MLM Product Funnels: Bridge Page

Welcome to part two, today we’re going to talk about what’s called a bridge page.

– BOOM! What’s going on, this is Steve Larsen welcome back to Secret MLM Hacks Radio and I’m very, very psyched that you’re here, by the way. Hey, if you have not seen part one of this four part series, this is number two. Go back and watch it. These four parts build on each other. So I would watch it in the order that I’ve presented them here, okay. So this is part two.

If you’re like me you know MLM is an amazing opportunity to grow a real asset for yourself. But you also see that there’s huge issues starting to emerge like why haven’t big MLM’s let tactics change in over 30 years. Or why have they been cutting commissions smaller and smaller, or even how dumb is it that old MLM rules say you’ll get in trouble when you use the internet to grow your team. These are some of the blaring questions we all face today. This podcast will show you how real MLM’ers like us are waging war on the old dying methods.

And we aren’t cheating by only bugging uninterested family and friends. Follow this podcast while I expose the shocking methods I’m using to build my 10 thousand person downline and get people begging to join my team daily. Here’s to the new tactics without all those old, rusty MLM shackles. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. (dramatic music)

The bridge page is one of the secret weapons of MLM’ersMLM Product Bridge Page

Hello my friends okay the bridge page is one of the secret weapons of MLM’ers and especially internet marketers.  It’s how we really play the game online. So anyways, I’m not going to say much more here I want you to go straight into the lesson. So we’re going to cut over, again to a screen share that I did with my audience teaching them how to sell their MLM products on the internet. Again, disclaimer disclaimer, I am not your MLM.  I don’t know all your full scenarios but this is how … I was hunting for an MLM that would allow me to do this.


It’s not hard to find them, to do this this is not like a crazy, this is not like a I don’t know if you guys have ever heard the term white hat, gray hat, black hat. Black hat is like illegal, terrible if you get caught there’s consequences. White hat is following the rules to a T. This is not like even gray, okay, I don’t want to go in the gray hat or the black, I only do the white, okay.

The bridge page – this is how the big MLM’ers actually play the gameMLM Product Funnels Bridge Page

So I’m just telling you personally, like I don’t know how you will use this information? If you want help pulling this kind of stuff off that’s what the program Secret MLM Hacks is about. So go get the program at but like, anyway just so you understand this is how the big MLM’ers actually play the game this is how we go around and say like, I don’t want to say big MLM’ers, I should say this is how us from the internet marketing world when we see MLM we’re like, I’m just gonna make this really easy thing that just auto sells my stuff.


And right that’s how we play it! So, anyways I’m very stoked for you guys to have it and go see how we’re pulling this off, so anyways. This first one, again this is part two of four welcome to the training about creating a bridge page and how we do it. All right here we go. All right so it’s these three things right here. So what I want, the reason I’m doing this is because I want to set it up so that when you guys at it you’re not like oh I know that that is, you probably don’t and especially from a product sales standpoint.

Because there’s some realities here that we have to deal with, so here’s the realities. The reality is that in MLM I have no control over the checkout cart. Right, I can’t go in and add in testimonials to my own checkout cart and even if your MLM has given you a duplicated website, you still can’t change the order page really, right it’s duplicated and controlled by them.


All right, so… I can’t, I can’t change checkout page.  Lets walk through some realities on this. We got your checkout page over here and I’m gonna put it in red because you can’t really touch it. And it’s your MLM’s order page. Okay, and over here on this side we’ve got, we’ve got Facebook and Facebook hates MLM, right. They don’t hate it they just don’t want it to become an MLM platform, so you can’t put ads for MLM.


So I don’t, but we still have people auto-joining us every single day and so how do we do it? Right? So, I’m gonna do this from the product sales standpoint all right.  And there’s three different methods behind this. So it’s three different ways to create a product funnel and here they are. Okay, so this first one… you know what, we will just keep it right there, okay.


Here’s number one, number one on this side. And again, think about those skill levels this is one of the easiest ways for you to… It’s one of the easiest ways for you to sell product but also with very little skill. But it also is duplicatable time, there’s more leverage.  It allows you to be selling without the one doing it. That’s why I love it so much. So all I go do is T test master (laughs) You guys are funny, all right all I’m gonna go do is, let’s think about it from this standpoint first of all.

What is a funnel?

