How To Find More MLM Prospects

How to Find More Prospects

How to find more prospects – transcribed from video.  Hey guys. I am really pumped for today honestly. I am, what I am excited about is like this is obviously one of the biggest questions that all MLMers have.  And it makes sense. In fact, I remember this, the first MLM I ever joined.   I went and I talked to friends and family, and this is years ago.  And I went and I literally walked down Main street and a lot of you guys know those stories.

How on Earth do I find more prospects to go and pitch?

But when I was done, the biggest question that I had was how on Earth do I find more prospects to go and pitch?  How do I find more people who are interested in this.  And it makes sense why traditionally MLM says go get your friends and family.   Then get them on the phone call with me.   And when they come in, go get their friends and family.  Like we are all each other’s legion. The problem is, that you end up getting a lot of people who likely, most of the time, are not actually that interested.

And so, what I set out to do, I remember I was sitting on a couch. It was in a cold apartment in college, it was freezing.  And it was the middle of winter time, at like 2am.  I had this thought, what if I was to combine a lot of what the info product model is on the internet, with MLM? And what if I was to use some of those to go and sift and pull people who are more likely interested in what I’m doing? So that’s exactly what I did.   And that’s actually what Secret MLM Hacks technically is.  It teaches some of those methods.

So what I thought would be cool is, now, I know the video quality of what I’m about to go share with you guys is not awesome. Okay, just know that, okay? But the principles are awesome, okay. So we’re going to cut over to a video, and it’s actually me going through and answering a question to somebody in the course and they’re asking, “Stephen, “how do I get more and more people?” and that’s covered in depth in the course itself but I took the time to kind of go through and go a little more in depth.

So anyways, we’re going to go through a few specific strategies and I want you to understand if these sound like, whoa why would you do that, understand that the reason why my stuff has been doing so well is because I am actually following the info product industry, right, the info product model, and I attached MLM to it.

I’m still getting three to four prospects asking to join my downline a day, that I’ve never met them

Right, so a lot of the things you’ll see is, you’re gonna see, well I would create this and I put this together, and I do this, and they’re not orthodox. Okay, it’s very unorthodox ways of pulling out leads and getting people to you, and at the time of recording this right now, I’m still getting three to four people asking to join my downline a day, that I’ve never met. So this has been working. We’re about to cross 900 people. It’s been that way for almost a year and a half now. That’s a lot of people man. Right?  And I get to go in and choose the ones that I think will be good for the team, rather than me going to them and saying please join my downline.  Please, join my downline I need the commission, right?


I don’t have to do that crap anymore, and I haven’t had to for a long time now. And so that’s what I’m gonna go share with you guys inside this episode, again, I know the video quality on it kinda sucks a little bit, just bear with me, okay, the content is really good. Stupid Facebook wouldn’t let me record things very well at a high level, so.

Anyways, we’re gonna cut over there right now, and then, also, if you guys would like to, this is a very soft pitch for Secret MLM Hacks as a program, for those of you guys who want to do more things on the internet, and actually bring people to you, and a lot of it involves building what we call sales funnel, and it shows you how to do that, how to put all the stuff together, how to position yourself in the market, how to actually do the marketing in general, how to make yourself an authority figure in the MLM space, this is a soft pitch for it, but I’m just telling you what you’re about to go see is from Q&As from those.  Anyways, if you’re interested go to

I create stuff that is a little bit more pricey and prospects pay for it

Let’s cut over to the video. I go in and I create stuff that is a little bit more pricey, not really high, but the middle. People pay for it.  After that, I introduce them “hey, you wanna join my downline?”  Boom. That is what feeds the application funnel. Mostly. The only other place where they learn about where to apply to join my downline is my podcast, I talk about it several times in my podcast.


Some people are just like “man I love this guy”, “I’ve been listening to like 80 episodes of this dude”, “he’s in my ears, this is incredible”, “everything he says is awesome”. “I want more of this stuff, how do I join his team?” And they’ll just go right in and join, that’s awesome.

Some people go, again, what I’m trying to do I’m trying to do two things, I’m trying to get paid to prospect, okay, and then number two I’m trying to be able to pay more to acquire a customer than entire MLMs can. Cause MLMs don’t know how to do this stuff.  They have no idea how to do any of this. And so if I have a machine that pays me for my time to prospect, and I spent time with them.  Then I also have a machine where I can spend more money profitably to acquire a customer into my downline, cause I treat it like a product, like a real business, not just like yeah come do a little hobby, no, if I can tell it’s a hobby for you, you’re not in my downline.

I’m vetting prospects out a lot of times through the application itself

Right, I’m here to grow.  I’m here to explode, right?  And I’m here for dominators.  So I want to take over, that’s my mentality. And I’m vetting them out a lot of times through the application itself.  I’m reading, I’m like man this guy seems lazy, gone. Man, this guy, you know what I mean? So, number one, like I said, I’m trying to get paid for my time by doing paid prospecting.  And for product, that vets out customers.   That process vets out a bunch of prospects.

