Our Past Doesn’t Reflect Our Capacity

if you’re like me you know MLM is an amazing opportunity to grow a real asset for yourself but you also see that there’s huge issues starting to emerge like why haven’t pic emmalin’s let tactics change in over 30 years or why have they been cutting commissions smaller and smaller or even how dumb is it that old MLM rules say you’ll get in trouble when you use the inert to grow your team these are some of the blurring questions we all face today this podcast will show you how real MLM is like us are waging more on the old dyeing methods and we aren’t cheating by only bugging uninterested family and friends follow this podcast while I expose the shocking methods I’m using to build my 10 thousand person downline and get people begging to join my team daily here’s to the new tactics without all those old rusty MLM shackles my name is Steve Larson and welcome to secret MLM hacks radio boom what’s going on everyone this is Steve Larson welcome back to secret MLM hacks radio I’m very excited today and I have a very special guest somebody who has been a extremely active participant in the community and honestly just I get excited every time I see you comment I’m very very pumped to have you on today guys please welcome here and to the show at Tricia Robin oh very excited to have you very excited to be here Steve thank you so much for having me this is gonna be awesome I honestly is few weeks ago we were looking through and were like now who would be really fun just kind of cool stories to just bring on the show and immediately Colton I was like oh my gosh you got to get Trisha ah so that’s exactly when I reached out and so glad that you could make it so thanks for jumping on hey just so everyone gets to know you a little bit um how did you get started in MLM well that’s a great story because um I’m in the wellness space just like you nice and um when my son was born just after my son was born which was 40 years ago um I got out of shape and and so I was trying to get back into shape I got really super hooked on the wellness industry you know I was an aerobic instructor and then I owned a health club and I just really wanted to make money doing what I loved and so so that I thought it was gonna be the health club and I really wanted success and I really wanted to feel good and have people think I was doing something really really cool cuz all my brothers and sisters there like CFO’s they’re lawyers they’re definitely yeah unofficial bar right I had this bar and so and so believe it or not you know owning a health club was cool and I actually was able to make money I was at one point I made ten thousand dollars a month and that was kind of how I was making it but what happened was have you ever heard of this big company called 24-hour Nautilus Yeah right they opened in San Leandro so I’m in Oakland California they open 20 minutes away from me okay exploded and this space was very difficult to make money in I mean it was like super super hard and so I went bankrupt so like like all good entrepreneurs I filed my bankruptcy and I had to do it but it was pretty devastating yeah it was embarrassing it would be quite nice with you you know my son you know was looked up to me I was embarrassed it pretty much devastated my life at that point I got a divorce I mean it was just like that whole story of everything just fell apart I had like two hundred and sixty seven dollars in the bank I had to bail me out I had to write that letter to my sister’s to see who could help me I mean it was just like really really really hard but I didn’t want to get a job I mean I realized I loved working for myself and I would I did not want to get a job I mean I would I think I would rather have lived underneath the bridge then have to work for somebody else and and so but I needed to make money what did I know how to do I knew how to grow a business I mean had been in that growing in business for like 13 years so I worked as a business consultant which is another way of saying you know I don’t have a job I don’t have anything so I’m just going to help other people make money and and it was at that time I actually remember the day I remember the day when I picked up this book called Rich Dad Poor Dad the gateway drug for every entrepreneur book called Rich Dad Poor Dad in about three trips to the bathroom I mean literally it’s like it was like I was glued to this and I realized that I wasn’t like a gym owner it wasn’t like an aerobic instructor I was actually this thing called an entrepreneur and that’s what I just like really sunk in that I was an entrepreneur and he talked about network marketing and I’m one of those guys Dallas that literally started looking for a network marketing company so and and you know I’ve been in I’ve been in network marketing for 16 years I have been praying for more people that just like me right on my way but but you know I I was looking for a network marketing company I literally recruited my upline to get me into the business and I was 53 so so side note I did not quit my job which is what I always recommend to everybody you know don’t you know get excited put your job yet and so I didn’t quit my job it kept working and I but I was just in love with the whole industry and and you know I I jumped in hook line and sinker