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I’m from the Netherlands so if you hear a strange accent it’s because I’m Dutch the Dutch people are always in the house doing nice things I’m very excited let me just record this I’m very excited to be here this evening just to show you a little bit about what the Helius and that is this little beautiful device and so for the ones who don’t know me yet my name is Martin Hagar I’m 42 years old from Amsterdam I have a clinic in Amsterdam I’m specialised in holistic health solutions and cosmetic pigmentations in the clinic two different kind of worlds but it’s basically because I had Lyme’s disease I had Lyme disease since I was 20 no for 26 years since I was 14 so basically what’s happening is that I had all kind of problems with my health and I could never know what it was and doctors could not find anything and because of this I was just really yeah searching for ways how to my game in my health so what happened is that I find ways how to more alternative ways how to help my body doctors couldn’t could not help me so I had to find alternative ways and 15 years ago I bumped into frequency therapy bioresonance therapy and within two weeks time I had more energy than I had in years before they could also find out what was going on in my body what was wrong where it was out of balance and since then I started doing like lots of research I started to study alternative medicine I started to study nutrition I was working a lot together with so much yeah therapists worldwide doctors worldwide and I can say I’m not a doctor so you know you can believe me on my blue eyes but I’m not a doctor but at least I know a lot a lot about health and a lot about nutrition things so I’m just doing coaching so I just do this in my practice I bumped into you Healy about 14 months ago I was getting a phone call from a friend he said mark you’re working with frequency therapy are you interested in looking at a wearable device that is helping so much people already worldwide and it’s going to be in the social selling concept I said like hmm I’m interested in the product but the social selling concept I don’t know so much yet but you know I thought let’s give it a try I bumped my nose with a few social selling concepts like network marketing concepts before great stuff great things but you know eventually it was not really my thing but I was still interested in the idea I just had to find the right company so when they came with his ID and I traveled about seven 1/2 hours in the car in all kind of traffic jams and I came there exhausted still dealing with my lines diseased back then they put me on the program they put me on the energy program and within like 10 minutes time I had so much energy so I was sold right away I started I was doing this beside my clinic I didn’t want to do a full business but with just part-time work I get it now an organization which is like thousands of people in several parts of the world I became director in the company Healy world and this presentation is about telling you what is frequency therapy what you can do with the Healy device and who the people are behind and for the ones who want to know how to do business with that or how to earn your Healy back so I just want to give it a small insight about what’s going on and give a little demonstration and let’s start with something beautiful and hopefully it is something for you and if it’s not that’s also fine just get the things out of this presentation that are for you it’s a long presentation normally but I skipped a few slides about the apps if you want to know more about that then just go back to the person who invited you and they can provide you more information so I’m gonna start now with my presentation let’s see where it is there it is so we’re talking about health well-being and balance and frequencies for life but not much people know what frequencies really are so let me just go a little bit back in history what is frequency actually frequencies are broad on the map by Nikola Tesla if you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration this man was brilliant and a genius unfortunately his ideas were not made were not made to make money and therefore his fundings were stopped but if it was we would have been in a completely different world so we have a lot to think of this mr.

Everything is frequency everything has a vibration our body has a vibration our body has a frequency let me see everyone is muted this one is not muted let me see okay so Albert Einstein in 1905 he published three papers based on the theories of Nikola Tesla in 1921 he received the Nobel Prize and he put quantum physics on the map so quantum physics is basically everything this energy everything has a frequency we are existing out of matter and that matter is molecules the molecules they are made out of atoms the atoms are made of nucleus and particles electrons that are running around and there is a lot of energy in each molecule so we are gatherings of molecules structures and that’s basically why our body has a lot of energy but also wood has an energy concrete has an energy metal has an energy everything around us has a frequency and has a vibration so this man put it on the map what he also find out is that frequencies can let a bridge collapse and frequencies can the right frequency can burst a glass and they find also that certain frequencies could kill bacteria and viruses and but it could also enhance several kind of issues in our body and the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of visit of its existence also another favorite quote of mine from nikola tesla so beginning 1900 the first doctors engineers they were working closely together and they started to implement frequency therapy because they find out that with certain frequencies they could reduce pain or reduce scar tissue or all kind of issues until 1934 and then everything stopped in frequency therapy because dr.

