MLM Product Funnels: Building Assets

First of all, welcome and we’re gonna dive into MLM product funnels. (dramatic music) If you’re like me, you know MLM’s an amazing opportunity to grow a real asset for yourself.  But you also see that there’s huge issues starting to emerge.  Like why haven’t big MLMs let tactics change in over 30 years?  Or why have they been cutting commissions smaller and smaller? Or even, how dumb is it that old MLM rules say you’ll get in trouble when you use the Internet to grow your team? These are some of the blaring questions we all face today.

This podcast will show you how real MLMers like us are waging war on the old, dying methods. And we’re not cheating by only bugging uninterested family and friends. Follow this podcast while I expose the shocking methods I’m using to build my 10,000 person downline.  And get people begging to join my team daily. Here’s to the new tactics without all those old, rusty MLM shackles, my name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio.

Why don’t you talk more about the product sales side?

All right you guys, MLM product funnels. One of the biggest questions I get asked is, “Stephen, you focus quite a bit on the recruiting side. “Why don’t you talk more about the product sales side?”  The reason is because what I’ve found is that if somebody is able to recruit, the same principles apply.  They are transferable over to selling the product itself, ‘kay. So if I can get someone to be auto recruiting, selling the product, it’s the same principle. It’s very, very easy to go do it. If they can only sell the product, though, a lot of times it’s harder for them to go, I don’t know why, anyway, it seems that way.

How I do my MLM product funnels

Maybe it’s not true, but it seems that way. If I can get them to recruit, the product side’s pretty easy. Anyway, so what I wanted to do is I wanted to do a four-part series teaching you guys how I do my MLM product funnels. Right, and how I would design that for, probably, yours. You see what I’m saying, it’s like, so anyway. How I go design these MLM product funnels and go, so that you can auto sell, ‘kay.

It’s the same model I’ve used in other industries, as well, and it’s the reason it’s so powerful. What I decided to do was to go live in front of my audience and teach them.  If you guys are in Secret MLM Hacks, you guys saw me go into this a little bit.

And it’s one of the benefits of the Secret MLM Hacks program

It’s because when I start seeing that there’s a spot-check training needed, I wanna dive into that. So it’s a live, living area, it’s not something that is like, anyway. What I’ll do is I, you know, I’ll create the program. Then, I step back to see what are they not understanding? Okay, cool, let’s go make a training specifically on that. So I decided to take this one piece out of it and say boom, here it is, because it makes me really, really sad, mad that this is not mainstream. And a lot of times people are super afraid of doing this.

And I know why, and I’m gonna talk about it right during this very first session. It’s because they’re afraid of Facebook saying things like MLM or their product name or they can’t say the name of their product online. That’s fine, I’m not saying to break that rule, ‘kay? Or they’re like, “Hey, I’m not allowed to drive “traffic to my distributor checkout page.” Right, you know how we all get duplicated websites that are usually kinda crappy, just saying. “I can’t drive traffic there.” Then don’t, all right, then don’t.

I’m not telling you to break any rules here with this

I’m still doing it, you understand. That’s why this is so powerful, and what I’m about to share with you and teach you is such a big deal. It’s because of take the environment as it is, accept it, and then, do something about it. But most of the time, people were like, “I won’t do it because I can’t do x, y, z, online.” Then, find another way, and that’s what this series is about, ‘kay.

It’s four parts, and this is part one of the series about MLM Product Funnels

We’re gonna go dive into a little bit about the environment scenario, the reality I should say, that MLM’s in, in regards to the Internet, and does it work, can it work, will it work, why will it work if it does. You know what I’m saying? I want you to see a lot of the realities that are in there. Full disclaimer, full disclosure with this, I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a legal person, I’m not your MLM. Hopefully, everyone feels disclaimed. Disclaimed, disclaimer, disclaimer. Everyone feeling disclaimed (laughs)?

