Does HGH Gel Really Work? Dr. Sabido Interview

This is transcription of an interview With Dr. Frederick Sabido about Somaderm HGH Gel by NewULife.

Dr. Frederick Sabido MD is a board certified general surgeon specializing in robotic oncological procedures.  Dr. Sabido has been practicing for over 25 years in New York City and is a graduate of the prestigious 7 year Sophie Davis School of Biomedical education and New York University School of Medicine accelerated BS MD program.  Dr. Sabido also owns one of the busiest hormone and longevity treatment clinics in New York City.

So thanks doc for coming on board and so let’s get right into it.  I know you’ve been on the product for the last few months and you become a big fan of the Somaderm HGH gel for many reasons and you’ve basically feeling the benefits yourself.   You told me this a few weeks ago and you think that this gel is more safe and more cost-effective way to benefit from HGH.

Do you think the micro dose HGH Gel might actually be the way to go and the way of the future?

Yes being delivered transdermally this is definitely safer than giving an HGH subcutaneous injections.  back years ago the National Institute of Health studied the use of gels and children with dwarfism versus injectables and found that they were both as efficacious.  The kids did grow with the HGH gel.  The benefit is that by having a transdermal delivery you eliminate toxicity so you get all the benefits of HGH that we know as we get older human growth hormone almost goes to go to zero.

HGH does regulate our mood, fatigue, motivation, nervousness, lack of energy, muscle mass, body fat, libido, etc, etc.

So with this HGH Gel you don’t get these side effects; you don’t get water retention, you don’t get carpal tunnel, tingling on the hands, there’s no fear of growing cancer cells because what you put in transdermally is used over for the next 18 to 24 hours.  I proved this myself by drawing my own blood while being on this for two months and microform levels detectable in the blood or zero which means that whatever I’m using whatever benefits I’m getting for that 24 hours are instantaneous and and they’re not they’re not detectable so that can never be toxicity.

Gotcha gotcha so basically the HGH you’re putting in your body, your body’s actually using and the excess HGH that you would get from a different procedure then of course could tax the liver and your body’s trying to get those toxins out.  Makes sense okay.  Right now so there’s other HGH products out there um you know over-the-counter.  There’s pills some may actually contain some HGH you know.

Why do you feel that the transdermal HGH Gel is the best way?

Well, with pills the absorption of pills is very low.  You actually lose 90% of what you ingest with the  HGH pill.  Your stomach breaks it down and you don’t achieve a blood level. The transdermal method it slowly is absorbed across the membrane and taken directly into the blood blood stream subcutaneously. If you do hit a vessel by the state with the needle obviously you get a big dose but for a lot of times you just get injected into the fat and it’s absorbed right into the fat and stays in the fat.  Over time, you build a level but if it’s not as instantaneous as with the gel, which makes a tremendous product.

That’s great.  Now you only stumbled upon this a few months ago and what’s been your personal benefits? I mean your own your own actual testimonial?

Well I was overweight.  I was not operating efficiently anymore. I used to be doing 7 – 8 cases a day  and I was down to 4 or 5.  That still sounds like a lot but it’s not when you’re a an operating machine like I’m used to being.  And I was lethargic, muscle aches, losing muscle mass, increased abdominal fat, etc.

I went on this HGH gel and everything seemed to reverse itself within the first two weeks.  I can actually see the body fat decreasing, have more energy, loss of any nervousness or anxiety, increased libido and drive, I have no trouble sleeping through the night and it was very effective.  It was shocking that with a transdermal method I could get these kind of results.  So I’m definitely endorsing this as effective and something that there’s gonna be at every training table in the future.

I think that the fact that I drew my blood and showed the growth hormone level at zero, is very enticing to professional sports. NCAA sports.  I think it’s going to help athletes repair and have more energy but it’s not going to create any potential problems.  It’ll give anybody an edge beyond their own biology so no one’s going to be able to come back and say that this guy’s a better player because he’s on HGH gel.  If he gets injured, he’ll repair faster and get back on the baseball diamond or a football field or whatever, but he’s never gonna have a clear-cut advantage by being on it.

Okay so you actually own an HRT; a hormone replacement therapy clinic for the last year or so and if you tell me that you actually were taking the injections and had to stop?

Yes I actually was taking the HGH injections in conjunction with the testosterone.  I had a severe reaction to water retention – gained about 15-20 pounds of water within several days.  I went from a dose of four IU’s a day down to one.  Anybody who knows anything about bodybuilding knows that body builders take four a day.  And one is really nothing and should not cause any effects.  Yet I was getting symptoms of carpal tunnel and severe water retention which I found amazing.   I stopped it it immediately and it went away.

