How To Build A Following For Your Business On Facebook

by Nancy

Most internet marketing gurus will tell you to build a Facebook page for your business.  This was actually sound advice a few years ago, because those that liked your page would see your posts.  It was a very effective strategy…until recently.

Facebook changed their algorithm.  Now, less than 4% of those that liked your business page actually see your posts.  The only way you can ensure they will see it now, is if you boost your post.  Yep, you’ve got to spend money on Facebook to get the results you used to get for free just a couple years ago.

There is another way…

And it is very effective.

Create a Facebook group.  You link it to your Facebook page, too.

Members inside your group will get notifications of your posts.

You do NOT, however, want to go invite every one of your Facebook friends to join your group, because as in real life, all of your Facebook friends are not interested in your business.  Instead, join other Facebook groups within your niche that have over 10,000 members.  Begin liking posts, commenting and posting inside those groups.  Get your name seen, but NEVER post links to your group, website, or Facebook business page.  You are a “guest” in that Facebook group’s house.  Treat it with respect.

The more you interact with members of those groups, you will be establishing yourself as a respected authority; willing to share knowledge, provide assistance where needed, and develop new relationships.  Those people will then check you  out – your own personal Facebook page, which is where you will have a link to your Facebook group.

While you are actively posting, commenting, and creating posts in those other groups, you will also need to provide valuable content in your own group – even if you only have 1 member starting out.  You want to make sure you post regularly, so when someone checks out your group, they will find relevant posts, great information, and interactions between the members which will make them want to join.

Your Facebook group should be a closed group.  You can have a few questions that prospective members need to answer in order to join your group.  The purpose is to make it so that the members of your group are active, serious, and like-minded because that really stimulates Facebook’s algorithm for your group.  The more engagement Facebook sees, (likes, comments, & shares) within your group, the more Facebook will promote your group to others seeking groups within your niche.  Your group will then grow exponentially.

This is not a sprint, but a marathon.  Take time each day to interact in the Facebook groups you joined, and post in your own group, as well.  This can be a tedious task, as Facebook can be very distracting.  Create a schedule of time each day you will do these tasks, and stick to it.  You can also create your own unique content; videos & graphics that are share-worthy, meaning they provide great information without looking salesy.

Offer something of value to the members of your group – a special report, training specific to your niche, etc.  This is where they sign up to be on your email list to get all of your great information about your business…the start of your funnel.

Building a business online takes planning, patience, and discipline.  You can’t hide behind your computer and simply plaster links every where and expect to make money.  You have to invest the time on a regular basis to growing a group of followers that you help solve their biggest problem within your niche.  There are no push-button, get rich quick methods, so don’t buy into them.  Building a business online is like building a business offline.  You have to develop relationships to build a business.  Facebook provides an ideal platform to do that, IF you put in the work each day.  And when you do…your business (and bank account) will look very different a year from now!

You might be wondering where I learned this method.  I learned it from 3 guys that are each self-made internet millionaires who actually practice what they preach.  You can check out their training here.

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