Emotional Selling: The Science of Marketing

Emotional Selling: The Science of Marketing is transcribed from video.

– Boom, what’s up guys? This is Steve Larsen. This is Sales Funnel Radio. Today we’re gonna talk about why selling is emotional and how you can take advantage of that ethically in your own business. I’ve spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today and now I’ve left my nine to five to take the plunge and build my million dollar business. The real question is how will I do it without VC funding or debt completely from scratch? This podcast is here to give you the answer. Join me and follow along as I learn, apply and share marketing strategies to grow my online business using only today’s best internet sales funnels. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Sales Funnel Radio.

(upbeat music) What’s up guys? Hey, I’m excited for this, okay. This episode comes to you today, okay, the next like two or three that I’ve done have been, they’re actually things that I’ve been ripping from other places and I think you’re really gonna enjoy it. This one’s about Facebook Live that I did. After seeing, there’s a few people really, really sad. I don’t know if they’re sad or mad or they’re fighting me for whatever reason on the fact that selling is emotional, okay, and what I want you to understand is that there are three different, three different phases in the sale cycle, okay.

There’s the marketing phase in the emotional selling process

There’s the selling phase and there is the closing phase, okay, and if you are not getting the cash you want to, but you’re still closing people it’s ’cause you don’t know how to close, okay. I’m gonna walk through and share with you guys why selling is emotional and what you’re doing in the brain.

I don’t know how you can get good at marketing or selling or being a salesman without learning about psychology, actually learning about the brain and what happens, okay. We are all different people, yes, but we still have a brain that very much comes from the same kind of area, okay, same kind of tendencies, okay. And so, what that mean, what’s cool about that is as soon as you learn the patterns on how to actually go out and be influential to your people and your customers, prospective customers, you actually can get them to do a lot of great things, okay, that will benefit them, that will benefit you, and help actually, you’ll be more persuasive in life.

I’m gonna teach you about chemicals in the brain that affect selling

So, what this episode is specifically about is I wanna help you guys know how to go in and first of all, I gotta teach you what’s happening in the brain, right. I’ve never taught this before, ever, and I started anyway. I’m in this area right now where I’ve kinda been lookin’ back and be like hey, why did that work? Why did that work? Why did that work? Holy crap, look at that pattern, right.

And so, what I’m tryin’ to do is I’m tryin’ to teach you guys the patterns that I was going through and seeing and doing, sometimes not always on purpose, okay. And so, I’m gonna go through and I’m gonna teach you about chemicals in the brain and I’m gonna teach you about what’s going on in the brain psychologically, okay, when people start to hear about your pitch. I’m gonna teach you how to actually go in and get around those things.

I’m gonna teach you what you’re actually pitching

What are you actually pitching when you’re actually pitching somebody. What part of the brain are you actually pitching, okay? All those answers are gonna be in this post. Again, I think this was like a 15 minute thing, but anyway, I’m a little fiery in it, just so you know, which I know is hard to imagine, but I’m a little bit fiery. I’m a little intense with it. I’m excited to be able to do this and actually get this out to you guys. So anyways guys, thank you so much for watching this.

Please, I actually encourage you to take notes on this one. I don’t necessarily always go very tactical inside this podcast, but this one, this has had a direct influence on my wallet, and I mean that in all seriousness, okay. It has had a direct influence on my wallet, meaning getting much fatter, and it was when I learned how, like what was actually happening in the noggin’, okay, and this comes from me studying a lot of different books, listening to a lot of gurus, going through a lot of courses, a lot of my own personal experience, okay.

I had no idea how much goes into selling

Okay, when I was in college I wanted to make sure that I knew how to sell so I explicitly went and started selling.  So I went and I started selling door-to-door and started doing telemarketing for the explicit reason of learning how to sell, okay. I wanted to learn how to sell.  But I had no idea how much was into it until I got out there and it was nerve racking. I remember the first time I walked into my first door for door-to-door sales. It was one of the freakiest things I’ve ever done in my entire life, okay.

I walked up and I go and I knock on the door and I was like, hey, like we’re just here, I forgot the script, everything left my brain. I did not remember what I was saying, right. And, it was an awkward conversation, okay and pretty much, I just was looking for reasons to get off the door. They didn’t have to kick me off. I turned around and I walked away and I got off the door. And, it was a terrible experience and I was like, this sucks and I immediately was like, why am I gonna do this.

