Somaderm HGH Gel

Somaderm HGH Gel: Dr Georgia Balsley ND Interview

We are talking to Dr. Georgia Balsley from Michigan and she has been a natureopathic physician for over 30 years.  We’re going to talk to her about Somaderm HGH Gel and why she’s so excited about it.  So I think what I want to ask you first is what got you interested in homeopathy? I mean I know my natureopath will often make the disclaimer that she doesn’t know as much about homeopathy as she wishes she did.  Can you speak to that?  How you got excited about homeopathic medicine?

What got you interested in homeopathy?

Absolutely. I have a background in medicine from the military and always wanted to be a doctor.  When I got out and was discharged from the military, I found out that my education didn’t transfer over quite so easily.   So I got involved in a laboratory program so that I could start making money.  The lab program I had actually less than six months left in completion and the lab closed.  I thought well, you know there’s somebody telling me that that I’m not supposed to be doing.   And I don’t understand why so I’ll have children.

So I started my family and it was actually the course of having children my son was born really without incident but became ill pretty immediately.  I don’t remember six months of him being antibiotic-free.  Of course, coming from a medical background, I bought into that whole scenario.  And then there was a day that just it came to me. That I can’t keep doing this because he’s not getting any better.

I met a natureopath and I spent some time with her

I’m very fearful for him and I started reading.  Because I am a huge question asker, I felt like I needed to bounce some of these ideas off because some things just didn’t mesh with my clinical background. So I met a natureopath and I spent some time with her.  I decided that I would have my son checked and tested.  What she found was hard for me to wrap my head around.

I would sit for hours every day in this natureopath’s office.

But I had paid to have her take a look at him and I thought everything we had done is working.  So let’s give this a try.  Lo and behold, in 30 days I had a whole different child.  So wow, that really sparked my attention and I started asking questions.  I would go into her office.  I would sit hours everyday in her office.  And finally one day she said would you like to do this? I said absolutely.  This is where I’m supposed to be and ever since then it’s been a journey.

HGH Gel is a micro dose via transdermal

I do have my natureopathic degree as practiced holistic medicine for over 30 years now, and master herbalist.  But the bottom line is I like to be of service and help those in need for all the people that are listening.  I think what we want to talk about is can you help everyone listening and myself included, to really understand when people talk about homeopathic medicine?

Georgia, working on a frequency basis that you know we’re micro dosing into the body.  I think some people wonder how can this really help?  It’s coming in so minimally, how can it really go through the blood barrier? How does it get into the system?  These are the questions I think that everybody has on their mind. Because it takes some study, right, to really understand that?  Could you speak to that about homeopathic medicine discussion is transdermal?

I love homeopathy because it’s very targeted

Absolutely, absolutely and it is it’s a very unique way of delivery system.  However, I love homeopathy because it’s very targeted and I use that within my practice.  It’s one of the modalities I use and homeopathy has been around for well over 200 years.  The founder of homeopathy is Samuel Hyneman.  Back in the 1700s.   Homeopathy is known as the law of similars.  So Hyneman, realized the benefit of minimal dose.  We see that with actually drugs or various different things that we use.  If you take too much, you have all these side-effects.  He found that through testing, when he gave a set amount they would have these side effects.  Then he thought if I normalize it what would happen? He found it to be even greater with less side effects.  So then he realized the benefit of what was called minimum dose.

He found that a dilution and potentization would achieve the maximum benefits with the least amount if any side effects.  So you see that in this product.  Because when you look at the back of the label, you see the HGH is at 30x.  You see the thyroid einem that is at 8x.  And then you see the super vanilla sweet, that’s the adrenal support at 6x. Really what those numbers mean is you take HGH and that is 10 to the 30th power so when you do that equation you realize that is so tiny.

How can a product with HGH that’s so tiny create a maximum benefit?

So the question is, how can a product with HGH that’s so tiny create a maximum benefit?  Well, when it gets into the body it the higher the potency.  The deeper acting and stimulating that homeopath it becomes.  So that’s why you see the HGH at 30x and you don’t see it at 6 or 8x.  What’s exciting about that is because when we talk about human growth hormone and by the time we’re about 25 it starts plummeting.

Somaderm HGH Gel causes our body to raise our own HGH levels

We really need that stimulation and that helped by the time you know I’m 55 most of our users are what, anywhere from let’s say 28 on up.  I’ve seen the the need is so great and so we’re getting the maximum amount of stimulation without over stimulation and because it’s micro dosing.  This is the beauty is that it causes our body to raise our own HGH levels where people are.  People will get online and start looking at HGH and oh you know I see it associated with the risks of cancer and cell proliferation all these that is because it’s coming from a high dose source.

When we say high dose you’re getting an injection of a large amount of hormone at one time and it creates over stimulation in the body whereas a homeopathic will not.  That’s the beauty of the alux bringing and as a homeopathic platform so it’s not you injecting a synthetic into your body and it’s doing the work for you.  It’s stimulating your own body to do the work for you.