Rife he invented the machine in where I could even shatter cancer this was big news and you know we cannot use this word we cannot make these claims but please do your research go to the right foundation find several kind of how do you say documentaries about dr. arrived and arrive foundation but basically what happened is that he find ways how to kill cancer in a natural way without chemicals and this was a big threat for big pharmaceutical companies who were rolling out their medicine waste so you know obvious reasons that this could not reach daylight and they said to all people working with frequencies at that moment you have to stop immediately otherwise your license will be terminated right away and you end up in jail so worldwide everyone was stopping with frequencies they were handing over their machines the rife machine was destroyed all evidence was taken in and unfortunately we haven’t seen much of this lately until 1980 1990 then scientists especially Germans Russians they started to work with frequency therapy again and they were reaching beautiful things most of the people no bioresonance and basically what we’re doing is small little micro currents putting through the body the body responds on it and we see exactly with tables and a computer programs where in the body it is out of balance one of the most advanced machines is the time waiver and we can consider this kind of the Ferrari or the Lamborghini amongst frequency therapy devices this machine is about 30 by 30 centimeters it’s like like little over feet by your feet in us measures and it has a quantum sensor in it and it can lead out the body but it can also with microcurrents it can read out what’s going on in the body this sensor is a quantum sensor and this is one of the most advanced computer programs have ever seen I work a lot with frequency therapy specialists and I got a demonstration to see what’s going on with this menu it’s on beyond it’s so big you have no idea what you can do with this so based on what kind of version of the time waver you have they start between $12,000 till about $40,000 so based on how much packages you’re going to take and watch which modules you have but the wish of these therapists was to create a device to help them sell to help patients treat themselves at home and it should be very easy so about four years ago to develop the Healey and with the technology of today they could reduce the sensor which is in the time waiver which is normally the size of a over Healey they could reduce it even smaller so it fits in the Healey and they created a very easy app that everyone understands everyone can use and you get a demonstration about it later and that’s how the Healey was born firstly we’re spreading out the Healey and let let it be tested out amongst all the mm therapists worldwide but yeah you know therapists Arnold salespeople but they saw day they knew that it had something beautiful so they were trying out fire a web shop a website to sell it but people want to have some nice yeah they want to feel it they want to experience it before before they buy it so Marcus sneaker which is this gentleman Wow what can I tell about him is a German gentleman the time wave accompany already exists 15-year as a normal German company but Marcus mica he thought like I want to bring this to the world he studied already quantum physics when he was fifteen year he is like a woman child he could do blindfolded master chess player he stopped quantum physics he became 12 years monk in India he came back he find out that there was that it was even more confusing about what he learned spiritually and with quantum physics so he started to study philosophy as well to bring those worlds together author of 25 books found off several Institute’s lecturer and all kind of congresses and integrative science and medicine and he wanted to make his technology is accessible to all humans Marcus he has a very very big understanding of what the humans need right now they need to have a better energy around themselves and he has a vision he wants to have a hundred million Healy’s between now and seven years in the world so almost every family has a Healey in their household and with that and what happens with them and around them is amazing he cannot do this alone and but another very important person in Healey world and Healey world exists now for one year and a few it was starting the 19th of January but Nina Nina bumped into Marcus Mika about 11 years ago and Nina Nina is a Portuguese scientist developer of about 144,000 : frequencies that have to do with all kind of issues with the human body he has seven clinics he is for example the doctor of Ronaldo the soccer player and the whole team people from all over the world they fly into his clinics in Portugal Spain Norway to get treated because most of the time they’re specialists and doctors are already they cannot help them so they’re looking for answers and he’s successfully treating them with frequencies his detoxifying the body is putting them on good oxygen-rich water and frequencies that’s everything he’s doing before he’s going into supplements very happy that we have him on board but what we basically wanted is he wanted to have a device that could read the human body and then he could make programs based out of those 144,000 frequencies to help people so for each issue there is with the body he could develop a program so he was not being on the phone anymore for the whole day with all his therapists asking him from frequencies our investor in this hall is Christian Christian Halpern an Austrian person entrepreneur and founder of super fund hedge fund he sold his part in it and he became billionaire because of death also because of investments in Bitcoin he became multi billionaire and he he very sensitive person a very conscious person and he is just wanting to make the world a beautiful place so he’s just only investing in sustainable technologies maybe also nice to say that he has a vegan restaurant chain for example with a Michelin star so it’s definitely someone that is just having the heart in the right place as well so with this with these people on board we can do magic I can tell you that of course we have a Medical Advisory Board you know Mina dr.

Carolyn McMackin from from the USA and for example dr. Carolyn she introduced frequency therapy amongst all the NFL sports organizations because she find out and she has lots of studies about that if he treats athletes or people who had quite a heavy match if he treat them with frequencies within four hours after injuries then the recovery is 60 to 80 percent faster so if you have an athlete that cost millions you want to do best for them so there are all kind of protocols dr. Falco Meisner Wow and this gentleman he created for the German countries like like German Switzerland Austria energy science has the same status as normal regular medicine it’s very thankful for this person and lots of other people of course so in Europe we can say that the Healy is a class 2 medical device and has met all required tests and inspect ations the Healy is developed and being produced in Germany so real German quality and all kind of patents and technology that are helping to protect all the data that is gathered everything is like protected so no one but really no one even people within Healy don’t know that the the frequencies of mrs.