Okay, a funnel is this:  a funnel is nothing more, I’ve got to teach a few concepts otherwise what I draw is not really gonna make sense.  You won’t look at it and be like whoa! Right? So I want you do to that.  So that you guys go actually do it. A funnel is not pages, all right.  That’s a method of delivery. A funnel is not pages, a funnel is not, I mean.  ClickFunnels helps you build a funnel but the pages themselves, funnels existed before ClickFunnels did, funnels existed before the internet did if you’ve sold anything ever you had a funnel.

A funnel is a sales message

If I’m standing on stage and I sell or I’m standing on stage and I don’t sell but someone comes up and buys afterwards. That’s still a funnel, okay. A funnel is just the process that leads to the sale. Right, and it’s just there’s two parts to it. The first thing that a funnel is, is number one. A funnel is a sales message. And number two, a funnel is an offer. That’s it! That’s it, and it’s reason why CLickFunnels existed, right.

I’m sorry funnels existed before ClickFunnels, it’s the reason why funnels existed before the internet. Right, the first person who ever traded and bartered a sheep for like a plot of land, that was a funnel. Way back in the day, that’s still a funnel. And so you have to understand when we go in, I’m gonna show you all you’ve got to do is build a little sales message and this is the freaking easiest script on planet earth to use to do that.

A funnel is an offer

And then an offer which is again wicked easy for you guys to do that. This is hopefully, hopefully this is very eye opening on how to do it for your products and it’s really easy to out perform everybody else, okay.  I’m going to show you some cool stuff with this all right. So with that definition, check this out. And with the backdrop of there’s three kinds of time, only spend one of those kinds, right.

Time equals wealth

And with the backdrop that we don’t just want to be a Prius we want to be the drag car. Time equals wealth, the speed of the money coming in is what wealth really is.  Or being rich, I should say. Rich is how much money you have.  Wealth is how long you can live without working. Anyway, so lets go dive into this piece right here. So if I have, now I can’t touch, all right what I don’t control here.

Okay I don’t control the checkout page and I don’t control anything on Facebook. Right so those are (laughs) a sheep funnel, yeah. Okay so with those backdrops, check this out. What I am going to go do is I’m gonna create my own offer and my own funnel. So what that means is first of all I’m gonna build a page and this is type one, this is type one. It’s a single page okay a single page.


I have done this before promoting things that I don’t own the cart for and I really couldn’t do much on Facebook or other ads platforms with. We’ve done over six figures in four or five months on one page, so when people are like I can’t sell this on the internet, yeah you can. But what you do is what I’m showing you right here. So I need a sales message and I need an offer. So first lets talk about the sales message.


The way I do this when I can’t control the cart is I’m still gonna talk about the product. And what I’m gonna go do is I’m gonna build a video I’m just gonna take a little video and guys the last time I did this, like personally was, this took me three hours in a hotel room while I was traveling.

Create a video about your product for the bridge pageMLM Product Funnels:  Bridge Page

I took my phone out, I was like what’s going on everyone hey it’s Steve Larsen I’ve got something really cool for you if you guys are on this page right now, what it means is I want to bribe you okay, there is a product that has really changed my life back when origin story, origin story, origin story. So you can see that I’m really psyched about this product here so what it is, I don’t know lets say that, I was fixing something so I have super glue on my desk here lets say it’s a super glue.


So what I have here is this super cool super glue (laughs) And it’s something that I do get a little commission for and I’d love for you to go buy it. But I also know that some of you guys you’re going to have questions about this when you buy it and the company is an amazing company but some of the questions, like they may not have… They may not have the answers for you on those things.

So what I’ve done is I’ve created a few things like some of you guys have wondered when you go and you buy this product, this is crazy key and all of you know the answers to these, okay, after you go buy it there’s kind of some of these follow up problems or questions. Follow up problems slash questions that you guys have had about how to use the super glue. Some of you even wondered like what’s the best surfaces to put it on? Is there a temperature that it works best at? All right because I think it actually talks about that on here.

Add even more value to your bridge pageMLM Product Funnels Bridge Page

Is there a… how long do I need to wait for it to cure before I can actually use the item before I fix it. Some of you guys just want more than one and so and some of you guys are wanting blah, blah, blah, blah, blah so what I decided to go to was like, we brought in the guy that actually creates this stuff the formulator of the super glue. I interviewed him for like an hour. Who knew you could do that for an hour about super glue? We have that crazy cool interview for you and it’s gonna teach you the best ways to go do this.