Door-to-door selling became a challenging thing for me

Why on earth am I gonna go and why am I going to do this door-to-door sales thing? And, it became a challenging thing for me.  So, what I did is I started trying to learn more about why sales psychology is the way that it is, okay. And, I started, I started learning about different chemicals in the brain. I don’t know how you can get good at sales without learning a little bit about the brain, okay. You gotta learn a little bit about that noggin and what drives people, what drives human interaction, okay. And, I was trying to get this thing to stay inside my steering wheel. It’s not gonna do it, so I’m just gonna hold it. Okay, this is what’s interesting. This is what was fascinating about, about the whole door-to-door thing and about selling, okay.

There are, there’s very much an emotional part and there’s a logical part to selling, okay. Funny enough, we think it’s logical and it’s actually still emotional and I know that I’ve talked about this before, but I just wanna, I just wanna drop this in here real quick, okay. Okay, so think about this, think about this, and I know I’ve said a few things before like this, but just follow me here, okay, ’cause I wanna talk about why, I wanna talk about why selling is emotional and I wanna talk about what to do about it and how it actually plays to your advantage when you understand how it works, okay. So, if I’m goin’ through any new thing, any new thing that pops up to you, any new thing that pops up, bam, I’m new, right, the brain starts sending all these little flags, right.

It’s looking for reasons, it actively seeks reasons to throw a red flag

Is this a red flag? Is this a red flag? Red flag, red flag, red flag. It actively looks for reasons to throw red flags at you, okay, and this is all happening subconsciously, right, and this is where fight, flight, freeze comes from. This is where we say, oh my gosh, am I gonna be bored? Right, if I’m gonna be bored, if this is boring that’s a threat to my brain, that’s a threat to my enjoyment and I am not going to be part of it, therefore I will run, right. If I say, if I’m gonna be, right, this could hurt me, right, anyway, there’s a whole bunch of things that start runnin’ through the noggin to see if you are a threat, right, maybe not even physical, just a mental threat.

What’s actually happening when you start pitching somebody

You might be boring, okay. What you’re actually pitching in the first half of a webinar, during the story section, you’re actually pitching that part of the brain, okay. You are trying to get beyond, you’re tryin’ to get around, you’re trying to get beside, you’re trying to get above, you’re trying to blast through that part of the brain so that when people see your actual offer, you have actually passed that part of the brain and you are passin’ like the hippocampus, right. You’re tryin’ to get back to the part where the actual decision making of the noggin actually goes and it’s logical. You gotta understand that.  That is what’s actually happening when you start pitching somebody.

I don’t care if you are an actual salesman, I don’t care if you’re just learning how to do a webinar script, I don’t care if you’re just actually doing a script and you’re recording it and you’re gonna put it inside of a phone, okay. That’s what’s happening in sales every time. What’s up, Andy? How’s it goin’? I know Facebook is just barely telling you guys that I’m here and I’m alive, but I just barely, I just went right into it, okay.  Anyway so, that’s what’s goin’ on.

The story based part of any script is the emotional part of the actual pitch

So, think about this with me though, okay. The first part, the story based part of any script is the emotional part of the actual pitch. As we transition into the logical place, right, we start getting more logical, that’s where the actual sale is happening. There are three phases in the sales cycle. The first phase is marketing, and that’s the emotional part. That’s the story telling part. The second phase, the second phase is selling and that’s where you’re actually presenting the offer, okay.  That’s where we start to transition into more logical things.

The third phase in a sales cycle is actually closing, okay. And, the third place, so closing is that last piece and it’s the piece that most people do not do. Guys, cash is in the close, right. Cash is for closers, right. How many of you guys have sold something to somebody and they’re like man, I really wanna do that. The Cliff Notes is right there.  I just left it and I was like I’m all hopped up on Goof Balls, baby, I gotta tell you guys this.

Okay, this is interesting stuff. The more I’ve applied this stuff, the better my sales have happened, okay. You gotta understand, cash is for closers, okay. If you’ve ever sold anybody something and they’re like yeah, I wanna do this, but you never actually collect the cash it means you did phase number one, phase number two, but not phase number three, closing, okay.

