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Oprah’s Top 10 Self Love Rules.  Today I’m sharing with you the one and only Oprah Winfrey. She is a woman that needs no introduction, so let’s get into her top rules for self-love.

Self Love Rule #1:  Take Responsibility For Your Life

I have always had the deep understanding that if anything was going to move forward in my life, I was going to have to be responsible for making that happen.  I know that to be true now and can articulate it. You are responsible for your life.  If you’re sitting around waiting on somebody to save you, to fix you, to even help you, you are wasting your time.  Because only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward.  And the sooner you get that, the sooner your life gets into gear.

This is what I know from doing 25 years and thousands and thousands of interviews on The Oprah Show.  It does not matter where you come from.  I have seen people come out of the desert walk across the desert being born in the most dire of circumstances.  It doesn’t matter what your mama did whether she did or had a PhD or no D,   What matters is now this moment and your willingness to see this moment for what it is.  Accept it, forgive the past, take responsibility and move forward.

Rule #2:  Believe In Yourself

Many of you, as I have been, as I am, are where you are in your life based upon what you believe.  And it’s not just what you think you believe on the surface.  It’s also your shadow beliefs that are holding you back from moving into the life that you believe you deserve.  What I know is if you’re not looking at the shadows, if you’re not looking at what is subconsciously running through the tape in your mind, telling yourself you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not enough, which is a tape that’s playing for a lot of people.  If you’re not conscious of that, then you end up acting out of that belief system.  And not out of what you know to be the truest or want to be the truest for yourself.

But you don’t become what you want because so much of wanting is about living in the space of what you don’t have. That’s why Jim Carrey’s story is so powerful.  Because he started to act as though he already had it.  He would go up to Mulholland Drive.  He would drive away saying, thinking, “I already have those things, I just haven’t accessed them as yet.  I believe those things are going to come to me and I’m going to act like they are.  So I’m gonna move forward in my life in order to draw that to myself in such a way that my actions are in alignment with what I say I believe.”

So if you start to think about that really why are you where you are in your life the choices that you have made have been because of what you believe to be true for yourself as human being.

Self Love Rule #3:  There Are No Mistakes

There are no mistakes, there really aren’t any. because you have a supreme destiny when you’re in your little mind in your little personality mind where you’re not centered you really don’t know who you are that you come from something greater and bigger that we’re really all are the same when you don’t know that you get all flustered you get stressed all the time wanting something to be what it is there is a supreme moment of destiny calling on your life.

There’s no such thing as failure

Your job is to feel that to hear that to know that and sometimes when you’re not listening you get taken off track you get in the wrong marriage, the wrong relationship, you take the wrong job.  Yeah but it’s all leading to the same path. There are no wrong paths.  There are none.  There’s no such thing as failure, really.  Because failure is just that thing trying to move you in another direction.  So you get as much from your losses as you do from your victories.  Because the losses are there to wake you up.

The losses are to say full.  That is why you go to schools okay so that CBS can call you so when you understand that you don’t allow yourself to be completely thrown by a grade or by a circumstance because your life is bigger than any one experience and if I had well I always ask people on super soul Sunday to tell me what would you say to your younger self every person says in one form or another I would have said relax, relax.  It’s gonna be okay, it really is gonna be okay.  Because even if you’re on a Doody tour right now and and that’s how you know when you’re not at ease with yourself .

The cue that you need to be moving in another direction

When you’re feeling like oh you shouldn’t, that is the cue that you need to be moving in another direction. Don’t let yourself get all thrown off or continue to be thrown off-course.  When you’re feeling off-course that’s the key. How do I turn around?

So when everybody was talking about when I started this network, had only known, good Lord, how difficult it would be. The way through the challenge is to get still and ask yourself what is the next right move.  Not think about, oh I got all of this stuff, what is the next right move.  And then from that space make the next right move and the next right move and not to be overwhelmed by it because you know your life is bigger than that one moment.  You know you’re not defined by what somebody says is a failure for you because failure is just there to point you in a different direction.

Rule #4:  Meditate Daily

Usually, before the sun comes up, I offer myself to something greater than myself. Even if it’s for one minute, 20 seconds, or 10 minutes.  I at least stop in that space in my house every morning.  I have a little meditation space where I just go.  And I have beautiful spiritual readings there.  As I light my three candles there, (read) a daily word or something and I express to this greater energy feel that I don’t want to be alone as I move out into the world.

Self Love Rule #5:  Take Care Of Yourself

You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have so you have to keep your own self full.  That’s your job.  That’s that’s the number one thing you have to do is to work on yourself and to fill your self up and keep your cup full, keep yourself full.  Because you only when you’re full I’m full I’m overflowing my cup runneth over I have so much I have so much to offer and so much to give and I am not afraid of honoring myself you know it’s miraculous when you think about it.

 Rule #6:  Go Within And Connect

When you are tuned in and charged into that whenever you feel empty and go inside yourself and you connect to the source and you know that all things are possible.

Self Love Rule #7:  Focus On What You Have To Be Grateful For

Every night list five things that happened this day in days to come that you are grateful for what it will begin to do is to change your perspective of your day and your life I believe that if you can learn to focus on what you have you will always see that the universe is abundant and you will have more if you concentrate and focus in your life on what you don’t have you will never have enough be grateful keep a journal you all are all over my journal tonight.

Rule #8:  Be The Master Of Your Life

I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life and I want you to live the dream because I’m not living the dream because I’m special I’m living the dream because I was obedient to the call of the dream.  What is the dream for you?  What is God’s dream for you?  What does the creator’s dream hold for you?

So often we spend our lives wishing and hoping and hoping and wishing and desiring things.  This is what I know for sure.  You don’t get what you wish for.  You don’t even get what you hope for.  You get what you believe.  So what is it you believe and know to be God’s dream for you?  There was a bigger dream for me and I’m here to tell you there is a bigger dream for you.

Self Love Rule #9:  Keep Your Vibration High

This is what I think the only real, you know, quest that we have in life, is to keep your vibration high.  Because I think all of us are like we’re all energy feels your energy.  In fact, where that’s all we all are.  So your number one goal in life is to keep your energy level high.  You have to do things that that keep you on a high vibration. For me, that’s eating as healthy as possible. We’ve got to have some risotto, though.  For me, it’s some form of silence or prayer or meditation in the morning.  It’s some form of exercise.

But it’s keeping yourself whole and connected and knowing that only positive energy brings positive energy.  That the moment you stay in a negative thought – did you know that you cannot stay in a negative thought more than 17 seconds? So sometimes I time it; what I’m gonna talk about somebody.  Yes because if you stay in it longer than that then you start drawing other negativity. There’s one negative thing leads to another and then that she did I can’t believe she said you go at your limit.

Self Love Rule #10:  It Begins And Ends With You

What I know for sure is that the biggest choices begin and end with you.  Your internal big questions; who do I want to be in the world; my relationship to all that is God.  I’m not talking about what you believe in God.  I’m talking about your experience of that which is all life, which is divine and universal.

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