worked part-time with a full-time attitude and we back then we had this incredible system which was about lead generation and I really loved that system because we called it scrubbing the leads like we would have we would have a lead come in but we had a system where they would you know like get more and more interested they had to jump through hoops to get to the next level so I knew that they weren’t just like sort of kind of interested they had to make some choices along the way that so that I knew the people I got on the phone this person is actually serious versus just kind of dabbling yeah yes yes yeah and so because of the system I was able to move up our marketing plan really fast so I got to you know everybody has different levels in their marketing plan so in in four years I got to the one percent so yeah through a system Wow was was great and it was you know it was fast but really slow at the beginning it felt like I couldn’t get like making even $3,000 a month I couldn’t get to that point where I really felt like I could quit my job and and and literally I didn’t quit my job at the very beginning because I knew that I wanted to advertise I’ve always believed in advertising I’ve been an entrepreneur for a very long time and so I wanted to make sure I had some wiggle room right there so so so I was finally able to you know quit my job we do a lot of personal development I’m sure you know I hear you I got a you know as a funnel hacker lives through two times you know I’ve been to you know offer mine I’ve been to Utah Boise to see you um so I know that you’re into that too Jim Rohn worked with our company for 10 years and so I had a chance to meet him get to know him spend some weekends with him and you know just really I think personal development was another reason that that you know I moved up the marketing plan all right okay so then things changed right I’ve been in this industry for 16 years so here’s the thing I know if you don’t expect it to change you’re not gonna do very well I like all the time right and to be honest that’s what makes it fun for me yeah you know I mean if you’re an entrepreneur entrepreneur and you like change then just keep your eyes open and and so that’s what I’ve always done yeah and and so our our model kind of changed to the point where it was more face-to-face people were starting to do lots of fit cams and they’re opening up nutrition clubs and things like that and you know I did it I didn’t I didn’t love it it bothers you a little well be cut because because I do not work marketing because I like the time freedom I want to work from home you know I will I travel that’s one of my passions you know I really want to be able to travel and do the things that I love and I didn’t want to get you know I mean it’s a great model it really works I love face to face you know I was hearing people from the stage you know all these different network marketing companies and doing so much with social media and I’m like this is sounds like fun okay to me it sounded like fun and and so I this is about a year and a half ago I got my first clickfunnels account and and that’s where I heard about you yeah and the roundtables and I was like trying to squeeze my way it’s your table that’s that’s how I was I’m standing on a chair screaming yeah I still like anyway I was like he’s my kind of guy yet and so so I started to you know became acquainted with you and as soon as I got home I think pretty much after I got home is when you launched the secret mmol MLM hacks I was like well of course you know I’ve got to sign up for that we completed the whole thing you know I mean we were just like okay let’s do this and we got to do this and he’s building it down I can’t remember what it was but but but we went through I mean I still like look I pulled this up look at this so just I did it off I did it off so what’s happened in your business I guess as a result of it so as a result of it um I have been able to really focus on completely working online okay and so I’ve been able and and I’ve been able to duplicate it too so so I published a book and right now I’m just finishing up a hack to your funnel just finishing up the free plus shipping nice actually done I have to just like do the final touches um I I hooked up with anchor and started a podcast guys um I’ve done five day workshop with a quiz I’ve done a funnel for that I have almost finished a membership funnel I still have I’m working on my application funnel so I haven’t completed that yet but I have started on that I am doing monthly events and um and for your team and such or is it for bringing in new people and it’s it’s it’s to bring in new people that’s awesome yep son do it five day wellness workshops in fact that this work one workshop this one group I have we have over 1100 people in it right now Wow okay so I’ve been creating I have a community of brand new people I have a community of product users I’ve got a community of people who are moving up the marketing plan I have a community of my builders you know so so have been doing a lot of that I have really focused and really heard you about it’s not the what it’s a who yeah so I’ve really been working on my who that’s so cool so you’ve got you got more audiences that this is let you bring in you can train them more house it is help