Marketing is the act of changing people’s beliefs with the intent of a purchase

So, there’s the marketing which is the rebuild, I do not mean logos, I don’t mean colors, I don’t mean anything like that. I don’t mean freakin’ slogans or business cards. When I say marketing I mean marketing’s the act of changing people’s beliefs with the intent of a purchase. It’s my own definition, but hopefully it’s cool, okay. I’m gonna change someone’s beliefs with the intent of a purchase. Phase number two, I’m gonna get him into the actual sale itself. It’s me going through the offer. I’m gonna go through my stacks, okay. I’m gonna go through the actual offer, okay.

Phase number three of the selling process, the close

And on the close, those are logical reasons to act now.  That’s what closing is. Selling and closing are not the same thing. Just like marketing and selling are not the same thing. There are three different phases and the first time I realized this I was riding my bike home from campus. We had no money, so I was riding a bike and we had one car, we couldn’t afford another car and I was like why, I feel like I’m studying like crazy, I’m learning a lot.

Why am I learning so much? You know, why do I understand like, okay, I know how we do that scenario. I know how I build my business in this scenario.  So I know what I would do in that guy’s business, and I know what I would do again, but why am I still broke, right? That was the question that I had in my head. Why am I still broke if I feel like I’m learning so much, right?

But, I think and I was like, it’s because I still didn’t understand the difference between marketing, selling and closing. Those are the three things to study. And those are the three of the highest leverage activities you could ever marry. So those are three of the highest leverage skills you could ever go learn. Marketing, story telling for the sake of a purchase coming up, right, selling, how do I create an offer, right?

I call ’em purple offers that fulfill on all of the emotions of selling

How do I create an offer for the intent to fill the promise that my story’s made, right. And then, closing. How do I actually get the cash now, right? Is that debit or credit, right? Hey, when you purchase right now go get it right now, we’re actually gonna throw in X, Y, and Z for free, right. There are logical reasons to act now. It’s still emotional, but people think it’s logical, right. And, I’m playin’ to the part of the brain where, it’s called the theory of cognitive dissonance.

This is not, I don’t wanna get too deep in this. I don’t wanna dig too deep in it, but what happens is, have you guys ever gone to a store, say you’ve gone through a grocery store, ’cause you’re doin’ this to your customers and I want you to understand why you may or may not be selling people well, okay.

It’s great to have success. It’s freaky if you don’t know why you had success, okay. And so, let’s say you go into the grocery store and I’m sure no one’s done this, I’m sure I’m the only one, but you go into the grocery store to get some eggs and you walk out with milk, bread, three movies from the $5 bin you weren’t plannin’ on buyin’ and a whole bunch of other stuff, right, a t-shirt, right. How many of you guys have done that? What’s happening is it is all emotional, right.

The threat, the walls went down, I can see that I don’t need to fight, flight or freeze

I don’t need to do any of those things and I’m in the part, right, I went through marketing. There’s an emotional piece to me, right, and then secondly, I start seeing this offer. Oh but, it’s only $5 and I’m here. That’s a close though. I’m closing myself, okay. Those are logical reasons to actually get me to start acting now, okay. And what ends up happening is as I leave the store and I make the purchase the emotional part stops in my brain, okay. I think it’s the right brain.

The right brain stops overriding the left which is the logical part of the brain, right. The right brain starts to die down, okay, I stopped, I stopped, and then the left brain logically starts turning on and going, why did I buy that shirt? And right, this is the theory of cognitive dissonance. Now, what ends up happening at that part in the sale is the left brain starts to take over and I begin to logically see how what I purchased actually is my identity, okay.

I bought that shirt because it represents me, right, and I bought those eggs because I’m a smart buyer. Since I am already here, I’m gonna buy it, I’m already here, right. It’s called the theory of cognitive dissonance, okay, and that’s part of what’s happening. The right brain begins to override the left and emotion takes over and I start to get a whole bunch of rush of chemicals inside the brain and after the purchase is made.  Even though you’ve gone through stories, you’ve gone through your closes, right. You’ve gone through actually presenting the offer and you’ve gone through actual closes, even though the logical closes have happened, reasons to act now.

What ends up happening is that right brain starts to shut back down again and logic, reason, starts to turn back on

And you go, crap, right, these are where buyer’s remorse can step in. Crap. I just bought a shirt, I didn’t even need it, it’s $50, but I’m a smart, ah and I start to see ways where the shirt represents my identity.  That’s how your customers start to justify buying products from you.