I did not get any of those side effects with the transdermal HGH gel.

Obviously there’s some skeptics to say that well it doesn’t show up in your blood it’s because there’s no HGH in there.  So what comfort does it give you to know this actually is manufactured in an FDA monitored plant and you know it’s been registered and selling for seven years.  Obviously that goes a long way when you first heard about this?

Yeah when I first heard about it and I looked up on the internet.   And saw you know, a million HGH analogs out there; creams, gels, things that people were using.  But none of them had this registered FDA number and that’s because this is the real hormone.  You know you’re actually getting the hormone that’s made by your pituitary gland transdermally which is you’re not getting an analog if you grow for most 191 amino acid complex it’s very easy to modify and you can modify it and think you’re getting the same effectiveness however the receptors in your body know real growth hormone from not real growth hormone and that’s the difference.

Yeah and we talked a little bit about vitamin D.  You know my doctor, my regular primary care physician who’s not really you know, into health as much as I’d like them to be, told me about six or seven years ago to supplement vitamin D hormone.  If you google vitamin D, again I’m not the doctor, but vitamin D is a hormone or it’s very similar to a hormone.  It’s all over the internet.  Just because you know your body makes vitamin D in the sun, and so in in winter you should supplement vitamin D because it helps the whole heart be stronger.

This is, you know, kind of a similar thing. We talked about people saying well I won’t put a foreign substance in my body, yet they take vitamin D.  But this is not really a foreign substance because you still have it a little bit in your body making hair and you know and making nails.  So I guess that’s a similar story right?  You were saying you know it’s not really a foreign substance.  Tylenol is a foreign product we put in our body.  So I want you to comment a little bit about that the fact that we have some HGH it’s just that a little bit more would be a lot better off.

Yeah I mean this is about longevity; reversing the aging process and what the benefits are.

I mean it’s pretty clear that increasing your growth hormone levels after certain age is going to make you live longer, are going to benefit your cardiovascular system.  We’ve already proven with testosterone that it decreases your risk of atrial fibrillation by 21 percent.  It also makes males live eight to nine years longer. In addition increases your risk of breast cancer if you’re a female by 96 percent, etc etc.

You get similar effects with the growth hormone which is a natural substance made by your own pituitary gland.  We lose it and our skin gets wrinkled, our bones get brittle, we stop growing hair, we lose muscle mass, we gain abdominal fat, we have a decreased libido.  All of these are reversible with the real HGH given transdermally.  You’re not going to get it in any other way.  And the nice thing is that you avoid the toxicity by using this micro dose.  It is registered with the FDA and that is the key.

Yeah but you did mention that women can benefit for a low dose of testosterone, correct?

We find that women who are in postpartum depression or go through menopause benefit from testosterone.  When you look at the studies testosterone is the most common and most abundant female hormone.  We used to think that giving women estrogen was going to stop their hot flashes.  And get them through their menopausal symptoms.  But we find testosterone does a better job.  And all they need is a small dose.  The average male needs about 300 to 400 milligrams every two weeks to maintain normal levels once he’s deficient.  Female maybe 20 to 30 milligrams every two weeks.

We use the Harvard protocol in my practice.  I can tell you one thing: I would never endorse any fly-by-night drugs over-the-counter.   I use this so much myself and I’ve seen the benefits.  In my testosterone practice, I see 500 patients per week.  And I am gonna put this on the shelf for all of them to use and and to better themselves.  I made myself the guinea pig and I’m ecstatic with the results.  I don’t know what else I could possibly say as a surgeon.  It’s gonna make you a better person and healthier person all around.

This product is the real deal and like I said it’s gonna transcend and be on everybody’s training table.

Somaderm HGH Helps Defer the Aging ProcessYou’re gonna find that every University in the country, every professional team is going to have this on their training table for their athletes to use and everybody’s going to use this before getting up and going to work and having a great productive day.

I can tell you from having a testosterone practice that it has grown by 20 30 percent every six months.  Okay I have 20 to 50 new patients every month coming into my testosterone clinic.  They are all having all their symptoms reversed by simple injection every two weeks.  Once we add the HGH gel to this I can’t imagine they’re gonna feel wow wow and women will actually be coming in for the test.  45 percent of my patient population are women.

Wow Wow all right doc well thank you so much.  So that’s a wrap. Dr. Sabido, I can’t again thank you enough.



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