Reverse Aging Tips: Skin Care

Reverse Aging Tips: Natural Skin Care

Reverse Aging Tips:  Natural skin care is transcribed from video.

Reverse Aging Tips #1:  Protect Your Skin With Sunblock

– [Dr. Milgrom]  To reverse the signs of aging, well, good question. I would start however, by saying the first thing a person needs to do is not create additional signs of aging by protecting their skin today. What you’ve done in years past is already past. So let’s start with not adding more insult to the injury by protecting your skin today. And the single most important thing is sunblock. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock, and then of course, some more sunblock. The sun is by far the most corrosive thing that we inflict on our skin. And we do know scientifically now that overexposure to the sun is responsible for 90% of skin cancers.  In addition to that, all the sun damage that looks so bad; the sunspots, and the age spots, and the wrinkles, and the sagging, and all those other things.

So, number one: protect yourself today and tomorrow. Alright, now, given that you have some damage, what do you do? Well, the common way of approaching this of course, is with facials, going to salons and having glycolic peels, and things like that, that deal with the very top layers of the skin, to renew them, to refresh them, to accelerate their exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin. And those all are very useful to do, and in fact, some of the spa-type procedures can also help with the pigmentation, and some of the over-vascularization of your skin, some of the redness maybe, some of the spider veins.

Reverse Aging Tips #2:  Spa Laser Treatments

But if you wanna go down any deeper, you have to do things that require more than what a spa or a salon can offer you. And that’s when you would find a qualified dermatologist or the kind of clinic that we run that has so many different types of lasers that work deeper down in the skin. We offer here something called the SpectraLift non-surgical facelift. We have a variety of different versions of that, that from the inside out, can help reverse the signs and the actual physiology of aging.


Now, that requires a little bit of more background. So let me back up a little bit here. Think back to when you were say 25 years old, and you had perfect skin, right? I mean, it was toned, it was lifted, the pores were nice and tight. It was elastic and flexible and full and sexy you know? That’s all that wonderful stuff that you had when you were young. Now back in your 20s, the chances are, you were horribly abusing your skin. I mean most of us did, what did we know back then? And yet, even though you were inflicting all sorts of damage on your skin back then, your skin, physiologically, was capable of dealing with all of that. Internally, your skin was healthy and strong and firm and functioning at all capacity.

Take A Holistic & Physiological Approach

And yet, of course on the outside, it would be beautiful. So, your skin, physiologically, is capable of dealing with all the insults that you might be inflicting on it. But as you age, as we age, as I age, those physiological capacities begin to slow down. We’re not renewing our epithelium as often.  And we’re not dealing with pigmentation as well as we did. Plus, we’re not dealing with the sun as well as we did. And finally, we’re not making as much collagen, and repairing and renewing the collagen, as well as we used to, and hence, all those signs of aging really begin to add up.

Given that our skin used to have the physiological capacity of correcting and maintaining itself, and fixing all of the damage that was being inflicted on it.  And even though that’s slowed down with aging, what if you could turn those physiological functions back on?  A different modality of turning the physiology back on. A method of interacting with the physiology and turning the physiology back on, so that your own body would reverse the signs of aging.  It’s a very holistic and a physiological approach that works!  It is, by far my favorite of all of my reverse aging tips because it affects more than just the skin.  It helps with just about all of the signs of aging – physical and physiological.

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