With Somaderm HGH Gel, you don’t have the side effects

Therefore,  you don’t have the side effects, you don’t have to worry about the the risks that come with an injection.  So when you look at the thyroid Dynamat 8x and the adrenal support at 6x those are potencies that were designed to balance those glands.  And you know as we age, and we’re seeing it more and more, I’d see it in my practice.  Younger people, younger patients that come in, in adrenal fatigue, because we feel you know that whole I want to live it hot and I want to live it now and I’m going to slide into home base and and even with my hair on fire and so we’re going to candlelit both ends.

We’re going to candlelit both ends and it’s causing stress on those organs

Therefore, you see thyroid issues, you see chronic fatigue along with that, you start seeing other issues that come along because those glands are stressed and not balanced as well as they should be.  So I think when I saw this product and it was presented to me I am a product guru as far as ingredients and and I went through everything.

The thing that caught my attention immediately was the fact that it was homeopathic and I was just on cloud nine. Then I went through the product and I went this is a product that can balance the HPA axis the hypothalamus and pituitary adrenal axis.  In my world it’s hard to do that and it takes several products to do that and it’s all combined in one product that was very exciting for me.

They can just rub on transdermal hgh gel

The fact that I don’t have to communicate to my patients that all these pills that they have to take they just can rub it on and how much easier is that? So when we talk about using the homeopathic and then using it in a transdermal hgh gel.  If you take a homeopathic and you take it orally there are there is a reason of the way you have to take it.  There’s a protocol for taking it.   When you use a homeopathic, homeopathics are very, very sensitive to oils, to minced garlic, onions, coffee, foods and so even saliva.  You know there’s a lot of variable changes in the mouth and so you can negate the effect of it by using it orally.

Somaderm HGH Gel:  “Offering something that is extremely targeted that definitely works”

Here in a transdermal, you don’t have to worry about that and then by rubbing it in the tender areas of the wrist the forearm the inside of the upper arm inside aside behind the knee those are areas that are normally not exposed to daylight so you know they’re not tougher tissues and they easily absorb in there and you have a lot of blood vessels and capillaries and so it absorbs takes it right into the bloodstream and is activated.  So we don’t have to worry about the fact that you ate garlic or then you know brushed your teeth those type of things that that that issue is totally taken away and you don’t have to worry about a consumer using it and forgot to do those things because then it seems like a lot of work.

Alex made it extremely simple and when I saw that,  I realized we have an amazing product and I need to get involved with it; not even for the financial end, but what it could do for my patients.  Offering something that is extremely targeted that definitely works.  My husband and I use the product.  We both benefit.

Celiac Disease and Hair Loss

One of the things that has totally blown my mind is in 2000 I got very ill and I was diagnosed with celiac disease and it did blow my mind.  But they think I possibly have had it for years.  Well, one of the things that got me was I lost my hair.  I had an amazing head of hair; it was very long, almost to my ankles.  Lots of hair and it started coming out in the shower and it became so thin and unhealthy that I was bald on top.

I literally cried.  What woman wants to go bald and I thought Lord, you know I can grow nails, why can’t i grow hair? In our world it’s very hard we see a lot of women, men as well, that come in and they start having hormonal shifts and things in the hair and i can’t even begin to tell you how many practitioners that i have talked with.  And you know what are you doing for hair and almost everyone says you know that’s a really hard one.  You know, are you taking biotin?  Yeah I’m taking lots of biotin.  It’s not doing anything and you know it’s a multi-dimensional issue when it comes to hair.

The icing on a cake is my hair has grown and it’s grown over four inches The Gel

Well for me,  I started using the product not even thinking about my hair.  I was thinking about the benefit of  sleep.  To have better sleep, to have better focus, to have a little bit more definition at my age.  Who wouldn’t want that, right?  A little weight loss, sure.  The icing on a cake is my hair has grown and it’s grown over four inches.  I have lots of new growth and I am just ecstatic.  For that reason alone I will continue using the gel.  I have done everything to try to get my hair to grow and it’s done that.

I’m so excited to listen to you and I’m terrible at my mind is reeling with so many questions.  But I’ve learned for a friend of mine who’s a homeopath that homeopathic drugs will find what the body needs and they will go there just like she said; it’s like a car that is traveling down the road and it’s going to find its friend and she said that’s exactly what homeopathy will do.

Homeopathics (like the hgh gel) go into the body and searches out what that person needsSomaderm

It will see what the body needs the most of and you’re talking about your hair and I’ve read you talk about that on the testimonial page and for me I hadn’t and this is my testimony.  I hadn’t slept more than four hours uninterrupted in probably about seven or eight years and so you know third night in for me it was to sleep do you do you see how that happens?  Has that been your experience with homeopathy? That whatever the remedy is that it does go into the body and search out what that person needs?

Absolutely, absolutely.  And so you know when we you know at on the page we also see you know when we talk about the hair we’re seeing a lot of women men included that are talking about the thyroid and if this product will help the thyroid you know when we we go to the hairdresser you know that’s one of the things if you start having thinning hair they’ll say have you had your thyroid checked and you know and I have and but you know having that 8x IRA dynam and the adrenal support in my world in all the years of doing natureopathic medicine.  In Chinese medicine I use the basis of Chinese medicine we are taught that the thyroid and adrenal go hand-in-hand and if you address one you have to dress the other.