Jones for example are being a part of her connected to her so everything was regulated and therefore safe in all kind of ways for Europe and the rest of the world we have this normal EC declaration so we can say this is a medical class to a device but for the USA we have a confirmation of legal status by the FDA cleared so we can say that is a medical device with pain relief how cool is that and based on that we can say with a disclaimer for the world and Moulton the USA that Healy is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain fibromyalgia skeletal pain and migraine as well as for the support of mental illness of a mental illnesses such as depression anxiety related sleep disorders all all the applications of hylia are not recognized by the conventional medicine due to a lack of evidence in this sense of conventional medicine but for the USA we can make disclaimer Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute chronic and not tried his pain and muscle soreness due to over exertion Healy’s also Healy has no medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress always use your Healy in accordance with its instructions for use so how cool is it that we really can make claims I have worked with several concepts before like nutritional concepts but it was never possible to really make hard claims so what can this do for you and what can this do for other people that’s the question that I want to ask you so the Healy is a small device or five by five centimeters which is like let’s say two by two inches and it has a quantum sensor under the push button how the Healey works is basically that it is working with micro currents that are helping to get our cells young and healthy again so if we have young healthy cells they have a millivolt äj– a cell membrane milli voltage of minus 70 so there is energy in your cell and the cell wall the cell membrane has a certain kind of I don’t have you call it attention on it and with the right tension the right micro current which is minus 70 oxygen and nutrients easily go into the cell and toxins and waste products easily go out of the cell that’s if you have young healthy cells but just by aging the the cells are getting much more no let’s say differently the cell membrane voltage goes higher it goes so there’s less energy in that cells of minus energy so what happens is that our cells are aging and its aging much quicker because of radiation think about your mobile phones your tablet’s your laptop’s the Wi-Fi the smart meters the the cell tower transmitters and on top of that you are getting a lot of how do you call that toxins in your body because of the food you’re eating all the pesticides all the medicine maybe you’re taking all that chemical things that are coming in your body on top of that the things you’re getting via your skin oops I don’t know what’s going on but someone was trying to interrupt them let’s see what’s going on with shet I’m gonna put it here so okay so what’s happening is that a lot of people are getting eventually inflammations and all the toxins you’re getting into your body via your skin think about that the air we breathe in so what happens is that on top of what the normal aging process is our body deteriorates much quicker so we’re getting informations we’re holding water edema and eventually when the cell membrane voltage goes higher and higher let’s say -15 then we are creating a very good culture for tumor cells to flourish in so what healy is doing and this is a model made by roberto becker and beyond Nordstrom this model is it and the Healey is helping to give the cells back their energy to remind them what their frequency is to remind them what their energies should be is helping their so what happens when it’s getting reversed when you’re growing back to minus 70 is that your cells suddenly start to take oxygen and a nutrients much better and start excreting waste products and toxins much better so how many people do you know that can benefit from this so what happens when you have oh yeah what I wanted to say is that if you search the name Buuren northern stream you see that he was in he was the chairman of the committee of the Nobel Prize so it’s not a blah blah story this is real science this is really based on science and to get that medical certificate we handed over four hundred thousand papers which studies double-blind placebo-controlled studies etc to get that medical certificate so it’s based on science so what happens when you have much more nutrients entering the cell then you can better read from the bottom to the top because there are is much more yeah nutrients and transports of amino acids coming into your cells you are having much more building books to build protein structures that form your and build your cells so it’s creating also the physical life for the DNA the blueprint of your cells so when you have much more building blocks your cells can yeah restore and duplicate much quicker and because there are much more building blocks more mitochondria can be produced and mitochondria are the ATP producing power plants in the cells so what happens if you suddenly have like an ATP production which is your energy substance in the cells what happens if the ATP production goes up at five hundred percent how much energy would you have think about young children how quickly they recover after having a wound how much energy they have compared to people who are over think about that so if you look at your body as a car and you have like 100 horsepower and suddenly you’re your body after after a while is becoming 500 horsepower how much energy does your car has this is really really basil silence so we have about 120 programs diverted over 16 program categories and if you look at the treatment app it’s just saying to you okay you know for this program you need to have adhesive electrodes and for that program you need to have bracelet electrodes unfortunately for the USA FDA regulations tear clip electrodes are not possible but ask the person who invited you for this webinar how to deal with that when you have a program let’s say one of the hundred 20 programs is the release program and the release program is a combination of 400 frequencies which is a combination out of hundred 44,000 frequencies but is it is a program existing out of 400 frequencies but you cannot put all the frequencies in your body at once it’s not possible because then it takes hours so what it is doing is that the quantum sensor inside the Healey is making contact with the body and it’s doing that via electrons so it’s sending messages very small messages through the body and the body responds on it in the first nine minutes saying hey I really love this frequency but I don’t like that frequency so the ones he doesn’t like it skips it it’s the artificial intelligence in it the ones he really likes or likes the most he puts it after the first nine minutes in front of the cue and then it is uploading it to the body and as soon as the body says like okay I had enough of it it senses it and it goes to the next frequency so you never get the wrong frequencies on your body or too much of a frequency on your body you’re only getting the right frequencies for you at that moment when you select a program it is being transferred via bluetooth to your healy this Bluetooth is so weak that it hasn’t had doesn’t have any effects on you or your body but what also happens is that if you really don’t want to have to deal with Bluetooth you can as soon as you put