Anyway, so I’m actually gonna cut over to a screen-sharing session that I did with my group, and it’s the first 15-minute lesson that will really help you understand some of the scenarios and environments that we’re really in and how I don’t try to break the rules or be sneaky. I just accept it and do something about it, right. Let’s cut over there right now. And guys, I really, I think it’s gonna be powerful for you to go take notes on this, ‘kay, take notes on this. I’ve had, in fact there was a guy. Actually, I think I had him on the show a while ago.

I took my team volume from $8,000 dollars a month “to $130,000 a monthMLM Funnels:  Building Assets

What was cool was that he’s like, “Yeah, I took those “principles you were talking about,” and he’s like, “I took my team volume from $8,000 dollars a month “to $130,000 a month,” or something like that. I was like holy crap, I thought you doubled. You like, whatever that is, you went from 8,000 to like 130, 150,000 in team volume and it was only three or four months using these types of principles; so it’s really powerful.

Again, last shot, my blatant shot to you. If you guys wanna learn how to do this stuff for real, full time, all out, go get the program at But this should give you kind of a taste, as well. So you can see kinda what it will be about. All right guys, let’s cut over there.

The secrets on how, honestly, us Internet marketers play the MLM game

I’m gonna share with you guys the secrets on how, honestly, us Internet marketers play the MLM game, ‘kay (laughs). ‘Cause I love MLM, obviously; otherwise, I would not have created this, but we don’t play it, probably, the way you’ve been taught. Come over to the side and let me know how is it that you were taught to sell supplements. Let me write this right here real quick. How is it that traditional MLM teaches you to sell supplements. And just be aware that I’m not against, if you’re like, “Hey, Stephen, I still wanna talk to friends and family.” That’s fine, what I’m teaching you how to do here is not talk to them if you don’t want to, all right.

And then, once you run out of your warm market, what do you do, alright? Auto recruit, personally, I’ve had, I don’t know, what would you say, we’ve had maybe like five, six people join us in the last two days. Yeah, guys we’re doing this, just so you know, I do what we’re teaching you, okay? So I have a huge issue with people on the Internet when they’re like, “I’m gonna teach you how to do x, y, and z,” and then, you find out they’re not actually building a downline.

I don’t wanna learn from them

I wanna learn from the person who’s doing it, right, who’s in the weeds with me and just further down the road. That’s why I’m going and doing this stuff, and that’s why it’s been so fun. Okay, cool, B.J. said, “Yeah.” So how do you sell supplements in the traditional method? The traditional method is like this, traditional supplement selling, (laughs) I can call the supplement funnel, this is a product funnel, okay, let me say it that way instead.

Traditional MLM product funnels

I sell supplements, which is why I put supplements. Whatever your product is, traditional product MLM funnels. Right, traditional MLM product funnel. Which is different than, obviously, recruiting itself. Traditional MLM, or network marketing or direct sales or whatever makes you feel comfortable, product funnels. Product sales, I’ll say, right. So the traditional methods of doing that, and B.J. he said friends and family. And again, if it works, I’m not saying it’s bad, but if I have, let’s say, oh, I got this race track right here.

How many of guys have like, have you ever been to one of those car races, like a drag race? I grew up in Denver, Colorado in Littleton, and there’s this really cool drag race, famous course, this drag race course. It’s probably about 15 minutes from where I grew up, and it was right on the side of this mountain. It’s super cool, and they would have these drag races, these drag race courses right here.

The Vehicle

So let me ask you a question real quick. Let’s say that I’ve got this sweet drag racing car, and I draw a car so I’m just gonna say drag race car. That’s the perfect drag race car right there. Let’s say I have a drag race car, and it’s going to, we’re gonna have it verse a Prius, there we go. So we have a drag race car versus a Prius, nice. And it’s sad, ’cause it’s not a happy car. (laughs) So that’s the drawing of a Prius.

Now, we have a, let me get back to your comments in just a moment here. Who’s gonna win, right, now it’s not like, it’s actually a matter of time isn’t it? To answer this question, technically, they’re both gonna hit the finish line, aren’t they? We have the finish line right back here. All right, we got the checkerboard finish line, whoo!