It’s gonna teach you the best temperatures and surfaces it will work on, so I’m really psyched about that. So you guys are gonna, if you guys go get it through my link which I’ll tell you how to do that just click the button below but, what you’re going to get first of all is your gonna go get this really cool interview with the formulator, hint hint, you guys getting ideas? (explosion sound) okay, then what I go do is I go to the next major follow up problem that’s very valuable if I was to solve it.

Upsell on the bridge page

Let’s say, what their wondering is I know some of you guys are also wanting to have like two of these, so we’re actually gonna give you guys a free one as well. In reality, what I do guys is if lets say my MLM sends you out two of these, what I would do is I would say, when you buy one I will send you out a second for free so there’s no change in fulfillment. We used to do that with some of our E-com funnels where they would have a bundle of three. They came to Russel and I to be like hey we’ve got a bundle of three things. And we’re like, no you don’t you have one and your giving away two for free now. (laughs) Right.

And so they’d go buy one for like the 25 bucks and we’d give them two away so it was buy one get two free. That’s way sexier than get three for 25. That one simple tweak in the headline actually made an offer out of it. Okay, so you see what I’m saying? So we’re gonna send you out a second one, right or lets say that your MLM sells it’s product for 150 bucks but if you go buy through your affiliate link then it’s 120 bucks right, so what I’m gonna give you guys I can give you guys a little bit of a discount here.

Additional value ideas for your bridge page

I’ll give you guys 30 dollars off right you’re just creating an offer around the assets that MLM is allowing you. Does that make sense? So I’m gonna go create an offer around this. What we also did is we created this really cool pdf about, I’m trying to think about what else you can do around super glue, I’ve never done an offer around super glue (laughs) But we created this really cool pdf that’s gonna teach you more about… It’s actually safety instructions so we’re actually gonna send you guys a pair of gloves that the super glue can’t actually fit with.


So it’s a pdf of on how and more again instructions on how to use it. But then we’re actually gonna send you guys this pair of gloves as well, or I don’t know. A rinse kit if it gets in your eyes, or whatever. Okay, so what I do is I make sure… what I do is I make sure that the things that I’m giving away in my bonus are pretty much pure digital and just different formats of it. Why would I do that? How much money does it cost for me to fulfill on a video interview? Nothing! Right.

It’s a freaking email with an access on it, right. That’s it, that’s it. Okay. How much does it cost for me to fulfill on the 30 dollars off that my MLM was already gonna give away anyway and has always been on there and will never change? Right, nothing! But it makes it, it turns it into an offer. The pdf with the instructions? Nothing! I could make an audio book by ripping the audio from the video and now I have an audio book, right.


I could take this and I now can rip it and transcribe it and now it’s a, now it’s its own pdf. So now I have an ebook, a pdf with instructions on how to use it. I have an audio book I have the video version of it, also I have the 30 dollars off which is always gonna be there. Does that make sense!? Do you guys get, all I do is I think about my MLM’s product, I list out tons of the problems or follow up questions people have about using the thing they bought from me and how to have greater success with it.

And I see, how can I become an accelerant to their success. Any aha’s? (explosion sound) It gets really easy when you think about it like this. Really easy, because then what I do in the video I, the sales message, the video script is really easy. All I do is this. I go and I tell my origin story, How did I originally, my origin story.

Your origin story on your bridge page

How did I originally start using this product myself. Right? And there’s a story behind it. You’re not buying it because there was some discount, why are you really buying it? And what I would go do is I would follow the script on page I think it’s 114? 117? In expert secrets. And it will walk you through the epiphany bridge script. It’s literally eight questions, just answer the questions. Now you have it, and then you say so if it’s all right I just want to share with you guys something cool because I believe in this product, if you buy it I am pitching you right now, just click the link below but I want to tell you what you’ll get from me. So I have my script here is just this and then the offer.

List out the things in the offer on your bridge page

Okay, and then underneath all I literally do is I just list out the things in the offer. So if this is my offer now I just put that block right there. That’s it. And the button is just now my distributor link it’s my personal store link that’s gonna take them over there. That’s all, all right. Does it make sense? That’s like one of the easiest methods to doing this whole thing ever. And very simply we’ve, I’ve done a lot of cash just on this one thing. And hopefully you guys have seen how simple this really is.