It’s the reason you are a funnel hacker. Why’d you buy that product? Because you are a funnel hacker. I logically justified it. The emotional part of the brain turned down, the chemical rush that goes on in this side of the brain shuts off, and the logical side starts to put on, holy crap, what just happened. Okay, so real quick. He said, you’re so funny. I know. Okay, check this out. What are the chemicals going on in this side of the brain, okay? You have to understand this.

On the right side of the brain there are chemicals going on. You must know what these are. Okay, there’s four of them. You all know what they are, right. There’s dopamine, there’s endorphins, there’s serotonin and there’s oxytocin. You can think DOSE, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins, okay. Let’s walk through ’em real quick so you know what’s going on and what you’re doing to people because you must have these chemicals in the brain in order to have the right side of the brain override logic.

How to make more sales happen and get people to have that buyer’s rush

Now be careful, ’cause what I am talking about right here you could easily go and you could actually take advantage of people. Please don’t do that, okay. What I am saying though is how to make more sales happen and get people to have that buyer’s rush. They want a rush, meaning they want the endorphins. They want to be able to feel. People like to buy crap. Okay, give ’em the rush, don’t take away the rush, okay.

Dopamine is a chemical of distraction, making it the easiest to get when selling anything

Now, think about this, okay. Dopamine, right.  D is for dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical of distraction. Every time your phone pings, ping, every time you look at a text, every time someone sends you a message or gives you a phone call, and every time that you go and you smoke a cigarette, every time you go and you drink, you do drugs, look at porn, okay, anything like that, what the brain is seeking is a distraction from current pain, okay. That’s what’s happening. You wanna have more control in your life?

See and figure out where you’re seeking a dopamine hit, okay. There’s a reason why it’s hard to get a hold of me. It’s because I am hard to get a hold of because I control technology, technology does not control me. I don’t seek my dopamine hits from my phone. Does that make sense? I’m very purposeful on that and that’s the reason why, okay. Dopamine is the chemical of distraction. Now, dopamine is also the easiest of the four chemicals to get.

A dopamine hit is very easy to get in emotional selling

You can get that in multiple places, homemade, directly from your own brain. Bam, feel good, right. And, I can go in and I can, and it’s the easiest one to get, right. It’s also the most addictive, right. I’m gonna go and do some behavior that may be good or may be bad and it’s what’s gonna cause that addiction to happen, okay.

Now, you have to understand, your customers want a distraction. I’m not telling you to become addictive, but you can do this, okay. Be careful with what I’m telling you. This is not, this is, this is real stuff, okay. This is why I sell so much. I know why I do, I know why I’m fun to watch on stage, and I know why my podcasts gets people go rrrrr.  I know why. It’s because I’m playing with four chemicals in your brain and I know the levers to pull on each one of them.

Endorphins and dopamine are the easiest of the two to get with emotional selling

So let’s keep goin’, okay. Now, think about dopamine, okay. Dopamine, easiest one to get of the four. Let’s go to endorphins. Endorphins and dopamine are the easiest of the two to get. Endorphins is the one where, endorphins is one, you actually, it’s one that requires a little bit of work on the actual individual’s part. So, I’m gonna feel endorphins after I work out or in the middle of it, right.

That’s me, I’m workin’ hard, my body releases endorphins and that, right, it actually is a chemical that takes a little bit of work in order to get, right. It’s literally, you know, a carrot and rewards system back and forth, okay. When I have a customer for example, walk down a success path, right. Let’s say they buy and I’m like cool, the first thing I want you to do is today, just go set up your account and X, Y, and Z, bam.

They’re probably gonna get an endorphin hit from that because they checked a box. Those who got straight A’s in school, they’re very familiar with endorphins, right. They put work in, they followed the system, they got the checks, whew, right. People want that. They wanna check the box. I wanna check the box on life. I wanna check the box on the products, bam. How many of people have you sold who have never done anything with your product? That is a check the box driven individual. They love endorphins, they solved the problem with the product emotionally, checked the box with endorphins inside their head, bam, feel great, that’s all they wanted. They wanted the hit, okay.

Serotonin is the chemical of status in emotional selling

Let’s go to serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical of status, okay. Status, status, status is easy to give somebody when you’re sellin’ a product when you give them a new identity. That’s one of the easiest ways to do it. Hey, what’s up Funnel Hackers? What’s up, two comma people, what’s up?  I call a lot of people my mavericks. What’s up, right, and what I’m doing is I’m giving them a boost in status, right.