the program on your Healey and it is running you can quit the program on or you can shut down your phone and the program is still running on your Healey so you don’t have to deal with the Bluetooth anymore on top of that the frequency is being used to your body the counterbalance everything so nothing but nothing about the little Bluetooth that will be used with the Healey is having damage to your body nothing about that so you can be happy about that I was I was because I don’t like radiation so it’s one product for the wolf family you know you for your whole health fitness learning job bio energetic balance beauty and with one Healy you can treat everyone around you your family family colleagues you can put it in your practice if you want everything is possible how would it be if you have freedom from pain constant or sudden pain can take away much of what makes your life worth living right for many pain sufferers it becomes the main focus of life and the thinking so Healy provides non-invasive non-drug relief from acute let me see because it’s something yeah from a cue acute chronic and I try despite pain also from muscle soreness due to the exercise or work around the house so how many people do you know which have pain how many people do you know which on medication so if you want to find ways how to support your body just start trying this out always I have I always have to say do this in hidden discussion with your practitioner of course you know but I say there are a lot of beautiful benefits of this so how does the healing works so what I can do is I can share my screen with you and I can give you the possibility to let me just stop this that’s exciting already so I’m going to share my screen with you of my phone so you can really see how the Healey is working at this moment okay so I’m here Healey has several apps you see an app with a pink dot which is the treatment app which is only working with the electrodes and we have an app with the blue dot which is an analyze app and we can use it with vibrations the first three versions of the helium II are working with the pink dot app and the analyzed the the most yeah big version we have is the end of the resonance version that is using the pink app and the blue app where you can do analysis with so I’m going to give you a demonstration about what’s going on so at this moment it is using the program energy let me see if I have it all yeah I have it on touch let me just quickly put it on English you can have it in all kind of languages which is really really nice so we have several apps which you see here program groups gold cycle pain learning Fitness job sleep mental balance etc etc I’m going quickly through them these are the gold cycle programs the gold cycle programs are made by Nuno Nina himself and he says with this these seven programs you basically can treat everyone because everyone needs to detoxify with the pure program and it’s balancing out the negative influences of environment around you but also nutrition of food choices that you maybe have that can balance is it so pure is a very very important program to get toxins out of your body care is to boost and support your immune system balance is to get your your body and your organs back in balance being is about an emotional balance energy says is all relax says it all but also to get rid of a lot of tension and stress you may be have and release is to get rid of pain but also emotional pain so with these seven programs you already can treat everyone but you know the body will decide which which frequencies are the most important for you at that moment when during the program we have the pain and psyche programs to deal with chronic pain chronic back pain teeth jaw knuckle joints migraine depression insomnia anxiety learning programs to boost and improve your memory to learn maybe a different language or if you need to study if you need to concentrate and I have beautiful testimonials myself with a concentration program because when you have Lyme’s disease you know you’re getting so much issues in your mind you get a lack of a fog in your in your brain and I noticed that my concentration was improving again and when you have a little bit of a DD which is like I think a gift for myself you know them then it’s sometimes really nice if you can really focus and not being constantly disturbed in everything exams and stress systemic fitness programs one of my favorites computer for my body because with Lyme disease I didn’t train for many years and I started doing training again luckily and I’m noticing that I don’t have the muscle pain and the muscle soreness anymore like I had before after after workouts so my regeneration is so much faster my strength is up my stamina is up but for people who want to lose weight huh you’re gonna love this program for sure that’s one thing for sure job programs how much people do you know around you right now which are sitting at home who don’t have any work who who are having stress about not working not having an income I have to tell you one thing my clinic is also closed luckily this week I can open again but it was closed for almost two months so I’m so happy that I built up my Healy business and in a year time that I was just starting to earn an income which is like Oh beyond I’ve never dreamed of and that would part-time work so I’m very very grateful and very happy that that this was the portal possibility but I also had stress you know just when I started and building on my clinic again and I’m so happy that I had programs to support me but you can also support other people who are depressed who have extreme stress who are all burned out and how many people do you know it’s sleeping disorders put a program on it like one hour before sleeping a you will notice how much good sleep you will have eventually so very happy about these programs what about you know in Europe we can make medical claims about it is helping for anxiety depression and so these programs are so good for you and contentment and contentment acute very good programs for people with addictions a beauty and skin I have a great testimonial with the skin program I burned my skin so heavy in the summer on a very cool day on the beach and I didn’t know I was burning I only find out after my shower our turn to lobster read I can tell you that I was putting twice a day the skin program and I started already peeling after five days and normally I start peeling after one and a half week two weeks and now five five days and I had no pain and my skin was rejuvenated and my brown color was staying about like five weeks all my skin and normally with my fair skin I’m losing it in one one week in the shower gotta you know maybe some people have it too I have but now it was five weeks on very very happy about it you will notice how fast your wounds will heal people who have acne or eczema or scars they will notice so much benefits from this bioenergetic balanced one and two my absolute favorites if it comes to supporting the body for the immune system when you catch the cold for allergies hay fever maybe pollen old in the air eyes hormones intestinal nerves flexibility circularity potency menopause menstruation local etc gastrointestinal bacteria tonsils intolerance is toxins had prostate lung function thyroid how many people do you know it pirate problems we already have so much people who could reduce the medication for thyroid or even stop with their medication of course in accordance and with the doctor or physicians