The Vortex Holds The Solution To Making A Lot Of Money

The Vortex holds the solution to making a lot of money is transcribed from a video.

About a year ago I was introduced to ask and it is given.  And life shifted in a great way; particularly around finance paid off.  All of our personal debt.  Things are moving beautifully and a few weeks ago, a client contract went away and my first response was to take the windshield of the front of the car stick it in the floorboard.  Well now I have to make X amount of money happen in X amount of time and it’s not a good feeling place.  And I heard making a lot of money fast doesn’t feel good to you.  Wow making a lot of money fast feels great to me, if you believe it.

Yeah so what you’re saying to us is not believing that you can make a lot of money fast doesn’t feel good.  So stop thinking that,  okay?  Next, the thing that we know that you’re yet to know and it’s coming to you soon is that if the vortex trumps everything, right?  So in the face of evidence that defies what you want, if you look at the evidence it defies what you want, you’re always gonna feel fear.  But when you know what you know, you’ve come so far, you know so much, if you can hear us when we say the vortex trumps everything.  And you can, you might not be able to conjure another contract just out of the ethers instantly.

You might not be able to see an immediate path to that money that you want or need

But you do know that you can get into the vortex in the next five minutes if you really want to.  And if we can convince you that getting into the vortex in the next five minutes because you really want to is all that you need to do and then the vortex will take care of everything else if we can convince you of that then you’re done.

But you got to believe it enough to get into the vortex and that’s the thing.  What is sometimes so compelling that it keeps you out of the vortex because you keep wanting to explain the injustice of the client bailing out on you.  You want to explain how it shouldn’t have happened to you in that defensiveness.  Or in that sheer examination of what is what, you just gotta let go of what is because you can’t move to where you want to be while you’re looking at what is.

There are two different vibrations, two different vantage points

They’re different or just to be able to I think where I get tripped is not seeing the path forward.  Not even so much the injustice which surprised to what we were saying earlier.  So not seeing the path, not being able to be in the vortex, not being able to appreciate something that sucky that happened.  So nothing wrong with that.  Everybody understands that.  So what did we just offer earlier?

So now let’s take this specific subject of this client or that contract that was and be specific if you want to begin with but go general and negative sure everything is moving perfectly and it feels really lousy to have somebody that you trusted.  I was doing my part – I did my part,  I over delivered, I gave added value.  And then to have the contract go away, feels like a betrayal.  Yeah so now, now so we we’ve all added to the specifics of that now. Let it be negative because you can’t help it.  But make it more general in the negative.  It’s just business.

People are always looking for the best advantage they can find

It really was not as personal as I wanted it to be, really.  I think business should be more business and not so personal.  It’s never a good idea to put a lot of eggs in one basket and it’s the point of having a lot of contracts and it’s sharpening my awareness of all of that.  I still have all of the knowledge that I held.  I’m still willing to do as much service as I was ever doing.

I know that there are other people out there just as these people came to us.  There are others that are still looking for us.  That’s a shift into the general positive.  That I know there’s others that are out there.  Did you feel that? You got there pretty easily from there.  Now if you don’t make that shift, it’s alright to stay in the general negative for a while because it’s movement from where you are.  And in shifting to the more general that the more positive calls you.  In other words, this is the thing that we want you to understand.

The vortex with all its solutions is calling you

You just can’t hear it because you’re beating the drum of the specific problem.  But when you beat the drum of a less specific problem ,you can you have a better chance to hear the vortex.  When you really get general, the vortex is calling you right into that general place. And as you hang around there and before you know it the solution just lights right up from one day to the next. It can light up.

You can find yourself saying I see why that contract which was not nearly as good as this one that came, had to go away in order to break lists the time and the personnel in order for us to service this other potentially much greater.   Potentially you see what we’re getting there.  Now you can feel that, now it doesn’t even feel like something that is helpful.  It feels like a natural progression and so now if you want to play with it a little bit.

You can go back to the general negative

And say I’m looking forward to having a conversation where I actually thank them for all we learned together, right?  All that we became because of them.  The expansion that I know would not have been there if it had not been for that the preparation that they helped me with and even the impetus for this new multiple contracts that were not available to me before that happened.

Because it’s an adventure, isn’t it?  Isn’t it an adventure?  Aren’t you always at the beginning of the journey and so now let’s talk about this.  We were talking about it earlier – about the familiar, right?  So let’s say you’re familiar with home, you’re familiar with the food you eat, you’re familiar with the work that you’re doing, it’s familiar, is familiar.  But doesn’t the road call you?  Doesn’t a vacation call you, doesn’t traveling the world call you, doesn’t interfacing with other business concepts call you?  Doesn’t it?

And doesn’t expansion call you?

Doesn’t it all call you?  And isn’t familiar and the same the opposite of being called isn’t.  Isn’t the adventure always calling you and isn’t change always a wonderful thing?  And aren’t we putting this to you from our absolute point of knowing? And we want to evoke our knowing right through you.  Are not things always working out for you?  Aren’t they? Yes, yes things are always working out for you.  It doesn’t matter how it looks.  Things are working out for you.

This is a blessing in disguise.  This is a good thing that’s happened, not a bad thing that’s happened.  Because bad things don’t happen when things are always working out for you.  Can you hear it?  Can you feel the faith of it?  Are you starting to know it a little bit?  You see, when you get there, you’ll never be in a bad place very long.  Because you’ll catch your balance quick and then where you go from that place that felt bad, will feel better than anything you’ve ever, ever, ever ever, done.

Have you ever eaten a meal after you’ve been hungry?

Wasn’t it way good?  One other question about change:  my life partner of 18 years have been talking about a business for the past year or so and I’ve been peripherally assisting him and I’ve been getting more and more turned on and excited by what he’s up to and what he’s doing.  And things are just flowing beautifully into his business.

I’m having a great time with it but it’s nothing I anticipated doing myself and yet the more time I spend with him, working together with him, the closer we’ve become, the more you telling us that the vortex is revealing more. And more to you completely.  Are you different, are you telling us that you are surprised that from outside the vortex, you couldn’t see everything in it?    You had to get in it before you could see it.  That’s exactly what I’m saying.  Get out.


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