4 Months on the Homeopathic HGH gel: Down 16lbs and NO MORE Menopausal Symptoms(!!!)

I am just over 4 months on this homeopathic gel

I’m here in La Jolla between patients and I thought I’d hop on into a video.  Actually,  I am just over 4 months on the homeopathic gel.  Still loving this product and still feeling good.  I started a homeopathic human growth hormone gel in mid-October.  Leading up to using this product, I was having hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings out of control.  Where one minute I was just furious and the next minute I felt like I was about to break down in tears.  I really just felt out of control and I felt like my body had just completely turned on me.  And yeah, I mean out of control is the best description for how I felt.  And I actually started to get a little bit depressed because I was concerned that this was going to be my new baseline.

No more hot flashes and no more night sweats because of this homeopathic gel

Within two weeks of starting this product, all of that went away.  No more hot flashes and no more night sweats.  I started to sleep better, to feel more positive and happy and just just enthusiastic about life again.  So I really do feel like this product has given me my sparkle back 100%.  Four months in and I still feel that way. None of these symptoms have returned,  In fact, in four months I have not had a migraine, my menstrual cramps have been decreased by probably 90% which is significant because leading up to this they weren’t getting better.  They were getting worse.  So now they’re getting better, so that’s fantastic.

I’ve actually lost 16 pounds without really trying

That is without working out and without really watching what I’m eating. I am stress eating less and that again tells me that my hormones are more in balance because I’m not doing that whole hormonal stress a high cortisol whatever.  But it’s all related because sleeping better is gonna make you less stressed.  This product also has thyroid and adrenal support so I’m not in adrenal fatigue like I was before.  I’m not exhausted at the end of the day and having to take a nap after work every day like I was before.  So yeah, four months and I’m still really, really happy with this product.

At this point I’m now four months out from my birthday

I’m gonna be 52 in June and I decided that now is the time 100% for me to ramp it up.  Now is the time to get back into a workout program so the two things that I’m committing to for the next two months are working out four days a week during the week and going to hot yoga one day on the weekend.  So during the week I’ll be doing booty yoga or Ashanti video at home four days a week and then my fifth workout will be a hot yoga class in the studio on the weekend.  So I know that’s going to make my results get even better.  It’s gonna make me feel even better and it’s gonna help me lose weight, hopefully faster, once I incorporate that working out.

The delayed onset muscle soreness has not hit me because of this homeopathic gel

I actually started working out this week.  I’ve already done two workouts so far and the amazing thing is after not working out consistently in god I don’t even know how long, I’m not sore!  The delayed onset muscle soreness has not hit me.  I feel it a little bit in my shoulders and in my chest that I worked out for sure.  But it used to be that I would do a workout for the first time after a long break and I would hardly be able to sit down on the toilet and that’s not the case.  I’m feeling really good and I’m telling you I attribute that to the gel.  I’m not sore after working out.  So yeah, I’m so so excited about this and four months before my birthday that gives me a pretty good chunk of time to create even more results.

Again,  I lost 16 pounds in four months.  I’m hoping in the next four months that I can lose at least another 30 pounds.  That’s sort of my my goal number that I have in my head is to lose another 30 pounds in four months.  So part of the reason for me checking in here is to hold myself accountable and to put it out there that this is my intention.  This is what I’m going to be doing.

I’m also going to be trying to drink plenty of water

The number that I feel that I’m best at is when I drink half of my body weight in ounces.  So that would mean, for example, just to do easy math, if you weighed 150 pounds, you would drink 75 ounces of pure water every day.  Nothing else counts; tea doesn’t count, soda doesn’t count.   Just water.  So if you weighed 200 pounds, you’d be drinking a hundred ounces of water a day.  So that’s what I’m going to be doing is drinking half of my body weight in ounces every day,  working out 4 days during the week and one day on the weekends for a total of five workouts a week. That is what I’m committing to and yeah, hopefully it’s just gonna boost my results and make them even quicker,  as far as the weight loss goes.

Honestly, I’m feeling like I had the world’s shortest menopause

But again four months in and my hot flashes and all that jazz and none of that has returned.  I’m still not having any of it.  I’m feeling great.  I’m honestly feeling like I had the world’s shortest menopause and I know people that have been in peri-menopause/menopause for five and six years.  So for me to find something that got rid of all of those symptoms and so I only had to suffer it with it for what two or three months, I’m so, so fortunate.