Your bridge page should add more value to the marketplaceMLM Product Funnels Bridge Page

But no one things about it this way! They’re like how do I say the next phrase to trick somebody into my downline or buy my product? Man that’s garbage, that’s hot steamy garbage and it’s terrible, okay. That’s like trickery. That’s like that nasty feeling that you get when you’ve sold somebody and you realize I think they just did it because they wanted me to go away. You know what I mean? I hate that. What you can do instead is just add more value to the marketplace. Just think, just keep it simple. I don’t know a lot about the MLM product that I sell, it’s a supplement, I’m not a scientist at it.


What I can do, is I can go interview those people in my MLM who are and turn it into an interview series. Maybe I interview three of them, right. Then I rip the audio with the free software all over the internet, just rip an audio. Now I have an audio book, then I can transcribe it for a dollar a minute at Rev or at is 10 cents a minute, right.

Then I have an ebook! I just added value to the marketplace on how to get accelerated success with the product. Make sense? Super easy, that’s number one. Right, and then I just have a button over there and I just got, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And I’ll put testimonials, where do you think I get the testimonials from? From the corporate website the ones that they’ve deemed worthy I just screen shot them, okay literally, I just take them.


Because I don’t want to get in trouble, they got loyal or they’ve got legal teams to the hilt, right. So instead what I’m gonna go do is I’m just gonna grab the ones that they’ve already got and I’m just, put them on this page. And then what I do is I go get a, I go get a… If you guys go there now nothing is gonna be there but you’ll see me pulling this off.

Get a custom URL for your bridge page

Actually you guys can probably go there if you want. I feel weird dropping it right now (laughs) I just go get a custom URL I go get a custom URL so it’s like, the MLM product, the so when they go to that it’s my page but when they click the button it just takes them over to my distributor link and then all I do to fulfill on it is I just tell them in this video.


Okay there’s two other parts to this you have to do to really pull this off. The first thing I go do is I tell them how to go get the bonuses and let me tell you how to actually send that out them, that’s the second part. So the first thing I do, actually no no no. Sorry the first thing I do is I tell them how to go buy. There’s some really cool case studies out there about people who just got tired. That their conversions on their order pages were not good enough.

So what they did is they just recorded themselves buying their own product with like a fake credit card. And then they did nothing else so then put that video on the order page and their conversions would double. Okay, walk people through how to buy from you. We all think it’s obvious, its not. And most MLM corporate websites are hot garbage and are terrible and they are not built for conversion.


Walk people through how to buy from you. So what I do is I have a section in here that’s like hey in order to buy the super glue and get all the bonuses below all you’re gonna do is step one, click the button, step two, buy the thing step there, I will send the bonuses out to you we send out, we grab the list of those who purchased through my link and we send out those bonuses every Friday and if you have any questions just reach out to us right here.


And just walk some really seamlessly through how to do this. Now the second part I was talking about the way you fulfill on this is I just alluded to it. It’s really easy to see who’s buying from you. And most MLM’s that I’ve ever seen or heard of they give you some of the contact info form those that are buying from you. So what I do is I just take the list, we do this in affiliate marketing, I just take the list of those who bought and then you can just send them your bonuses. Hey here’s the log, let’s say you put it in a members area in ClickFunnls, hey here’s the login to the members area with all that cool stuff I saw that you purchased, thank you so much.


Here’s all the stuff that we promised. By the way, consider getting on SmartShip. You see what I’m saying? Question, I have a Facebook page that is all business would you still run product ads with the bridge page to the funnel? Yeah there’s a lot of ways to drive traffic I’m just saying the actual conversion process itself.  That’s what I’m focusing on right here. There’s tons of ways to get traffic though. We’ll talk about that maybe another time as well. Anyways, I’m just brain dumping on you so you guys can see, all right.

That’s the first way, make sense? So the reason why I wanted to go through that real quick is because this concept of creating a sales message, which is just your story on how you started using it and the successes you’ve had because of it. That concept right there, and then the offer creating that follow up problem offer, it’s used in the next two. So let’s just, I’m actually gonna keep this here and let me just, so that’s number one.

It’s called a bridge page

And number one I just called, it’s just a bridge, that’s what it’s known as, it’s called a bridge page. Let me just erase that right there and, anyway bridge page. (dramatic music)

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