Who’s going to win is a matter of time

Now, who’s gonna finish, they’re both gonna finish, but who’s going to win is a matter of time. And so we have to. I mean, the drag car.  The Prius could be almost at the end, and that drag car’s still gonna take off and win at the end. What I’m trying to tell you guys here is there’s nothing wrong with selling the way that MLM traditionally teaches you to sell product.

The issue comes in with time, right? There’s three kinds of time, there’s three kinds of costs. First, there’s an actual money cost, there’s time cost, and then, there’s repeatable time.  That’s why I only focus on repeatable time activities. I only wanna spend that kind of cost. What I go do is I build a funnel.  And now, I don’t have to do all the ways that you guys are mentioning right now.  Those that we all know are the traditional ways that MLM teaches you to sell product.

How fast does it take me to go and do it?

So if I’m gonna go, I’ve got friends, I can even talk to a friend’s family. I’m gonna do parties and stuff like that. And again, can you sell product like that? Yeah, and huge multimillion dollar people have gone in and they’ve made a lot of money that way. How many, though, ‘kay, this is the other thing that I wanna share with you guys on this. So there’s speed, how fast does it take me to go and do it?

Will I actually get to the finish line? Yes, in a Prius, totally, I’m gonna get to it, but I’m gonna get dominated by the drag car, right? The other thing we need to look at is this, check this out. And this is one of the things I want you to know. That’s why I’m gonna share with you guys what I am today.

There’s one other major aspect to building MLM product funnels

If I have time as one of the aspects I need to start looking at, but the other one I need to look at is. Okay, think about this, let’s say that I have a, let’s take artists, for example, just follow me on this. Just keep with me here in just a moment while I do this. “Glitchy signal on my end on the airplane.” Oh, you’re on the airplane (laughs). Well, we’ve got really fast Internet on this side, so it’s probably that you’re on an airplane (laughs), what’s up Mark?

Check this out, though, think about this. Let’s say that I take an artist. It’s one of my favorite examples ever on why I do it the way I do, ’cause I have never gotten on the phone to sell somebody, I have never. I did two MLMs back in my old life before I ever really got good at the Internet part of it, and I did a few of these strategies, but I haven’t done these strategies or what traditional MLM teaches in like five years, ‘kay.

So I don’t do home meetings, I don’t do hotel meetings, I don’t do phone meetings, I don’t do any of that stuffBuilding Assets

And again, I’m not throwing rocks at it if you choose to do it, I’m just saying weigh the costs on this. I only want the highest leverage activities. Those will be the things that I get good at: high leverage activities, stuff that is low on my time, stuff that’s high on duplicatable time, and stuff that I can at least break even on my ad costs.

That’s what I want, that equals the very scenario that I’m going for, all right? Low time on my side to create, duplicatable time, so it’s really high leverage, but then I can at least recoup on ad costs, so then I can spend more money than most MLMs do on their ads (laughs). So let’s take this for just a moment. So I’m just setting this up real quick, and I’m gonna teach you guys three very simple, very simple product funnels.

This is a super easy way to create MLM Product funnels

I use this same thing in several other industries, as well. This is a super easy way to create funnels, product funnels specifically, and it might shock you. The Secret MLM Hacks course goes in and teaches a lot about recruiting.  It talks about products, as well.  But I want you to see a lot of things we talk about for recruiting actually apply to product funnels and product sales. Which is why I focus so heavily on recruiting first. And we’ll talk more about that a little bit later, maybe.

So follow me with this for a second. Let’s say we have an artist, we got an artist. Now, how talented to do you have to be get paid really any kinda money as an artist, what skill level do you have to have in order to get paid as an artist? A lot, right, I mean you gotta be high, right? Let’s say one out of five, let’s say you gotta be a four or a five in order to really start making money.

And even then, it may not be that much money

We’re talking like the last 10% of the good fours and fives really make a lotta cash, but for everybody else, super stereotypical, how much cash does an artist actually make? Let’s say it’s a one or a two, right? Super, super, it’s the opposite. Now, let’s do nothing else, but change the vehicle. Okay, watch this, this is why this is such a big, big deal.