how many people do you know with arthritis or rheumatism rheumatism joins and bones chaotic a local Wow so for the ones who really really interested in traditional Chinese medicine and meridians you will love these programs large intestine small intestine fatty degeneration to get rid of all these nasty fats on the belly skin hard joints go on go on lungs stomach liver or circulation spleen pancreas kidney go on chakra programs protection programs for general protection electro sensitivity you know radiation planets spars full moon if full moon is going on I put the planets on subtle for maybe four entities around you if you’re very sensitive to that sleeping very good sound deep sleeping with this and of course the deep cycle programs very very strong programs made by the efforts of six universities together which made these programs available for us so yes this is really really amazing what this app can do for us and based on which kind of le version you have you have access to these kind of programs the most expensive one but you know what is expensive I always say it’s an investment in yourself but if you can afford it please go for the healey advisor analyzer app because with this app you could measure and analyze what your body needs you can make a client or an animal you can put it in so let’s say mm-hmm you put a picture in it you put name last name display birthplace you can put everything in and of course all this information is being diverted into a key so no one will notice that these are certain kind of people in the system but what we have is something remarkable because we can record the vibration a unique vibration and every see it as a blueprint you know like like a fingerprint of yourself a vibration is unique everyone has their own unique vibration and that makes you you and that is also the reason why you are falling in love with someone you were falling in love with someone’s energy field and this resonance app is working without the cables so this one is also suitable for people who have [Music] epileptic disorders or which are pregnant or people who have a pacemaker only those ones they can only use this app to do a measurement so what we can do we have access to all these kind of programs I’m gonna show you so we have the gold cycle pane psyche healing learning Fitness job mental balance sleep beauty skin etc etc but which programs do you need right now what is the most what is the program you are resonating the most with at this moment so what happens is if you do an analyze the healy starts to work as a kind of a receiver and your body starts to work as a transmitter so your body is a receiver and a transmitter at the same moment you have an energy field around you if you close your eyes and you don’t hear anything you will notice if someone comes close in your neighborhood you will notice you senses it that is your energy field that feels that energy that is the reason why you fall in love with someone else that’s why you have this strong bonding connection with your child or your mother this is what’s going on with with her we are energy beings so we having an energy field around us some see that energy field in go–let an aura other and what’s time waiver is doing or Healey is calling it information field so the Healey can measure energies in that information field this is science people so just believe it and you know we’re doing a lot of treatments with people and we seeing remarkable results we’re doing even treatments on animals and animals don’t know a placebo effect but when we see suddenly our animals our pets when we see them suddenly cheering up like instantly or in a day’s time it’s unbelievable what it’s doing so when for example when you have the gold cycle programs there are several gold cycle programs but I want to know where I have the greatest resonance with right now what I do is I do an analysis and you see a fingerprint but it’s nothing more than a start button but they made a fingerprint so it’s not measuring your fingerprint it cannot do it via a screen it’s just a start button and basically what you do is having a focus on something so you know if you have a focus on a measurement then you can do it for yourself or even for someone else so what’s coming out out of this my body says that it at this moment needs the care program the most then comes the relax program that goes the balanced program then comes the being program and the pure program is is very low I always say that things above 40% is what the body really can use so everything above 40% is is you know and sometimes you also see in the top you see like 60 or maybe 70% then it is really necessary for your body at that moment so this is a little bit the sharing of my screen cool I think I’m going to unmute a few people to see here what the possibilities are and maybe some people have a very nice testimonial they want to share with with with us please if you share a testimonial only do your own testimonial not of that someone else I see someone already a muted and Malita please let us know what is your experience with the Healy so far well so far I ran the biogenics that they are energetic yeah and I was getting a sore throat and Scratchy you know within the nasal and in my throat and feeling very sluggish so you know when you’re coming down with a cold and and you know I’m in New York City so of course at this time you know I was very nervous about that and I said oh my god you know cuz I had to go to the store and I didn’t know what you know might be going on so I ran that and I laid down because I had no energy so that’s about an hour program but I know I woke up within an hour and change and I was fine I was like in the scratch he’s gone I don’t feel that in my throat and I feel that in my nose and I had some energy and I just continued and then a few days later you know going outside again I I started to feel funny so I got nervous and I decided run the same program again and I it went away and the next time the two days later because I was nervous I ran it again so now about a week later my nose started running runny nose but I was doing work in the house cooking and I said well I’ll run it after I finished cooking I didn’t have to run it stayed with me where I was able to feel better so that’s my testimony wonderful Thank You Bonita yeah you know a lot of people are so excited about what the Healy is doing so they are running about three four programs a day which is good don’t do more than three than three four programs a day because otherwise no maybe you can overdo it but what happens is that you know a lot comes out you know yo-yo your cells are going in a detox sometimes so drink a lot of water and then eventually sometimes it can become maybe some symptoms can become a little bit worse or maybe you’re getting a sore throat or but that’s a good sign because your body is just trying to get rid of things but thank you for for sharing with us is there anyone else who want to share this testimonial in about a minute time you can unmute yourself then hi I have a short testimonial this is Lynn high middle I haven’t even gotten mine yet my daughter got her Healey before I did so I ran over there yesterday morning I had awakened with really bad vertigo or dizziness and I probably should not have been driving but I wanted to get my hands on that healing and it’s about five minutes so about thirty minutes after I ran a pure program the vertigo was gone just vanished excellent it is so cool huh yeah not everyone