I also want to be able to spend more to acquire a customer or prospect

More than entire MLMs are able to.  I’m already doing that and I’m only one guy. They are whole MLMs.  I’m spending more to be in front of people than they are.   From both a content perspective and then actual money cost to acquire ads perspective.  I put them into my downline afterwards. Or I see if I have them apply to go into, hey, go to the recruiting funnel, awesome.

From there, when I know I’ve been soaking up a lot of my hot market, cause that’s the strategy, I just want to soak up hot market first.  That’s the easy money on the table.  Don’t trip over dogs to pick up pennies.  There are people who love you, who want to be a part of your world already.  Let them in, right?  And let them buy from you.  So let them join your stuff, let them get in and understand more of who you are and get close to you. That’s awesome. Most of the time you’re building your frontline leadership.

But pretty soon, even the best marketers run out of people to talk to

So I have to figure out how to widen the pot a little bit.  And go a little bit more warm market.  When that happens, that’s when I go and I start creating a whole bunch of small, front, end-products.  Which you guys are gonna start seeing me do this year.  In the next three months.  A whole bunch of small, front end-products. They’re not to make me money.  It’s to attract a wider pot of prospects.   And some of them are like “this guy’s awesome”.  “Let me listen to his podcast, and see if he really knows what is up.”  Some people are gonna be like “this thing’s awesome.”

They bought the same thing and he’s like “oh man, let me just go join him immediately.”   Where someone’s like “let’s see what else he’s got.”  And he goes and he gets this other thing, you know what I mean.   I’m providing multiple options for people to purchase.   And give cash as a way to raise their hand and say “I’m serious about this.”  I’m making more apply to come on in.

So it’s not like set in stone, what is typically very detrimental is when someone starts at the bottom, because they can’t spend any money, there’s no leeway. Like don’t start at the bottom. But then also, please don’t think that it’s always set in stone, some people are like “man I’m gonna make “something mid-tier, and then I’m gonna go down “straight to the bottom.”

That’s fine if that’s really what you wanna go do

But honestly what I do is I like to think through and be like what would get people so freaking excited.  What is sexy that I can hand people?  And they’d be like “man, I want to be a part of that”.  “I want more of this guy, this guy is awesome.”  They go in, they buy that and then I’ll introduce them.  Typically, in that order, usually, go apply to join my downline, right?

Cause I want them to know what I’m about, and what I’m not about.  I’m not gonna be standing here teaching them “when you’re face-to-face” with your friends and family, “here’s like three phrases you can say “to mind-control somebody into your downline.”  I hate those books. I have a bookshelf, one of the shelves is half full of garbage like that, from experts in this industry. And I think, I’m throwing a rock right now.  Someone was asking that, I’m throwing a rock right now, I think it’s dumb. I don’t believe in mind-control.

If I make it easy for prospects to come in, I make it easy for them to fail

I do believe in persuasion, but I’m not gonna work hard.  The way I bring somebody in determines what they’re gonna do afterwards. So if I make it easy for them to come in, I make it easy for them to fail. If I make it harder for them to join my downline,  and there’s all these little tiny things that I’m like okay, are you really a good fit? And if you’re not, are you willing to be moldable quickly into a good fit? I mean I’m building my business, right?  And then all of these things are going on ahead of time.  When they actually do have the event of joining my downline, it immediately sets up a ramp, right?

It’s kinda like this, I was in the army.  When I went to basic training, I was 25.  I was already 25 years old. I was in college, I was married, and I had a kid.  Contrast that with 99% of everyone else that was there who was 17, high school drop-out, maybe got their GED, a lot of them had a note coming in.  The mentalities are 100% different.  The way we came in mattered greatly on the outcome.

This is very much the exact same thing when dealing with prospects

A lot of these guys they try and fight me as soon as the Drill Sargents turn around, for real, right?  They try to fight me and they gang up on me.  Whatever, papa Larsen is a big boy, I can take care of myself, so I was fine. But I went in and because of the way I came in, all these Drill Sargents started to put me in charge of stuff for freaking ever.  Because they trusted me, because of the way I came in.

It’s the exact same principle. I do not want someone to come in my downline, when someone sneaks in and I can tell they did. You know what I mean.  I’m not saying I don’t want people.  But I’m building rock stars. And I’m trying to take people who, maybe they’re not publishing, but I’m being a stickler with the way they enter. Because it determines how much I have to put back in for them to keep doing stuff.

I don’t want to cattle-prod prospects for them to do stuff

If I don’t want to cattle-prod prospects for them to do stuff, I gotta get real serious on cattle-prodding them before they come in. It’s a terrible graphic. Anyway. Hey, thanks for listening.  You see, after years of being a lead funnel builder online, I got sick of the garbage strategies most MLMs have been teaching their recruits for decades.  So whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to to join the next free training.

There you’re gonna learn the hidden revenue model that only the top MLMers have been using to get paid regardless of if you join them. You’re also gonna learn the three steps system I use to auto-recruit my downline of big producers without friends or family even knowing that I’m in MLM. If you wanna do the same for yourself, head over to now.


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