Let’s change the vehicle, I’m not gonna add really anymore skill levels. A lot of this stuff, I know a lot of you guys like, “Man, this seems like a lot.” It’s not that hard, it’s just new. So you just keep sticking with it, ‘kay? Check this out, let’s say I’m gonna go, and I’m going to learn how to teach people about how to be an artist on the Internet.

I’m gonna sell some information about how online for my MLM product funnels

What skill level do I need to have at this vehicle in order to make a good amount of money? It’s the exact opposite, it’s a one or a two. That’s why it’s such a big deal. What skill level do I have to have in order to start making money teaching people how to be an artist? Not that high, but what kind of revenue do I have the potential to earn? It’s through the freaking roof, ‘kay, it’s huge. It’s a four or five, it’s the exact opposite.

Without adding really, it’s gonna take like half a lifetime for me to get good at the artist thing, and then, get paid hardly anything, or at least, on the journey I’m not gonna get paid much.



Or what I could do is just change my vehicle and learn how to sell and talk about (trails off). So let’s walk through this for just a moment here. If I have, let’s take the traditional methods that MLM teaches about how to sell product. Now, we have the family and friends thing, we have the, oops, we have the family and friends thing, we got parties, we have, I don’t know, a whole bunch of, anyway, there’s a lotta methods, right, lotta methods.

How much skill level do I have to have as a new MLMer?

Yeah, high revenue, definitely, Mark, tons, right? ‘Kay, so check this out, how much skill level do I have to have as a new MLMer? Or let’s say you’re duplicating, let’s say you’re actually building and you got new people coming on in. Let’s say I’m a new MLMer, what skill level do I have to have to start making a little bit of cash in this game?

I gotta overcome a ton of mental barriers, right? I gotta learn the script, I gotta learn about the product, I gotta learn about how they can buy.  Here’s what the form looks like, if they do SmartShip or like a monthly auto ship program versus a one-off. By the way, let’s go learn about the promotions going on, let’s go learn about some of the events that my MLM has going on, all right, that’s a lot.

How much money do you honestly make for a while?

Let’s say, just conservatively, I’m gonna put a three, right, a three to four, you gotta have a pretty good amount of skill level, and how much money do you honestly make for a while? Let’s just be completely honest about this. How much money do you actually make for a while? You like the shirt (laughs)? It’s not much, (laughs) what’s up Josh (laughs). How much money do you actually, all right, so if I’m doing family and friends and I’m doing parties, I have to have a three, four skill level in MLM in order to make even just like a one or a two.

Let’s be totally honest about this

There was a lady who reached out to us; she was so excited. My wife and I were in college and she was like, “Stephen, my gosh, guys, you have to come.”  She was excited.  She was on social media, and she goes, “Hey,” (laughs) so imagining that she’s typing with her thumbs, “Guys, I’m so blessed to be in my MLM.

“We’ve been here for three years now, and now, we’re making $50 a month”. “We paid for diapers through our opportunity.” I was like, $50 after three freaking years? That is a sucky vehicle, but if I change the vehicle, right, suddenly I flip the whole model, you guys get this? This is why this is such a big deal. Yeah, Mark said, “Nothing,” some of them don’t even make anything, but they’ve spent all this time, they’ve learned how to sell, but they’re in a sucky vehicle.

Three ways to build very, very simple MLM product funnels

So what I’m trying to share with you guys here is there are way better ways. I’m gonna teach you guys, specifically, three ways. Oops, one, two, three, there’s three ways to build very, very simple product sales funnels for your MLM. And I wanna teach you guys this, ’cause it’s a model that I’ve used in lots of other industries, as well. And it works, actually, the exact same in MLM. That’s what this is about, is that if I, this first one here, I can go and I can execute it and not be amazing at it, and I can make, seriously, let’s say I’m a two, but I can have a level three level of cash.

Then, this one, I can do, again, it’s even a one or a two, and I can have a level four, because the amount of leverage between these two strategies is ridiculous. And then, really, this one, focuses a lot on what Secret MLM Hacks is, and I’m gonna teach that, and I wanna expose that to you guys as we move forward here for just a moment, okay? So that’s what we’re doing here, and I wanna teach you guys that.