has not everyone has as instant results after one treatment so you know but there are people who have like amazing results thank you very much Lynn I also had know someone who’s just started with your program suddenly getting a cold sore but it was a good sign so there’s someone else who wants to share in stereo yes the winning series hi how are you doing very well great just wanna share real quick I I actually got introduced to Haley and the first thing that ever happened to me was I mean in the lobby for over five and a half years but I just got to share with everyone the Healey did take away all the pain I used to stay up and couldn’t sleep at night it was horrible and you know I’ve been using the healing which is going remarkable I just have to use the nerve were again about once a week now but I haven’t had any of the problems it’s like I do my nerve and my release program I never have it it’s never come back it’s at least six months now so I just want to share that you know it’s not like it comes back you you use these to play in the first place we never wanted to share that thank you very much very wonderful the winning team let us know what is your testimonial hey this is Randy Crosby and uh pleasure to meet you for the first time I missed your last webinar but awesome awesome job great presentation I want to say but I mean I’m getting so many testimonies I ran the high program after about four days I could read small writing and I could read before and I’m now had testimonies dealing with my eczema Brannock because though I would be Ren especially the residents so I actually ran the frequencies and when I did that and that did the test he told me exactly hey I mean I’ve got skin issues and then I ran nay their programs on candy acne different things that they told me unbelievable I was a person I had to wash my hair every three to five days now I can go three weeks without washing my hair because I don’t get the scaling and the scabbing and any of that stuff anymore said just blew me away I mean this device is phenomenal it’s a lifesaver it does so many things for you and I mean my whole family got testimonies if they were on here I believe me you guys would be right through the roof so the Healy definitely works wonderful thank you so much Randy wonderful and good to meet you hi this is David Orden hey David hey great job on the presentation today I’ve been using the Healy for a little while now and I’m 66 in pretty great shape but I’ve used the physical program the physical fitness program the different categories on that and I noticed a great difference in my workouts and my stand um uh I’ve used that plus I had a start of a sore throat coming on and I used the immune program and it knocked it out before I was done and it came back maybe about three days later it did it again then with a cold program never came back so that’s you know short testimonials there’s plenty more but the device is great we’re using it and the team is growing and we’re excited wonderful thank you so much for sharing David and the last one is there anyone else who wants to share is testimonial please unmute yourself okay Jay Williams hi dad hi I’m in Texas hi Texas and it really means a lot when I didn’t have to go and get any seasonal allergy medicine or any seasonal allergy anything I just ran my Healey for allergies the itchy eyes are runny nose all of that that starts out in the month of March oh sorry yeah you’re muted let me yeah okay yeah yeah there you are okay go on can you hear me still yeah I can you okay about the allergy so yeah if you’re if you’re in the middle of the USA and you need to don’t want to be taking drugs you don’t have to and just keep drinking lots of water and run your Healey you’ll be glad you did wonderful thank you so much Leroy Lewis lost one yes I’m in Arizona and I’m a retired plumber and you know what being a plumber me get off the writers in our hands and I need a heavy surgery and so I ran ran the program for that and about two months now and I have known out the writers pain in my body awesome thank you so much wonderful thank you for sharing your people beautiful testimonials I’m very happy with everything I want to share a little let’s see let I want to share a testimonial group and I want to invite everyone to go to this healy global experiences group it’s on Facebook healy global experiences and in this group we already have more than two thousand hundred ninety-eight members but we have way too little experiences so please upload your experiences in this group this group is not for asking questions so if you want to post anything here don’t post a question because those will be removed but read the first message here we are a very happy with your testimonials we encourage you to post a picture with it or you know how small it already can be please add them to this you can also invite people in this group so people notice what they can do with the with the healy and they have a much better feeling about this so how cool would it be if everyone in this call tonight and who has a beautiful testimonial if they can share the testimonial in this group how cool would that be and how fast would be growing if if if we can refer people to this group would be amazing right so that is a question that I want to ask you if you can contribute to that that would be amazing thank you very much so what we’re gonna do you’re going further with the presentation I told you it’s a long presentation but basically what we have is the Healy and we have a bunch of apps that are and the Healy watch that are all working together with the Healy and everything is connected with the heal advisor clout in that he’ll adviser cloud is an expert database and for 15 years we already gathered all kind of data of course all protected but we get at all kind of data so we know which kind of frequencies are very popular and good for the body and which aren’t and based on that we can fine tune the programs and etc so what we are having is the Healy the most important one but we also have the heal advisor app where we have heal advise a search and where we can do searches for issues we have for example you type in migraine and you see a recommendation of certain kind of programs so if you want to know if you have a certain kind of condition or issue you can ask it the heal advisor search app that is an app with a membership then we have the heal advisor analyzer app you saw we have the therapists search we have the helium watch app which is connecting the Healey watch a fitness tracker with the Healey but this is not an ordinary fitness tracker because beside everything that the Healey is doing it is also measuring everything and that is being sent to the heal advisor expert database and that is giving you advices about okay maybe DS and DS and these programs could be good for you so it’s doing much more than any kind of fitness tracker in the world so based on these kind of things we have amazing webinars about that and if you want to know more about this certain kind of apps then contact the person who invited you now of course some disclaimers I don’t go too deep in it but make a print screen of it and then you can see what this is possible so the Healy what I told you the the time waiver is costing between $12,000 and about $40,000 that’s a lot of money but because we have an easy device that is being brought in the market via social sharing it is just a fraction of the price I went every month to a therapist to get my body back in