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MLM Downline Recruiting Funnel is transcribed from a video.

Hey what’s going on.  My name is Steve Larson and I want to tell you a little bit about the Secret MLM Hacks funnel.   I think you’re gonna really like it.  I worked actually eight months on it what I did is I found the guy in the MLM world that was crushing it with his downline.   And I went and I reverse engineered all of this stuff and not just his funnel but his actual course.  So I recreated the course.  It’s a five day video series and an auto responding sequence that you get with the funnel.   Now I wanted to show you a little bit more about what’s actually in this funnel.

Okay so you’ll you’ll get this and it starts out with a quiz.   And the purpose of it is to say hey, how’d you hear about us and this kind of pre-frames them.  What age best describes you and how many MLM’s have you joined in the past.   And the whole purpose of this is to kind of just poke them in the eye a little bit.  How much are you stressed about money,  what do you enjoy most about MLM, what part of MLM do you struggle the most with?

They’re starting to admit to themselves that they actually have an issue

Anyways, it kind of pushes them through.  How many people you recruited and if they’re choosing all the bottom options obviously they’re starting to admit to themselves that they actually have an issue.  So they submit the quiz and the first thing that pops up is I say hey check it out.  This is a five video or five free videos reveal the secrets of successful six-figure Network marketers.

Now I took a course that was actually Tyson Zahnor’s.  I went through it and kind of reverse engineered the entire thing; transcribed all the videos, and I recreated them, but with my own stuff in them.  So I didn’t copy him.  I was not being unethical or anything, but what happens though if I put my name and email in and it takes me over to this next page.

So let’s close this one out and it says hey, you know what?  Here’s a freebie if you want.   And I want to share something with you that’s actually really anyways I’m holding the CD right there right and it’s a free plus shipping offer so it comes with a resources PDF comes with tons of stuff but it shoots over to them from I think a company in Indiana.

So from here, there’s more up sells and down sells, teaching them how to create sales funnels that work inside MLM

So I don’t touch it, right.  They discover the shipping of it and what this is doing is starting to vet them through  as they go.  I got testimonials here and if they go ahead and they fill out all this information here, well now I know that these are people who are willing to pull their credit card out online and actually purchase something. These are the people that I want to pitch.  And so from here, there’s more up sells and down sells, teaching them how to create sales funnels that work inside MLM.

There’s a done-for-you sales funnel that they’ll get for their MLM

Anyways that’s kind of how this funnel works.  There’s about three or four more pages after this asking them hey do you want to learn how to you know XYZ and all of this is stuff that you get.  Every page so far is what comes in this funnel.  It’s a pretty intense funnel, to be honest.  It took me eight months to build so this is the course.   Remember that first step where we took the quiz?  Well that puts me on an auto responding sequence and there are five different like 20 minute segments that teach them what is wrong with their internet marketing business.

How to pre-qualify your network marketing leads

(day one video)  Day one’s awesome.  Anyways they’re very very well done videos.   But each one of these videos though they teach you hey here’s the reason why people aren’t buying from you.  Another day is here’s the two best skills you need to actually make money in MLM.  It’s pretty cool and as you go through, there’s all these different excel sheets that they can fill out and really help them structure their MLM.

The problem with multi-level marketing and network marketing is that if you are not a marketer you will not be successful in this.  So what this funnel is, is a tool to vet people to bring them in to you automatically.  So you don’t have to talk to your family members and friends.  I hate when people approach me for MLM, I hate doing house parties.  But I think I did one and I never did it again because I hated it so much.   I’ve been to one hotel meeting, though I’ve never thrown one.  But this funnel lets people pay me money while I pitch them.  Does that makes sense?

So if someone comes through my MLM funnel, I know that they are serious about their network marketing business

I know they’re serious about their education, I know they’re serious. Anyways this is what you get with this funnel.  There’s this front end funnel where where they get the quiz, this free plus shipping offer, and then there’s two more up sells.  And then after that, there’s this email sequence over five days.  They have five days to get a relationship with you.  All the pages look like this and you can shoot them over to back into the funnel they just came from.  People can leave Facebook comments and they accumulate.  This is kind of the icing on the top right here.

This is a resources page that you’ll get when you purchase this

So here’s all the scripts for all the videos.  Here’s the five day free course.  These are actual video files so you can upload them to your YouTube account.  And what it does is it allows any time anyone comes to you, it gives you the credit for the videos.  I don’t know if I made sense at all but anyways there’s all the video files.  There’s the auto responder email sequence, how to set up all the emails using clickfunnels.  You will need a clickfunnels account.   If you don’t have one, it’s alright.  You can get a trial account and this goes right inside of it.