Time is what measures wealth

Remember the drag car versus the Prius. We’re talking about speed.  A million dollars is a million dollars.  But a million dollars you gather in a day is very different than a million dollars you gather over 50 years. Time is what measures wealth.  I don’t wanna go in and have this thing.  I don’t wanna be hooked into this vehicle, this thing that everyone teaches in MLM.  It’s network marketing, so therefore, I have to network face-to-face.  No you don’t!

There’s three different kinds of costs.  I’m not gonna spend my personal, one-off time to go sell somebody.  I just refuse to do it. And while I don’t know how to code, and I still don’t, what I’m teaching you here anyone can pull it off. This just is a very different way to think about MLM over-all, though. You guys with me, though? All right, let me reload these comments here.

The magic word with MLM product funnels:  Leverage

I’m watching the comments on this side while I’ve got the screen on this side over here. Okay, so hopefully, that’s making sense to you so far, right now, about why what we’re doing here is so different. Not just from a recruiting standpoint, but from a product sales standpoint, an MLM product sales standpoint. So what I’m teaching here, there’s three different methods. And I could even execute this last one as, again, a one or a two, but the leverage is massive. Leverage, leverage, leverage, the magic word, leverage.

I could go in and do that and I will do a five on the amount of cash. I, personally, have done that, okay? And this is the reason why, I’m gonna be very, very vulnerable.  Vulnerable’s maybe not the right word, let me just be totally doors open, ‘kay, gates wide open with you guys for just a moment here. I don’t know that much about the MLM product that I sell. I don’t know that much, what I know is that it’s awesome, and it helps a lot of people, and I get paid every time I sell it, I have not focused on the skill of understanding the science behind the product.

Your job is to obsess over the how it sells for your MLM product funnelsMLM Product Funnels:  Building Assets

What I’m obsessed about is I don’t care about what it is as long as it’s ethical, as long as it’s moral, as long as it truly helps people, as long as the company’s awesome.  I don’t really care, I don’t, ‘kay. What I care about and what my focus and my obsessive focus is on is this piece: how does it sell. As long as the company that you choose to hook up to has an awesome what, meaning the product that they sell, what they sell is amazing. Your job is not to become a mad scientist genius over the product.  That is not what sells stuff.  Your job is to obsess over the how it sells.  You don’t sell things by barfing technobabble about your product over people, you don’t.

That’s not how this game works. That’s not how sales in general works, not just MLM. I had a very stark, check, slap in the face realization with this, firsthand experience with it. I was doing door-to-door sales and it was my second summer, and I was selling pest control, and I loved it, and it was awesome, I was having a ton of fun doing it. And ’bout halfway through the summer, I was the number two salesman who was a first-year.

I was doing really well

I was doing two to three sales a day.  We were making more money than I’ve ever seen in my entire life.   And it was super cool. ‘Bout halfway through the summer, I started going and knocking in these neighborhoods, and I started getting questions I had never had. It was pest control, right, and so they would ask questions like, “What’s the chemical compound behind this?” I don’t know if I knocked a neighborhood that was like just a group of mad scientists or whatever, but they wanted to know those kinds of things, and none of ’em bought, or very few of ’em.

And what happened was I got distracted, and instead of studying my craft as a salesman, you are in sales in MLM, you don’t own the product, you don’t own your position even, you own nothing, you have no say, no rights, nothing legally, at all, in your MLM In one snap, they can take you out of it. I’m not saying that to freak you out, it’s just a stark reality of network marketing, of MLM, of direct sales, whatever you call it.

I shouldn’t try to understand the product so deeply that I’m trying to affect itMLM Product Building Assets

It’s the reality, so what I shouldn’t do is try to do things or understand the product so deeply that I’m trying to affect it. What I’m really trying to do is study the how on how it sells. That’s what Secret MLM Hacks is about. Why do people buy from you, meeting the opportunity and the product, that’s what Secret MLM Hacks is about. It’s not about like let’s go be a genius. It’s about what makes things sell, how do they sell, how does the sale actually happen, and how can you automate that with that third type of time?