balance and to use a frequency treatment as a prevention from getting sicker or prevention from getting really sick so I was I was paying about let’s say $120 for a treatment one treatment but with the Healey you can do three four treatments a day per person and with one Healy you can do everyone in your family how much would it be if you were charging $75 let’s take it safe and then three times a day for the four year that means about $18,000 worth of treatments but the Healy you already have four four hundred seventy dollars plus tax so the the most basic version is the Healy gold and I told you about the programs plus you get one program group of your choice for only four hundred seventy dollars and this is the strength of social selling is because we don’t have any kind of advertising we have to do we are the advertisers we are the persons to help another person to get a better a better life so and the company is providing us with a very nice compensation for that so this is really remarkable if you want to have a higher Peck and the most bought one version is the Healy holistic health and that one is costing nine hundred forty-two dollars plus tax and there you have beside the gold cycle programs eight more program pages for local stimulation by your energetic balance one and two mental balance meridians wanted to sleep and skin if you want to have also the more specialized programs the lifestyle programs then go for the heliolisk helpless so you have the learning Fitness job you to sharpen protection programs in total 120 programs on 60 program pages for only 1413 dollars plus tax these first three versions are only with electrodes they are not doing analysis if you want to do analysis you have to go for the healing resonance version so you do everything that the first three versions do so it’s the same Healy you just have access to more programs and a different extra app which is the analyzer app investment in yourself is 2357 plus tax and and you know yes it is an investment in yourself but I can tell you one thing you have so much benefit from this and you can treat everyone around you you can treat a distance you can treat animals if you even want think about it it’s really really interesting the Healy has a 14 day risk-free money-back guarantee so if you just think of like yeah I don’t know yet if I want to have a Healy and I want to test it out then go ahead by a Healey buy the one you actually love to have and if it is the resonance then go for that but if it is the gold then go for that everything is fine but test it out for 14 days and that 14 days goes in from the moment it arrives and your doorstep then you have 14 days so that you and your family members and everyone around you can test out the Healey and do three four programs a day and do some analysis and if you don’t like it just send it back and you get your money back guarantee how cool is that so there is no risk at all and trying an adult we did survey on areas of application most people are using it for pain lots of people are using it for regeneration but the bigger group is coming for health prevention and together with the other apps which are subscription apps we are providing the prevention because if you focus on digital nutrition that we are giving that we are uploading the frequencies of certain kind of blackberries or the vitamin C order than all the B vitamins or serotonin melatonin you know you can give them digitally to the body without having a artificial kind of vitamin put in your system that is doing amazing stuff so prevention is one of the most key reasons why people are buying and healy so you don’t have to have kind of issues you can may be fully healthy but just trying out the healing and see what it does and we see remarkable results even with people who think they are fine or they are perfect oh I already I’m like this yoga teacher and I don’t need any Healy well try it for yourself and even you will see benefits because 80% uses a daily 10% as required and 9% every 2-3 days but what happens is that within two weeks time of using 9 96% 96% of people notice an improvement of their symptoms from big improvements to slight improvements only 4% didn’t have enough improvement in that first 2 weeks but then I’m always asking what is the intensity you have used the programs with which programs have you used with how often did you do it and how far or from how far does your body has to come what is going on in your body we did a survey of when how many applications do you need until you find a positive effect 15% hazard after one application another 15% after 2 applications and another 20% of the 3 applications T people this is half of the people who tested out Healy has a positive effect within 3 treatments how cool is that I have never seen anything like this before with another concept so think about how many people could have benefit from this and if you would have so much yeah excitement about what does he is doing and yeah this is a starting company and this is a German company that just came to the USA and yeah maybe they’re awesome you know we just started the beginning of ma of May and maybe you have some issues with ordering or that the website is not working properly fully but you are at the beginning of something beautiful that is going to happen don’t expect us to be perfect right now you know we are a company the company that is one year and a few months ahead but based on a German company which is already there for 15 years so we have the infrastructure but you knows some things when you just start a new country you know things can happen but even though that people are so excited about what’s going on that 94 percent would recommend the Healy to others so there’s so much excitement because this is something new people are excited to share the Healy and if they hear someone who has migraine or arthritis they say oh please sit down I connect it to the Healey and let’s see what it can do for you and this is the power that Marcus sneaker the inventor saw he knew that if people are so excited about Healy that it would love to share it with others and Marcus thought I want to give those people who are happy about the Healy I want to I want to give them a bonus for that seal that is being made and so the idea for social selling started and this is really really nice but you know not everyone is interested in having a business no I wasn’t interested in having a business at the first place I just wanted to help people but what I knew is that so many people will being blessed and because they’re being blessed I’m getting excited and I’m blessing people and at the same moment the company gives a reward for helping other people with a better health and that is the strength that you are able to do and for some people the Healy is quite an investment so some people want to know how they can earn their Healy back as soon as possible and some people maybe want to know how to earn a free upgrade for the ones who want to know about that stick around if you don’t want to hear about how that works then go back to the person who invited you but there are also people in this call who want to know how to make big money with this and that is possible because this is providing a platform for us which is ambient of course there’s a disclaimer and disclaimer composition plan is an exciting opportunity that rewards you for selling products and services for the sponsoring other participants if you want them but we also want to have a lot of