There’s a free plus shipping CD –  with the artwork.  There’s all the bonuses,  the files that go on the CD.  It’s with a company called dis delivery.  I mean you can set everything up.  Here’s the typical conversion rates that I get on this funnel without sending traffic.   This is people who just find me.  So there are people in MLM who have a need and I’m just helping them fill it.

It’s a ten percent on the front end and then about 7 percent purchase a CD.   33 percent take my hundred and fifty dollar funnel that I put in there.  Another 14 percent take my $500 up sale on the back.  You know how amazing that is?  This whole funnel makes me two thousand dollars a month and I am not doing anything else.

And when people come through my MLM funnel, I know they’re serious

I go pitch those people only.  And so I oughta make them my downline.  Anyways here’s the most frequent questions and walking you through stuff.  This is fantastic.  Now you do need click funnels like I said.  What will happen is it’ll take you to this page right and that’s me it’s kind of the same video right here.  When you go and you purchase the template what it’ll do is it’ll take this file, this whole template, the entire MLM funnel and it will go dump it inside of your own click funnels account.

It’ll dump the whole thing; all the pages, all the sequences, all the emails, everything.  You literally just have a few things you have to link up because it’s your own video course and you’re making the money on all of it you.  I’m giving rights for everything you do.  It’s all yours – everything that I created.  All the courses, all the content, all the artwork, the images.  I mean I spent a crap ton of money on this.

I’m so sick and tired of people who join MLMs but don’t know how to market

And the reason I’m doing it is because I’m so sick and tired of people who join MLMs but don’t know how to market. This funnel will teach you how to do all that stuff or I should say this funnel is the tool that helps you bring people into you automatically.   There’s a guy who just messaged me.   He said “Stephen you’re the man” he’s like “I just got my second sale I made six hundred and thirty-eight dollars.  I’ve been spending five dollars a day on ads on Facebook, that’s it and I just made 600 bucks.”  I got another message and he said “Dude, I was profitable day one on this funnel.  you need to be charging more for this funnel!” And I was like yeah, probably.

You can be recruiting without actually opening your mouth anymore

But I kind of want to spread it out there.  So this is a fantastic funnel.  I’m really excited for you guys to have this.  Obviously there’s a funnel so it starts out the quiz and the quiz is basically saying hey are you where you want to be in your MLM and it just hits pain point after pain point how many people have you recruited how many know what number opportunities is for you and just punches them and punches in bunches of them and so the very next page says hey why don’t you get my five day free course it’s five days one video come to you every single day and it’ll teach you how to design a sales funnel in an MLM setting so that you can be recruiting without actually opening your mouth anymore.

So once they opt-in, they go to the next page which is a free plus shipping offer and it’s a CD that sends it to them but it’s all set up and integrated.  They pay seven dollars for a course that teaches them how to create a sales funnel.  Think about what’s going on here.  And then after that is a traffic course where they can learn how to send traffic and you know put their their message in front of tons of people.  The last part of it is an offer one time up sell on buying an MLM video or a funnel and it’s the exact same funnel they just went through.

So what’s cool is that with this MLM funnel, you are actually pitching people who are paying you to pitch them

So it makes sense so what you’re gonna do is gonna go through and say hey I only want people who know how to do this marketing stuff that I’m doing right and so that’s what I’ve been doing and is awesome just the other day I got another three hundred dollars in my phone I go back and I pitched them on the MLM because now I know that number one they’re buyers and at number two they’re getting education on how to market.

My problem is that I advertised like crazy.  You know my first month in MLM I got thirteen people in my downline but I wasn’t using a sales funnel.  I wasn’t using anything to vet them.  So basically I recruited thirteen leeches and they didn’t know how to do anything and so I was like this sucks.   I gotta hold their hand every time I want them to do something.  So I created the sales funnel so that when people go through the funnel they’re getting educated on how to market but at the end I just give them the funnel if they purchase it and then those are the people that I invite to join my downline.

So my downline is basically replicating me and my efforts with my MLM funnel

Anyways, I’m excited for you to have this.  This is probably one of my biggest projects ever.  It took me eight months to do this is on the side of you know a lot of the things I was doing.  But still, I reverse engineered all of this is actually from Tyson Zahner – thanks brother if you’re watching this.  I went through his course,  transcribed every single video, and then I kind of re-created it but adding the sales funnel flavor to to the training.  You can have the videos there on my YouTube page.  Link them in.  Use them wherever you want to and then re-create a whole funnel.

And then there’s another funnel that they get pushed to which you can have as well.  So anyways, I’m excited for you to add this.  This is not a small opt-in funnel where I just designed something.  There is a huge course that comes with it, as well, and some really cool integrations. Anyways I’m excited for you to have this. Go to Secret MLM Hacks to get yours!


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