What are we doin’ when we give a too comical of a word to somebody? Bam, serotonin. That is a status increase. Look at me. Why do we show pictures of ourselves, right, with famous people? I took a picture with Tony. And I took a picture with Russell. Then I took a picture with this guy, right, because it gives us a status increase and a serotonin boost. We literally are giving our self a hit of chemicals in our brain, okay. Boom, ahhh, yes. You see, you see me, and you see you, yeah you see me, you see you, you see me, right, that’s what’s goin’ on. We’re givin’ ourselves a hit and that’s very, very important to understand.

Now, weave that into your sales message

So that’s why when I did a webinar for Funnel Builder Secrets for Russell. All right, that’s why I say “guys, I’m gonna invite you to become, key word, I’m gonna invite you to become, shed identity, claim new identity, serotonin, Funnel Hackers”, later today on this presentation, okay, very key, but I’m literally setting the stage so they can get serotonin when they purchase. New identity. Dopamine hit, distraction, thank you for the webinar, Stephen. Right, I did a little bit of work, put my credit card in. I feel great, endorphins, I did some work on my side. I’ve got three of the four.

Oxytocin is the chemical of connection in emotional selling

Let’s talk about the last chemical. It’s the hardest to get. It’s oxytocin.  Oxytocin’s very, very powerful and it is actually the one that we seek the most.  Without oxytocin, right, a lot of these other chemicals, they feel like, you know, they’re not all distractions, dopamine’s the distraction one, but we’re not totally satiated with the fourth one, oxytocin. Oxytocin is the chemical of connection. It is the one that we seek the most. It is the one where we do lots of crazy things for.

It’s the one where we’re madly in love, right. Or, it’s the one where we are joining the community. We feel a lot of connection with an individual. Right now if I was to tell you a story I know I have you in a position where I could get you feeling oxytocin with me, me, right. It’s the reason we have you tell an origin story. It’s the reason why seeker one has a story.

Seeker two, seeker three, they are developing oxytocin, very hard to get chemical connection with you, not your product. You understand? So, when you go in and you’ve broken and you’ve rebuilt belief patterns you’ve given ’em four hits of chemicals in their brain, okay. Now, I’m tellin’ you there’s a lot of ways to take advantage of people with this kind of information and all. Do you understand this stuff? Okay, that’s why though.

So, let’s recap why emotional selling is a science

At the beginning of a webinar the first half of the webinar is highly emotional. There’s three phases of a sales cycle, right, and the first phase in the sales cycle is marketing. That’s where I’m tellin’ ’em all my stories. It’s where I’m gettin’ a whole bunch of oxytocin into their noggins. It’s where I’m giving them a distraction, a lot of dopamine, right.

I’m givin’ ’em a lot of endorphins, if they do little things with me, come over to the chat box real quick.  Tell me how you’re doin’, where you’re from. That’s gonna help them. Whew, I did it, little tiny endorphin hit, bam, right. Later on I’m gonna invite you to become, shed your old identity, a funnel hacker, serotonin.

I’m tryin’ to weave these things inside each one of, each phase of the sales sequence. Okay, so first phase right, in the sales cycle, marketing, the act of telling stories with the intent of changing beliefs for a story to, or for a purchase to happen, okay. That’s marketing. Sales, right. When I’m sellin’ somebody I’m presenting them an offer. I’m going through and I’m showing ’em bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, here’s my offer, okay, still tryin’ to lace in each one of those four drugs inside of the noggin, okay.

Cash is for closers

How many people have you sold where they actually didn’t actually end up paying you? That happens all the time. It’s because you’re not good at closing yet. Okay, you get good at closing, study closing, okay. You gotta understand that, okay. And again, to recap again, then I’m letting us on here, just to tell you. When we go in and when that purchase happens we enter an emotional phase. I’m seeking four chemicals on the right side of my brain.

I want the emotional part, I want the creative part, I wanna go feed the noggin, I want the hit, I want the distraction, I want the status, okay. And I want the connection, okay. The right side of the brain begins to hijack the left and you get into a phase of emotional buying. I was just here for eggs, but I really want that shirt. I was just here for bread, but I really want this. Wow, I really like that balloon.

