Product Review: Organifi

by Nancy

I was very impressed how quickly I received my order.  I placed my order on Friday afternoon and received it on Monday!  Now, that’s quick!  I opened the box immediately and mixed up my first drink.  Of course, the powder is green – I expected that, and it smelled like what I expected, too.  All I can think of is “alfalfa”, though I’m not sure of that spelling or if it really does smell the way I think does.

Once I had it mixed up, I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about tasting it.  But I did and I was actually quite surprised.  It has a slight minty taste, and went down easily.  I actually felt full after drinking it down.

The product came with a card that gives a chart about how frequently to take the product to get the results you’re looking for.  If you want to lose weight, the more frequently you take it, the faster you will see results.  Makes sense.

I don’t need to lose weight, so I am taking it once per day.  The thing I struggled with is when to take it each day.  I’m a creature of habit, and I found that waking up in the morning and diving into a drink that doesn’t smell good (still struggling with that part), just wasn’t working for me.

After a bit of trial and error throughout my first week on this product, I’ve settled on drinking this with my lunch each day.  It works best for me because my lunch routine is pretty much the same every day, so adding this was simple to do.  I initially tried the morning, but that didn’t work.  I also tried the evening, and completely forgot to take it one day, so that idea was quickly scrapped.  Lunch time works best for me, though it could be entirely different for you.  You have to find what works best for your schedule, just like I did.

I have noticed an increase in my energy level, which is good, because who doesn’t need more energy?  I have a very busy schedule in running 3 business simultaneously, so energy is important to me.  I also have IBS, and haven’t had a single flare up since taking Organifi which is a welcome benefit, for sure!

I know juicing is a beneficial way to cleanse the body of toxins along with other health benefits, but I’ve never been into juicing, so this is a new area for me.  I love vegetables – especially those right out of the garden, but juicing seemed to be an awful lot of work, which I just didn’t have time for nor the inclination to do.

However, if you like juicing, you’ll probably love Organifi because it sure makes juicing a whole lot simpler.  For me, it’s an adjustment that I realize will take some time.  I will also try mixing it in other liquids rather than just water to see if that works better for me.  I have a one month supply of Organifi, so over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be sure to post an update to let you know how it’s going.  So far, so good!

Want to join me on this Organifi health journey?  Go to to order and don’t forget I got you a 15% discount when you use coupon code “NLANDA15”.

Be sure to comment below if you’re “in” and let me know how you’re doing with it!

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