And I’m so so thankful that I found this product.  I also wanted to mention I have many girlfriends and people that I know who are now taking this and I’m hearing just reports of fibromyalgia pain decreased. I have one friend who said it no longer hurts to get out of bed and she’s been suffering with fibromyalgia for years and is feeling less or less tender, more energy, all that stuff.

People with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are usually deficient in growth hormone

So I actually did some research and it turns out that there have been studies done on people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome that shows those people to be deficient in growth hormone.  So it would make sense that that’s why the gel is helping because it’s helping to promote, um stimulate your body to produce more growth hormone.

Again, this is not hormone replacement.  We’re not replacing levels.  It’s a homeopathic version that is in a synergistic formula with thyroid support and adrenal support.  It’s going to stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone as such there’s no way for it to do too much, your body’s not gonna produce more than you need right.   And because it’s homeopathic, there’s no side effects.

This product has no competition

So this is just it’s a phenomenal product.  I’m so so glad to be a part of this and for any of you that are interested in starting a home-based business, I gotta tell ya this product has no competition.  Zero!  Right?  There is no other product like this on the market!  it’s not a “me-too product”.  It’s not another protein shake.  Nothing wrong with protein shakes.  It’s not another skincare line, it’s not another shampoo, it’s not another CBD oil.  Nothing wrong with CBD oil!  I love my CBD oil!  But I was just at the liquor store in La Jolla and you can get CBD at the liquor store in La Jolla.  Seriously, you can get the oil.  They have like seven different kinds.  So again, it’s not that it’s a bad product, it’s just the market is flooded with that right now.

So if you’re going to start a home-based business, you want to be with something that’s innovative. Something that’s market disruptive, something that has no competition and not only that this is ground floor.  I mean this marketing opportunity has been in a network marketing platform for a little over a year.  So at this stage of the game there’s 75,000 reps in one year.

80 to 90% of the people I talk to have never heard of the homeopathic gel

But that’s tiny they’re predicting at one point at some point there’s gonna be a couple million reps for this product.  So if you get in now, you are still ground floor, right? And there’s still a huge opportunity.  And I’m amazed every day that so many people that I talk to have never heard of this.  I would say 80 to 90% of the people I talk to have never heard of this before.  Because again, it’s relatively new and it’s just something that can help so so many people.

So anyway yes, if you’re interested reach out to me.  If you have any issues with you know, just feeling blah, feeling low-energy, with feeling you know stressed or fatigued or even things like fibromyalgia.  And again, I’m not making medical claims because everyone’s results are gonna be different. This is gonna address the specific issues to you and if you have any significant medical concerns.

Of course, you want to check with your medical provider.  You want to check with your doctor before you start anything new like this to make sure it’s not interfering with any of your current medications.  But those people that are in that category, you’ll know because you’re gonna check with your doctor pretty much for anything,  if that’s an issue for you.

But again it’s homeopathic, the gel is registered with the FDA, and it has an NDC number

So it’s manufactured in an FDA approved facility.   It’s checked every step of the way to make sure that what they say is in it is actually in it.  So yeah,  it’s so, so exciting and it’s just the people in this company are unbelievable.  I mean I’m on board with chiropractors, doctors, anti-aging specialists,  hormone specialists.  Just so many people who has made it their life’s mission to help people.  And they are now jumping on board with this product because they see what it can do.

And along that line I need to mention that we just rolled out the retail packs.  These are for business owners.  We have a 24 pack and a 48 pack at a significant, significant discount now.  This is by application only.  These business owners have to submit an application.  And really that’s just because this company doesn’t want the product to be sold by inappropriate businesses.  We don’t want this sold in liquor stores, right?

We want this sold by health spas, chiropractors, massage therapists.   People that are in the health profession that have a little bit of knowledge about health and can educate people about this product.  That’s the whole point of it going to this platform.  It was because you need to have a conversation.  It’s not something that’s just gonna sit on the shelf and people are gonna buy it.  You kind of need a little bit of education and a little bit of prompting before you’re going to be willing to try this.

Homeopathic gel comes with a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee

However, if you do want to try it, it has a hundred percent 60-day money-back guarantee.  So if any reason within the first sixty days you’re not 100% satisfied you send it back.  You will get a full refund including your shipping, okay?  So we stand behind this product 100%.  So I have to head in with another patient and finish up my Wednesday.  But I hope everyone’s having a beautiful, beautiful day.

For more information about Somaderm homeopathic gel, click here.

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