How To Stay Organized Amidst All The Madness

by Nancy

We all run very busy lives, right?  As the owner of 3 businesses, my life is so hectic I have struggled to stay organized and not let things drop through the cracks.  Unfortunately, when that happens, it feels terrible.  Things like forgetting an appointment, a deadline, or making a payment on time, makes life a bit less enjoyable.

I was recently introduced to a program called Trello.  It’s a free program that helps you keep the many facets of your life organized.  It has “boards” you create for anything and everything.  As someone that has always worked off a hand written “to do” list, this appealed to me.

You can set up boards for business tasks, household tasks, family chores, shopping lists, kids activities, team tasks, etc.  Yep, others can be involved in your boards, but only those boards that you give them access to.  It keeps your personal and private boards private, while allowing you to assign tasks to team members for tasks on a business board, assigning chores to your kids on a household chores board, or tasks to be done around the house for your “honey do list” board.  The possibilities are truly unlimited with this tool.

You can re-prioritize the tasks on your boards, too; moving them up or down, move them to “working on”, or to “completed”.  Deadlines with exact date and time can be assigned to each task, too, so less tasks fall through the cracks.  It’s always nice to see the “completed” list grow and the “to do” list shrink (though the shrinking part doesn’t seem to happen much for me).  Seeing a growing completed list does give you a feeling of accomplishment, though – the same feeling I used to get when crossing a task off my to do list when I used pen and paper.

The tool also provides gold and red colored signals to let you know when an impending task is due soon (gold) or over due (red).

Trello also has a phone app, so you can update your boards on the go.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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