customers we are very happy with customers although the opportunities unlimited individual results may vary depending on commitment levels as sales skills of each member because healy world USA is in the progress of compiling an aesthetical data to prepare reliable income disclosures the following numbers below reflect estimates prepared by the company pending or a more detailed survey to soon be a little at some time you can read the rest I guess yep we’re going further so my dad always said if you want to grow and if you want to be successful in some in business you have to be in a growing market and if you’re just looking at the worldwide market for nutritional supplements that’s a growing market we have digital nutrition we even trade marketed it we are the first in the world with digital nutrition we can get the same frequencies that digital that that nutrition has and supplements have we can digitalize them and give them to the body how cool is that so that’s a growing business and the wearables is a growing business and the worldwide microcurrent a frequency therapy home applications business is growing – it was nothing in the last 20 years and we are the first to market this medical device in a social selling concept think about what is possible I think that this is going to be one of the biggest companies there is so we are the fastest growing network marketing company with products within the last ten years we have sold only in the USA in our first 11 days or 12 days I have to say in the USA we have sold now over 15,000 Healy’s you know congratulations people mm-hmm but we have sold now in 14 months time we have sold about 70,000 Healy’s worldwide that’s big the nice thing this is dead you don’t this is not like network marketing company like like you have to buy your Healey and then put it in stock in your garage and and all kind of products in your garage no no no no no that is old this is just very easy you give a landing page a unique link to someone and they can order it via that page and then you have when people decide off of those two weeks to keep the Healey then you get commission on your bank account how cool is that so we have lead systems lucrative compensation plan we can do business and all these pink countries all these pink countries are open and the other countries are going to open near in the near future I’m sorry I’m seeing here does the language but I have to translate it so we can do business in all these pink countries who do you know in one of these countries who he do you know who has contacts in one of these countries this is an international business I didn’t know that one year ago that I’m now already in in about 20 countries worldwide I didn’t know but this is really cool so everything is based on point value basically half of what the product is worth is going to be rewarded back into the network these points are calculated into euros a euro is a little bit stronger right now than dollar so yeah you can do like times 1.1 I guess to get to get the rate of the door at the moment we have chosen four points so you can calculate it easily to your own currency so if you sell a healy gold 250 euro which is about 270 dollars goes back into the network you are receiving a part of it from giving the the seal so this is interesting this is yours so what happens if you sell a healy gold then you’re getting 30% off the point value 250 points it goes back into the neck network so that means 75 euro if you sell a healy residency getting 40% of 1250 points which means is 500 euro which is about 550 maybe $600 commission that’s a lot of money how cool is that for the ones who want to know how to earn a free upgrade there’s a Healy fast start promotion and it goes in from the moment you subscribe as a partner as a member if you start with a Healey and you find doesn’t matter which Healey it is could you find three people who are members or customers doesn’t matter and it doesn’t also matter with which kind of Healey they have started but if you start with a Healey you find three people within the first 30 days you’re getting a free upgrade to the next version so you start with the gold you find three and you get a healing holistic health upgrade that’s a gift from the company to you of about $500 that’s really cool you can also find six people so you get two upgrades you can find nine people so if you started with a gold You certainly have a resonance you can also find twelve people when you started with the gold so you have a resonance that you get on top of that and extra resonance you can also start red a resonance and if you then find three people within the first 30 days you receive from the company an additional free yearly resonance as a gift which you can ball out lend out hire out whatever or you can give it to your mother it’s your healing if you do this within the first 30 days and you sell a higher addition you’re also getting an extract cash bonus on top of it so this is really really interesting for the ones to start with a healing the composition at the glance is that we have beside these bonuses we have the fast start bonus this is just to help people start quicker and earn their free upgrades if they want over freely but we have the direct bonus we have a dual bonus in where you are building a left team and a right team everyone is selling Healy’s points will be gathered and eventually you get 15% of the weaker team volume in a month time this is very high never seen a dual bonus Commission with 15% but this is what we are having matching bonus four levels compressed very interesting mobility bonus rank achievement bonus leadership bonus but this all will be explained in compensation plan trainings stay in touch get all the latest Healy news through our channels and a lot of groups which you can join and this is the last slide I want to share think about that the Healy at this moment is as if we were one of the first smartphones what as if the Healey was compared to the first iPhone one everyone starting back then they said like why are you buying an iPhone one we have a Nokia we don’t need an eye for one but look where the iPhone one and smartphones that did the beginning of it has brought us right now in 14 years time what happened in that time it’s on beyond we have millions and millions of apps we have so much possibilities software expansion of technology they are already developing Maui’s which are all beyond you will see them in the future expansion of markets we are now in 45 countries what if we are in the whole world and we can build new markets there you are now at the beginning of something beautiful something really remarkable and I invite you to seize the opportunity go back to the person who invited you for this maybe not it’s a long presentation but at least it made it a little bit more clear I guess thank you for very much for watching my name is Martha ager from the Netherlands and I wish you nothing but good good vibes good possibilities and enough tremendous amazing business opportunity because I think we can use that in these times and especially for the ones who aren’t certain and maybe you have lost your job or maybe you know someone who lost a job this is a way how to build an extra income don’t wait too long thank you very much go back to the person who invited you and maybe till on next every not charge on I’m gonna so if you want to say something was amazing thank you so much have a beautiful day thank you.

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