you sell more products so far yeah yeah absolutely but within the framework of how we can sell the product I have that that’s gonna be part of my free plus shipping for my book nice yeah okay I love that you get put something in the front you sell it all in the back anyway so you’re not leading with that yeah so so that’s worked out really really good so well you won’t you say to somebody then who’s like getting nervous about trying to because this whole concept funny enough of Internet Plus MLM is like so foreign to so many people what would you say to somebody’s like nervous about that about the internet yeah just about using it all the tools we have so many people are so slow I know it works for me and I’ve been able to validate those numbers and you know that is one one of the things that I’m think that I’m keeping close track of is how much money do I spend how many leads do I get you know how many people go through my funnel what’s the end result how much money like that but but I know for us we have people moving like they’ve never moved before using social media tonight they’re on fire there on fire and it’s the next it’s the it’s the I’m not even say it’s the next thing it is the new thing yeah and and I would I would do it you know because you you get everybody prepped for it it’s like you have to create the attractive character people don’t know that they’re cool you know I mean I know I was cool until I you know put on my green glasses you know just was myself you know apologies for anything it just have fun what is your what is your up line think about all this I’ve got real supportive people in my organized nation in fact in fact the person that first mentioned the word clickfunnels to me was my upline oh that’s awesome yeah so so it’s you know that that isn’t you know that’s never been an issue one of the big things that I hear from people when I’m talking about this or they’re starting to see what it is and I’m proposing you know and they’re like what’s this is so foreign one of the biggest things that I hear from people and you just kind of touched on a little bit but they say things like Stephen I don’t I’m nothing like you I don’t I don’t want to have to be like you in order to have success in this and like whoa that’s not at all how this works you know you get to be you loudly you know not only do my clients and you know need different personality types and they are going to be person different personality types we all enhance each other and in network marketing we work together and so therefore you know if you have members of your team in there with with new people then the new people have everybody’s story what would you say is like what’s been the most valuable thing so far that you’ve gotten from the program but you’ve actually been able to use and apply and like wow that was good a lot of a lot of your um philosophy has it I hear you in my head all the time okay so you know just that’s that’s really really important but but ash this is something that that you said at photo hackers because I was just in Nashville you said it photo hackers and that is just do the next thing just take the next step and that is how you have set up the whole training and and then you know especially after I have completed the program it’s like okay just build one funnel make it good right and then the next step is whatever that is and when I think about Oh Steve just says just take the next step I don’t have to get this whole thing figured out I just have to go to the next step I have to get this funnel fit they finish you know I have to get it launched I have to you know do the marketing for it that’s the next step and so I think for me especially as an entrepreneur and just like one of gobble up the whole horse I think that’s the thing that I hear you saying in my head the most absolutely well thank you so much and we really really appreciate it any parting words yeah I do I do have one parting word because we can make up stories about being too old or we can make up stories about not understanding technology and I just want people to understand that it’s just a story and it’s just a learning curve and there’s so many people that are out there to help you just dive in just dive in and have fun that’s the big thing you know make it a fun experience hey thanks for listening please remember to rate and subscribe I know it’s tough to find people to pitch after your warm market dries up right that moment when you finally run out of family and friends to pitch I don’t see many up lines teaching legitimate lead strategies today though we see after years of being a lead funnel builder online I got sick of the garbage strategies most MLMs have been teaching their recruits for decades so whether you simply want more Lee to pitch or an automated MLM funnel head over to secret MLM hacks comm join the next free training there you’re gonna learn the hidden revenue model that only the top MLM earners have been using to get paid regardless if you join them you also gonna learn the 3-step system I use to auto recruit my downline of big producers without friends our family even knowing that I’m in MLM if you want to do the same for yourself head over to secret MLM hacks calm now again that’s secret MLM hacks calm

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