How a Healthy Mindset Can Change Your Health

by Nancy

When getting healthy is a goal we intend to succeed with, it becomes a priority.  When it is a priority, it is on our mind all the time.  The decisions you make with a health as a priority will be different than what they were before health was a priority.

For example, I live in a 2-story home.  My office is located upstairs.  There is a bathroom upstairs and another one downstairs.  Since I’ve been working upstairs in my office for years now, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the bathroom that is upstairs.  After all, it is just a short ways down the hall.  I’m busy, so the less time it takes for bathroom breaks, the better, right?

Wrong.  I am now making a conscious effort to go downstairs to use the bathroom because I know that going up and down stairs is good exercise, especially for someone that sits at a computer for more hours a day than I’d care to admit, even to myself!

I also make a conscious effort to apply the same principle when I have to find a parking space.  The old me would seek out a spot as close to the entrance as possible because “I’m busy, and it will save me time”.  The time it saves me is really insignificant when compared to the health benefits of walking a distance to get where I’m going.  Walking is healthy activity, and helps clear your head, works muscles in places you might not be aware of, and you’ll know that you’re doing something that is actually good for you.  We know exercise produces endorphins and endorphins make you happy, so taking a brisk walk to get into a place from the parking lot will make you happier.  (I hope you’re smiling.)

The healthy mindset also makes a difference in the choices you make at the grocery store.  I refuse to purchase the stuff I know are just empty calories and instead opt for fruits.  If I don’t bring it home, it is unlikely it will find it’s way to my mouth.  And if it doesn’t make its way into my mouth, I am going to feel better, be healthier and enjoy life more.

I realize these tips may not be “news” to you, but it is my hope that reading them again might spark something in you about changing your mindset to a health mindset.

Are you up for a challenge?  Here’s my challenge for you:  Hold onto a new healthy mindset for 21 days.  That means consciously decide on healthy choices every day, you know, those that improve your health – exercise and nutrition.  If you’re able to do that consciously for 21 days, it will become a habit – one you can actually be proud of!

It’s really fun to see the change in choices that you can make in everyday life, when getting healthy has become a priority for you.  I would love to know what changes you’ve made as a result of having a healthy mindset.  Leave me a comment below!

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