Dr. Oz reviews Human Growth Hormone

We’re back with my power hour for day 5 of my five-day plan to recharge your body.  What if there were a way to instantly gain the energy of someone 20 years younger.  Well, there just may be.  It all comes down to a hormone that powers your growth from the moment you are born.  It’s called human growth hormone, HGH, and it’s the potent compound produced in the piece size pituitary gland at the base of your brain.  You need human growth hormone to grow into adulthood.  But it is also essential to keep your organs healthy, your muscles strong, and your energy up. Somaderm HGH Gel

Some doctors see human growth hormone as the key to finding the Fountain of Youth

But ironically, as you age, your natural production of human growth hormone actually drops.  So researchers develop a synthetic version to stave off the aging process.  But now there’s a new frontier stimulating your body’s production of growth hormones naturally with amino acids.  A recent study showed patients given a special blend of amino acids saw their human growth hormone levels spiked more than six times the levels they had at the beginning of the study.  According to the researchers, the result was faster metabolism and an increase in endurance.

So are amino acids the secret

So are amino acids the secret to boost your human growth hormone, renew your energy, and recharge your body? Carrie’s here in hopes that HGH is the key to help her get more energy.  So what have you heard about human growth hormone?

Well, I haven’t heard much as far as pertaining to energy, but I have heard about it as maybe a weight-loss supplement or even an injectable thing to help you gain muscle mass.  And then I’ve also heard of it with children if they need to grow faster, quicker.

It can do all those things but the question is, how do you safely get it in your body in the right amounts?  So let me show you what human growth hormone does.  It’s so fundamentally important to us staying youthful and vital.  And we lose so much of it as we age.  When you’re young and you’re producing it normally.   If you look inside the brain, there is a pea-sized structure at the bottom of the brain called the pituitary gland.  It secretes human growth hormone that  goes all throughout the body the way it’s supposed to.

HGH keeps the skin youthful and vibrantSomaderm HGH Gel

In fact, it goes down, for example, to the blood vessels.  To where you’d make fat and guess what it does.  It shrinks them down because it says I want that energy for other things.  Like for example, my muscles.  It helps grow those muscles nice and lean, changes the resilience of the skin; the balance of the skin, and it keeps it youthful and vibrant.

Now, what happens as we get older?  As we age, the pituitary gland begins to shrink and it starts making less of that growth hormone.   What happens?  The fat cells start growing faster because the growth hormone is not there.  Our muscle begins to shrivel up.  We look frail and our skin lacks that balance.  It begins to get those deep crevices that we call wrinkles.

To reverse those horrible signs of aging, there is now an HGH product that doesn’t require injections or even a doctor’s prescription.  It’s called Somaderm Gel. It can jump-start your pituitary gland into producing more human growth hormone to return your body to looking and feeling more vibrant and youthful.


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