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Human Growth Hormone HGH: Kevin Greene, MD

Human Growth Hormone HGH – Kevin Greene, MD – transcribed from video.

It’s been around forever.  It works.  So human growth hormone HGH – is released.  We have  something called the pituitary gland.  The front of the pituitary gland is the anterior pituitary gland that releases human growth hormone HGH.  But it’s not the human growth hormone that does all the work.  Human growth hormone then goes to our liver and from our liver it releases something called igf-1 which is stands for insulin-like growth factor-1.

There are many different organs that it has a role in.  Human growth hormone hgh helps the brain,  it protects the heart, it builds muscle, builds bones, helps with ovarian and testicular function, it helps growth and repair, protects the kidneys and then helps the immune system.

You may look at all the benefits of human growth hormone HGH and so determine my goodness, it is too good to be true.  There’s no question in my mind that it’s not too good to be true.  For some reason,  this human growth hormone HGH is in our system and it peaks at age twenty-five to thirty.

It stops making human growth hormone HGH roughly by time we’re 30

And then the dreaded aging process starts. At that point but just because the pituitary stops making it, doesn’t mean that we can’t. And it doesn’t mean that it’s gone.  It can still make human growth hormone, but it’s just programmed not to.   But can we turn it back on, of course.  We can and that’s called hormone signaling.

So a quick difference between hormone replacement and hormonal signals

I’m on testosterone.  My body no longer makes as much testosterone as as I need so therefore I need to replace my testosterone.  With Somaderm HGH  gel,  we’re getting just enough absorbed through the skin to light the burner called our anterior pituitary to release human growth hormone hgh.  It’s signaling the anterior pituitary to wake up and release more human growth hormone hgh which releases IGF which then does all of these wonderful amazing things and many different areas of our body.

So yes, you’re gonna sleep better.  And yes your muscles are gonna grow, your fats gonna go down. It takes time.  Everybody has to understand that this takes time.  It’s not gonna happen overnight.  You may notice an increase; a better sleep.  But really, 6-8 weeks down the road is a really good time-frame to know when you’re gonna start seeing the first couple of benefits.

But then it’s a cumulative effect and it keeps going through the months

And that’s well explained in all the websites and the literature.  You’re not gonna see results overnight.   It takes time.  Patients have to understand that, but this is why.  This is one of the main ingredients and it has these incredible properties that have all these different organs.  We also have the glandular x’ and the herbs which just makes this gel an amazing, amazing product.

So oh to prove that the growth hormone is doing this job, I decided to purchase a machine from my office that basically looks at whole body composition analysis.  It takes into account water weight; so I can measure a before and after muscle mass, fat mass, water mass.  What I did was all my patients that started on growth hormone on the Somaderm I got an initial baseline.   Four weeks later ,without them changing anything else, except the growth hormone,  I repeated their whole body composition.

And every one of them on this human growth hormone hgh gel so far has shown an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat

And that’s just at four weeks!  I plan to do I’m still doing eight weeks 12 weeks because there is that cumulative effect but even at four weeks I have cases where I took a physically fit patient and made him more physically fit.  I took the overweight patient and made him drop 12 pounds instead of his usual two pounds in four weeks while seeing the changes in the body mass, as well as the body fat.  And obviously ,that’s abdominal fat which I’m trying to get off, as well, which comes with increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States right now.  Once we get rid of that body fat, now I know about making my patients live longer and improving their quality of life.  Wow I’m actually adding all the other stuff which are the hormones the herbs the glandular so it’s a great jumpstart.  It’s not the whole story but it’s a big part of the story, but I approve them.

As traditionally trained Docs,  we forget to ask the patient how they’re feeling

I have created a biometric; a set number that I can show a before and after effect with controlling all the other issues they only added some endure and so there’s more studies that come I’m sure that will prove that it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.   Besides thousands of people feeling better.  Traditionally trained Docs – we’re trained on double-blind placebo-controlled show me the numbers show me that show me that and then we forget to ask the patient how they’re feeling.

Once I tell them of my own personal experience with Human Growth Hormone HGH, my medical advice, then they get on it

So believe me now I actually have the numbers and the stories to go with it.  So it’s it’s been a fantastic addition to my treatment regimen.  I have close to 200 patients on the gel right now.  bBut I uh yeah well I have 8,000 patients but I  can only see so many in a week.  ‘Cuz once I tell them of my own personal experience, my medical advice, then they get on it.

And now I’m trying to get a blast email to everybody ‘cuz I don’t want 7, 000 patients to find out about this six months from now.  If I’m seeing them in a six month visit.  So it’s really something that I just need to get the word out to all my patients because they’re all feeling great on it, that’s for sure.

It’s actually very hard for our body to produce something that’s gonna give us side effects

I haven’t had any but I was expecting some to have of side effects or some problems with it.  And I have actually found none so far.  I mean but then you deal with it just like anything else.  Well,  the side effects are less because it’s not a drug.  I’m not giving a mega dose of something that comes with side effects.  It’s actually very hard for our body to produce something that’s gonna give us side effects, because our bodies are in charge of it.  Our anterior pituitary is basically making the growth hormone that’s causing the IGF to be released.  So I’m not forcing it.

I’m 50 and I’ve got these guys who are still hanging on to; they still want to be bodybuilders, which is great.  But let’s do it naturally and I’m taking them off the the dangerous stuff from China and the injectables and I’m switching them over to the gel.  And they’re in and they’re liking it.   But I know I’m making them healthier.  I’m taking them out of that danger and now I’m actually creating health.

They’re seeing all the other added benefits of the glandulars and the herbs.  So now they don’t have to spend all this money on the vitamins and etc.  So that’s why I’m proud of that because that was a big tough sell. But I said that’s dangerous.  This is not.  Let’s try it.  And now,  8 – 12 weeks into it, they still maintain their muscle mass and now they’re feeling healthier and they are healthier and that’s a huge key.

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