of their quote-unquote game

Which means they’re highly embedded into the Big Pharma model of medical education and the Big Pharma model of what the solution is. That solution is typically, a direct line from this disease, find typically a virus or a bug and then recommend a vaccine or some harsh chemical solution. Most of that has to do with profiting the very, very big pharma companies.

And so, if you look at someone like Fauci, he’s a guy who architected the big lie, that HIV is responsible for AIDS and it’s a much deeper discussion. But he built his entire career on that. Not talking about the fact it’s, the suppression of the immune system and people’s immune system gets suppressed. You can react to all sorts of exogenous things coming in so this gentleman, and by the way, he prides himself on connections with Hollywood and Elton John and all this, and I think, there’s a group trying to make him the sexiest man alive on people. But you’re talking about a guy embedded into the Deep State.

He’s your typical example of the worst of the modern scientific establishment.

Okay. Well, let’s take a look at this right now: h1n1: the swine flu.

Back then there was a completely different reaction to it. Doctor Fauci was in the administration at that time. President Barack Obama, he had a completely different reaction, Fauci had different recommendations than he’s having now. Even the media coverage has been completely different from the swine flu now to the corona virus.

Why? Why do you see such a change (with COVID 19)?

Well look, if you take a systems approach, a systems approach forces you to integrate multiple pieces, there’s a political piece here, there’s a health piece here and there’s the economic piece here. In the case of Barack Obama, there wasn’t a quote/unquote overreaction, right? We didn’t shut down the country, we had people, the media essentially, protected. Here’s a gentleman, Obama, I’m talking about who did not let the big banks fail when they should have failed. He used quantitative easing to essentially bail them out. And since 2008-9, this country has been essentially on a crack model of running the economy where we print money and that’s what the country has gotten used to.

Because of Obama, we decidedly destroyed our economic base by outsourcing a tremendous amount of manufacturing to China. We destroyed our innovation base by allowing China to steal. So when Trump comes into office, he’s dealing essentially with a catastrophic situation, and I think Trump knew that’s what was going on with the Fed and with quantitative easing was going to destroy the economy of this country.

So, at best what he was trying to do is save the economy by bringing back manufacturing, by protecting the you know, intellectual property drainage in this country. However, when you have the level of things that he had to go through, I think the deep states really affect was to hit him with this (COVID 19) coronavirus and what’s the end goal. Well, as you just rightfully said, when Obama was running, you had nearly, I think 60,000 deaths right with h1n1.

They’re blanketly assigning COVID 19 to people who may not even have it

Here you have close to maybe six – ten thousand deaths and we don’t even know what the numerator and the denominator are here, because they’re blanketly assigning COVID 19 to people who may not even have it and we’re seeing a condiment. And you know a number of there’s drop-in pneumonia, so where’s those drops, you know the people are getting the flu and the flu season, so you have totally cooking of the books and I can go more into detail on that. We have the cooking of the books.

You have a political motive of the fact that the establishment elite did not want a guy like Donald Trump ever getting elected, you know, and so he did get elected. So they’ve been reeling from that and I don’t think they want him to get a second term. Nor do they want a guy like me to you know, win in Massachusetts, but given that what you’re looking at is a is a strategic move to essentially destroy the economy as using it as a vehicle to impose not only vaccine mandate, which we can talk about. But also as an opportunity to suppress dissent and destroy freedom as a way to curtail what a guy like Donald Trump, what people an American can do – and this is essentially been the modus operandi of people like Fauci for many many years.

But for him this is a huge opportunity and this ain’t his first rodeo.

This is his second rodeo. If you go back and looking at the HIV/Aids, you know fake causality.

You know what, you just brought up something about the death count, and I wanted to touch on that with you. We are hearing reports from doctors who are saying they are being instructed to count deaths as coronavirus (COVID 19) deaths, even if the person died from a different condition, but at some point in time had contact with somebody who had coronavirus.

Dr. Birx just came out and said: they’re classifying everybody with the virus as a death, instead of dying from the virus as a death. Why do you think that they are classifying this way?

Why do you think there is an exaggeration in the numbers here, if you think there’s an exaggeration in the (COVID 19) death count numbers?

Look, what I do know is this: that the W-H-O, in conjunction with the CDC, is the one that decides what are called codes. Diagnosis codes. Most people don’t know when you go into a doctor’s office, a doctor looks at you and in their IT systems, they have to say, “okay, Christina has this or this.” That is called a diagnosis code. That code, Christina, comes from the W-H-O.

So for coronaviruses, I understand they created two codes.

One code was you explicitly, had a test and you might see COVID 19. The other one was completely nebulous. Well sort of smells like that. Maybe he’s got some chest pains; something so broad, but it was still under the COVID 19.

The doctors in the United States received a letter from the CDC, as I have found out, that went to hospital administrators encouraging them to blur both of those codes. So if someone comes in, they have a pre-existing condition, someone with chest pain, COVID 19. Okay, and in fact, when someone dies, they do the tests. Sometimes a test doesn’t come back for 14 days, they’re still putting COVID i-19 on them, so they’re increasing the numerator. And then, as far as the denominator goes, we don’t even know how many people actually have been infected, because this is again Flugtag virus. So the denominator could be massive.