That’s really what this is about and why I wanted to do this stuff with you. So lets, I’m gonna keep moving here. “I’m ready to join your MLM right now, “Steve, but I have a couple questions. “How can I get in touch with you?” (laughs) That is not the scope of this, and I don’t want anyone to get uncomfortable. So I’m not gonna tell you the name of my MLM still, but you can reach out to me personally.

I went and I started learning

So what happened, though, in pest control, I went and I started learning about the pest control. And I started learning the chemical compounds that killed ants, right, and I started learning the most random stats ever, thinking all along, I can’t wait, oh man, I can’t wait for the next person on the door to tell me, “But does it do this?”

Because now, I know enough to barf all over ’em, all these cool science facts; then, they’ll buy from me. And you know what’s funny, my sales, we almost went bankrupt, ‘kay, my sales went from two to three sales a day to two to three sales a week. I started selling almost nothing, and I started getting the lucky lay down sales.

So, I wasn’t selling anymore

I was just capturing the easy lay down sales, you see what I’m saying, and we almost lost everything, and what happened was I started going around and knocking these poor neighborhoods, just being honest. I hope no one gets offended by when I say that, but they were poorer neighborhoods and kind of lower income housing neighborhoods. They would pay for the first or second service, and then after that, just cancel the contract on us, and you couldn’t collect on ’em.

So I lost over half my accounts before four months had even gone by and it was one of those powerful, but painful lessons I’d ever had about sales in my life. What I wanna do is I wanna clearly understand the who, a dream who, I wanna understand the dream customer. I don’t want somebody who I have to hold their hand 24/7 inside my downline, you shouldn’t either.

I’m building a business, not a life coaching business

That’s why I tell you guys in the program, look, I’m not trying to sell somebody who needs the opportunity, “Oh, Mr. Jones across the street, he’s having “a rough time right now, he needs this opportunity,” no! I’m building a business, not a life coaching business, you understand.  So the who that I’m trying to recruit, the who that I’m trying to sell my product to matters a ton, like crazy.  And so my funnels, both for the product and recruiting, don’t just sell, they also filter.

They are there to keep the wrong person out. So once I know the who and I start studying how to sell them, my whole role is the how. Once I know the who, okay, this is the kinda person I want in my downline.  This is the kinda person that I want buying my product, cool. Once I know that, checked, it’s kind of like done, got it. But then, my role, since the MLM is gonna be the one delivering the what, the product, my whole role, my entire focus is the how.  How do I sell them now.

I don’t sell my stuff cheap

So that’s the purpose of it, so that you guys don’t, we have a bunch of boxes back there and they all crashed. (laughs) So that you guys don’t sit back and start saying things like, “Hey, I’m gonna go “get as many cheap sales as possible.” I don’t sell my stuff cheap, and I do that on purpose, because if somebody can’t handle even a hundred dollar product in their life, can I be real with you guys for a moment here, is that all right, I have your permission to be forward?

We got quite a few of you guys on now which is great. If someone can’t even afford a hundred dollar product in their life, it is a signal of the problems they have not solved in their life, ‘kay. (laughs) Is that some spiciness there? This will matter a lot as I go through these three right here, so I’m gonna keep going here for a little bit, but I wanna go and go through these three things now.

These three ways are the easiest ways to sell product and also recruit people

These three ways where I would start at number one and I would end at number three. These three ways are the easiest ways to sell product and also recruit people, but we’re gonna talk about it from a product recruiting standpoint, okay?

(dramatic music) Hey, thanks for listening. Please remember to rate and subscribe. Hey, I know it’s tough to find people to pitch after your warm market dries up, right? That moment when you finally run out of family and friends to pitch. I don’t see many uplines teaching legitimate lead strategies today, though.

You see, after years of being a lead funnel builder online

I got sick of the garbage strategies most MLMs have been teaching their recruits for decades. So whether you simply want more leads to pitch or  automated MLM product funnels, head over to to join the next free training.

There, you’re gonna learn the hidden revenue model that only the top MLMers have been using to get paid regardless if you join them. You’re also gonna learn the three step system I use to auto recruit my downline of big producers without friends or family even knowing that I’m in MLM.




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