Self Care Tips for Mental Health Days

Self care tips for mental health days is transcribed from video.

*singing* Hey, It’s Ahsante and today we’re talking about mental health. Sometimes I get into a depressive funk, it may last a day, it may last a few days. There are different reasons, sometimes it’s stress or anxiety, sometimes I’m frustrated with myself or my life in general. And sometimes I just wake up sad and don’t want to get out of bed. And I feel like we all feel some variation of that, whether it’s more or less intense, sometimes you have to get yourself out of a funk So in this video I want to talk about some tricks you can use to safeguard your mental health and some tips I use to kickstart myself when I’m feeling down.

Get moving

And I have 5 tips that I will share. For me a lot of the times when I feel like that, I realize that I haven’t danced.  So my first trick is to get moving. I feel the most alive when I’m dancing, I feel the most like myself when I’m dancing, I love expressing myself physically. And I’ve realized something about myself personally is that I need to dance in order to feel ok. So if I’m feeling in a funk, I’ll throw on a song and give a good dance break for at least 10 minutes.

Even if it’s a sad song, and I just move to the rhythm and feel the groove for a while. And I always feel better afterwards. So get physical – whether it’s dancing, doing jumping jacks, stretching, some people like running which I don’t understand, but anything that gets you going physically.  I think exercise just makes you feel better.

Tips for Mental Health:  Go outside

I feel like I spend most of my days pent up between concrete walls. I find that I’m very introspective particularly when I’m at home and in private places like my bedroom.  And when I’m introspective is when I can start nitpicking at myself and having those negative thought spirals. And so getting out of my space, outside, into public can get me out of my own head. It can be refreshing to go out, get some fresh air, and a change of scenery. Particularly if it’s a nice day.  You could go for a walk.  I really like working outside whenever I can. And even if it’s cold or rainy, just going to the corner store and buying an apple can help ground you and get out of your head into the real world.

Use music to your advantage

Getting into a good song can really change your mood. Maybe you have a favorite song that you’re really into right now, and listening to that feels good. A lot of times I’ll get a new jam, I really like songs with a driving beat, and I’ll get into a groove.  That will become my let’s get it done let’s get it done, song hey, let’s get it done. Sometimes I’ll just have the song on repeat, headphones on, and use that song to get me in the zone and keep me there.

I also wake up to my one of my favorite songs that gets me motivated in the morning.  That song is my alarm sound. It’s Move On Up the extended version by Curtis Mayfield which is what I sang in the intro. So that helps me with getting out of bed in the morning. And music can also be soothing at night. I find that the nighttime as I’m laying in bed can be when some of my worst bouts of mental health are. I replay things over and over, a lot of worries come bubbling up to the surface, I have racing thoughts.

Self Care Tips for Mental Health:  Have a sleep time playlist

I use to help my mind just focus on a familiar song, wind down, calm down, stop racing, just listen. I think I’ll post my playlists as a behind the scenes perk on Patreon. So if you’re interested in my nighttime playlist or my getting work done songs, I’ll be sharing them there. Another thing that I will do in the moment is to say an affirmation. Now I do have my wall of affirmations that I say in the morning, and I might do a whole other video on affirmations, let me know in the comments if you guys would be interested in that. But even in the moment it can be helpful to go back to those affirmations, or saying something informal like, “You’ve got this, Ahsante, you’re fine.

Say things out loud to hype yourself up, calling yourself out by name

You’re ready. You can handle this. You’re fine”. Saying things out loud to hype yourself up, calling yourself out by name, I find helps me to move forward. And lastly I keep a gratitude journal. I find that the days I don’t want to do this journal are the days when I most need to do it. In it I list at least 3, ideally 5 things that I’m grateful for that happened today. And I do it before bed, because 1, that’s when I’m doing a lot of reflecting thinking about what went well and what didn’t.

I always want to end on the positive. And 2, I think it’s better to go to bed in a positive headspace. I don’t want to go to bed stewing or angry or anxious, because I won’t have as restful of a sleep and I’m likely to wake up anxious or in a bad mood. If I go to bed and the last thing I think about is negative, that negativity carries over into the next day. So by looking for the positives in my life, I set the tone for the night and for the next day.

I’m going to go get some fresh air, maybe do a little dance.  Go ahead and implement these self care tips for mental health, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talkin’ about!


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