So you have cooking of the books for two reasons

You have cooking of the books for two reasons: hospital administrators get money for the COVID 19 diagnosis plus they also get kickbacks that were to call GPOs and PBMs for the ventilators. So there’s a total collusion going on and it’s not about at all about people’s lives. Those critically ill patients immediately they put them on ventilators. And as I’ve shared in one of my videos, the ventilators actually can burst and further damage the lungs. Because a real issue here is the lungs are being filled with fluid and the fluid is occurring, but because of the over-reactive immune system, which can really be addressed by IV vitamin C high dosage, and that is not in the discourse. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of the people go on ventilators are dying. So this is essentially a death sentence that they’re putting people on.

Wow. That is so interesting. Well, President Donald Trump said that the cure cannot be worse than the problem, and yet here we are. We continue to be on lockdown status.

Do you think the economy should have been closed in the first place, and is this the new status quo any time we see a new virus?

It’s a great question. In my letter to the president, which I sent on March 23rd, I said: “look we live in the era of personalized and precision medicine, which is an expertise of mine, which I get invited all over the world to talk about. What that means is one size does not fit all. You don’t lock down everyone, that’s what foul cheese model is. It’s a medieval model of Medicine. What we fundamentally have is the approach that we should be taking the people who are truly immunocompromised. They should be isolated, boost them up with immuno support. Supporting things like vitamin, A D and C. Those of us who are well should be back to work. We should be running this economy. Okay, if you want to take something to support your immune system, do that which should be the vitamin A the D etc.”

One of the two most disastrous things here (with COVID 19) are were socially distancing people and hiding them.

Go look at the research. A landmark study. When you isolate people – that is one of worse than the detriments from obesity, smoking and heart disease. Social isolation actually leads up to regulation, inflammatory compounds in the body and downright regulation of antiviral compounds.

So you’re basically increasing the person for viral infection by the amount of stress you’re causing them from social isolation. And separate from that, we’re telling people not to go out in the sun, which is vitamin D. Vitamin D is an antimicrobial, so this is essentially a recipe for actually hurting people, not really supporting them, but all brought you under the rubric – and you know, media says it over and over again social distancing, social distancing, flatten the curve – and this is sort of the nonsensical science, that Fauci’s expounding and it’s what needs to be exposed.

Really what we really need to talk about if we truly care about public health is building up people’s immune system.

But that’s not what Fauci and company are concerned about. Their model is big AG which is dirty air, dirty water, dirty food. They want people to consume, not food that’s healthy for them, and then the solution is vaccine mandates.

Think about what’s gonna happen a year from now when you go to get your driver’s license, “Christina where’s, your vaccine card?” And Fauci’s already talking about that being a police state, I hate to use these very harsh terms, but that is what we’re talking about – control of the individual. It’s a very, very dangerous time, but it’s also an opportunity for Americans to go back to our roots, which is freedom which is basically listening to truth and basically, starting to, you know, take back what is really ours, which is our truth.

Freedom & health and Fauci’s, not about that.

He serves masters of Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, the Clintons, the CDC, the W-H-O and, in fact, the Chinese. This is what we’re seeing before our eyes. This is exporting Chinese model of governance, top-down controlling the last oasis of freedom, which is our human body. And it’s very concerning; it’s very scary, as well as social distancing.

We just have a little bit of time left here, another thing they’re pushing are these masks and these gloves and I’m seeing people making these makeshift homemade masks and literally putting their lives in the hands of these masks and gloves. How well do these actually work, and you touched on it just briefly, but what is the real solution to (the COVID 19) coronavirus?

Look the real solution, Christina as any solution to any pathogen.

We need to understand that the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical medical establishment for hundreds of years, has built this entire foundation of always blaming a virus or a germ.

I remember scurvy; when people’s teeth would fall out and they had bleeding gums. Oh, it must be a virus. Well, it was deficiency in vitamin C. A hundred years later, when even people on the ground knew it when pellagra came out, which was in people’s skin and everything would get all dry, horribly drying like eczema conditions. Oh, it must be the Italians who are coming over. The ship they’re bringing some dirty germs and we need to quarantine them. Well, it turned out. It was a deficiency niacin so on.

So what we’re seeing here is the virus hunters of bacterial hunters creating fear. So the real solution says number one is to recognize that the immune system is quite strong. We’re actually a walking ecosystem of germs; 380 trillion viruses, 60 trillion bacteria among the six trillion cells. There’s viruses all around us. The realities, a strong immune system always handles us beautifully. It’s the weakened immune system that is problematic.

So all those masks and all this stuff people then wear this for humanity.

Okay, the issue is how do you beef up the immune system?

As I wrote to the president, vitamin D, vitamin D – is an antimicrobial. Why do you think in many of these hot countries we don’t hear any about this? Vitamin A which is all from the rich, leafy green, dark, green vegetables and fruits that supports your body to create keratin cytokeratins through vitamin A which protects your cells. So these are the two foundation pillars. Yet Fauci and Burks do not talk anything about that, because the V and vitamin is an anathema for their vaccines and same with the V and vitamin C is an anathema for their ventilators. They say it’s ventilators and vaccines, and this is big pharma and these guys need to be fully exposed.

And, in my view, people like Fauci, need to be indicted for a lot of serious scientific crimes.

That’s why, when we put out this petition to fire Fauci, i think close to 50,000 people signed it in 48 hours and at least we have it close to a thousand medical doctors from all over the world every day.

People get this. In fact, the unfortunate handcuffed medical professionals get this. This is an opportunity, a huge opportunity, Christina. The real solution is for us to rethink how much governance and how much over respect we give to MDS, who, unfortunately know nothing about the immune system. They don’t study that in medical college or medical school.

Excellent points there. Dr Shiva. Thank you so much for joining us here at Americans Daily Report and sharing your insight (on COVID 19). We appreciate you

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