Oh, it’s attached to a car. Maybe we should get a new car. Emotional, emotional, emotional, emotional, dopamine hit, dopamine hit, dopamine hit, dopamine hit. Does that make sense? Lots of hits. As we leave the actual sales process, when a sale has actually happened, when you’ve closed and there’s effectively cash in your hand, right, the theory of cognitive dissonance; the actual emotional part of the brain starts to die down, those chemicals start to get away and the actual logical part of the brain comes back on and says, crap, I just spent money I was not planning on and they freak out.

So afterwards they literally apply the product to their identity

The only way for them to not have buyer’s remorse is for you to get as many of those four chemicals, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins, fired inside of that noggin.  So that afterwards they literally apply the product to their identity.  Well yeah, I bought the shirt because I’m a smart buyer. Make sense? I am now basing my ability to be successful on me and my actual worth, my actual self, my actual self worth, my actual identity, my essence.

We all, all of us do this. I’m gonna go into the story and I’m gonna buy a bunch of crap I did not mean to buy. Afterwards I’m gonna logically justify it, so I’m like, crap, wait, should I have bought that. Logical, logical, logical. Here’s all the other reasons. Here’s all these pre-stoked reasons that Stephen gave me at the end of his presentation, why he, why I should have bought. Oh, because it was 50% off, so I’m smart.

Understand what you’re actually doing to your customers in their brain

Oh, because if I bought now it included X, Y, and Z. And oh, because if I got this I also got one, two and three. So oh, because of this, this, this, right, and it starts to hit all these logical part of the brains plus I’m a smart buyer, plus I’m a funnel hacker, plus, that make sense? This is freakin’ huge and if you guys are just getting on I’m gonna stop this right now and you need to turn around and understand what you’re actually doing to your customers in the brain.

It’s the reason we have you tell so many stories when selling your products or services. It’s the reason I beg you to become a story teller, right. And it’s the reason why I have you guys focus so much on your offer. It’s the reason I have you guys go and say look, here’s your closes, right. It’s not enough for you to just be a good story teller, right, you are gonna make more money than if you’re not, okay, but being a good story teller, makin’ a great offer but not knowin’ how to close.

I begin to logically justify why the product represents my identity

You’re not gonna get paid, right. So, these parts of the noggin you have to understand, right, we got those three phases, fear of cognitive dissonance happens, I leave the purchase. After that I begin to logically justify why the product represents my identity and the right part of the brain after I’ve gotten the four drug hits, start to die out and the logical part of the brain comes back and says, this is me. That’s why I did it, because I’m a smart buyer, because I’m a funnel hacker. I have shifted their identity, okay.

Huge, massive, monstrous lesson. So, anyway I started this just like seething and goin’ nuts, but anyways, I just hope you’re doin’ well. I’m excited for every one of you guys. I’m excited for Q and A’s tomorrow with you guys, but anyway, keep on the path. Understand what you’re doin’. Understand this is literally the power of mind control in the real sense, okay.

When you understand the levers that cause humans to act, this is super powerful stuff

Is it like you know, telekinesis, Ex Men crap? No, I’m not sayin’ that at all. But, I’m sayin’ when you understand the levers that cause humans to act, this is super powerful stuff, man. This is like super intense and I am literally trying to give you every time you’re on with me a dopamine hit, okay. Easy one for me to give you. It’s a chemical distraction. An oxytocin hit, that’s the hardest one to get, but it’s the one of connection and so, I’m gonna tell a lot of personal stories to break your walls with me. A serotonin hit, that’s the one of status.  You are freakin’ awesome. I think entrepreneurs changed the world, bam. Just gave you a serotonin hit.

All right, especially if I attach that to a story. And, I’m gonna try and give you an endorphin hit. If I can get you to be, if I can get you to interact in this, right, go ahead over right now and start giving me some hearts if you could. Give me some hearts if you guys have liked anything I said here at all’s been amazing, give me some hearts, okay.

Okay, oh my gosh, that was crazy. I realize now why it’s so powerful. Bam, I just gave you some freakin’ endorphins. That’s the chemical that you have to actually participate in to get. When I weave all four of those in I have a very strong chance of them being able to resell themselves and logically sell themselves and once the four chemicals have died off, post purchase, bam.

Wasn’t that an intriguing read?  I thought so , too!  Steve has an amazing course specifically for network marketers called “Secret MLM Hacks“.  Check it out more of Steve’s wisdom here.


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