That is the beauty of this product

He put that in there so you’ve got the thyroid support and he balanced it with the adrenal support and then you have the human growth hormone in there that also helped with the regeneration and the balancing so it’s a great combination that he put together to see huge results not just one.  So you know if somebody didn’t have the hair issue, my husband has a full head of hair but for him his hair grows all the time but we’re noticing color change.  You know, for another person you know the bones in the strength of the bones, and sleep is so imperative.

We cannot heal if we do not sleep

That is the one thing we see resonating in the testimonies – sleep sleep sleep.  We cannot heal if we do not sleep.  So I mean it’s a category changer for you really with this product.  I mean I feel like that we’ve talked a lot about that.  You know,  in the field,  that this is a category changer but as I listen to you with years of experience under your belt and dealing with so many people.

Your patients, with so many varied problems, because you know, I’m sure you’re a lot like my natureopath that I use.   When I come in, I lay out everything to her.  You know, like there’s nothing that I don’t tell her.  A core pain or interior stuff or even you know, mental stuff.  You know anxiety, like we’re talking about, to address the adrenals.

She takes every single thing that’s going wrong with me, quote-unquote, you know, and have to deal with it.  Where when we go see our doc we often feel under the gun that they maybe don’t have enough time for us, you know.  And then we want to talk about another issue and hour times expired or it’s not their specialty and then we have to go see someone else.

No one over 25  that might not need this HGH Gel for one reason or anotherSomaderm HGH

You must feel like this is a category changer for you to have the Somaderm at your at your disposal because it feels like what you’re telling us there’s almost no one over 25 that you would see that might not need this for one reason or another?

The renewed sense of just passion for life

Absolutely, absolutely.  You know you’ve got products in there that balance the adrenals, will help with anxiety.  When you balance the adrenals and thyroid you’re going to see a shift?  Oh my and yes I’m a panic attack suffer for many many years and I never anticipated that as a benefit it’s been it’s brought me to tears you know the renewed sense of just passion for life.  And when I feel the anxiety come up and maybe people listening are nodding their head in agreement, it just kind of tamps down.

It hasn’t gone away you know what I mean but it where it would come up and rise and rise and keep rising it just goes back down and I find that same thing. Georgia with anger or things that would you know I’d be quick to lie ah just get me so crazy it just kind of comes up and then it goes back down you know and you can’t underestimate what that means for us as a population you know, to be able to feel like our anxiety and depression and you know that it’s overwhelming sadness a lot of people feel it’s just sort of maintaining and lifting itself up.

HGH Gel and Lyme Disease

On Monday I was in a functional medicine meeting with several other functional medicine doctors.  They were talking about different health crises and one of the ones that they brought up was Lyme and they were using a a specific product and HGH injections for Lyme patients.  That caught my attention.  Why are you doing that?  Well because we see in Lyme an excitatory phase with the adrenals and we know that if we use this combination that our patients get the utmost help.

Of course, I’m using this product and my mind is just churning and it wasn’t a place to be able to talk about it but I went around and took all their business cards because I thought, if you’re using injectable HGH knowing in what they’re probably doing is they’re looking at the benefit outweighs the risk.

To provide a much safer alternative for those patients that they’re serving

I get that, but this gives a whole different opportunity to be able to provide a much safer alternative for those patients that they’re serving.  I’d never heard that before.  I made a mental note. Very, very interesting and especially when they explained why because of that they’re in that frightened flight because of the condition which turns on the adrenals and they’re trying to calm all that down and they’re using human growth hormone for that.

That’s amazing.  I mean I live in Connecticut. It is rough obviously named after Lyme, Connecticut. Old Lyme Connecticut right it’s pretty rough out here and and and you almost feel like people in New England go into a fear state at this time of year, especially. When we have tried everything.

I have been using this HGH gel and I could cry because  it’s changed my lifeThe HGH Gel

I just need to interrupt I am actually a Lyme patient and I have been using this gel and I could cry because  it’s changed my life.  So yes, it helps with Lyme.   I mean it’s an epidemic you know, and and obviously prevention is our best ally, of course, with the ticks, but that’s hard you know, and so even to know that there are people that could be, you know, suffering from reoccurring  or anything like that, that’s phenomenal that you’re sharing that with us.

To have this product and also have it FDA registered is super.  That never happens.  Tell us what that means to  you and also the national drug code number, doctor Georgia.  What does that mean to you?

Somaderm HGH Gel is FDA Registered

Well, it’s it’s another form of being able to have checks and balances so you know people need to understand that you just can’t jump in and decide oh I’m going to get XYZ registered with the FDA.  It’s going to be a great product.  We’ll just do that.  They have to first because this is a homeopathic product it has to meet the HP u.s. requirements which is the homeopathic pharmacopoeia the United States.  It has to meet their guidelines in order for it to be registered.   There’s several different parts of that guideline.

One is that it’s got to be safe and effective – it must be prepared according to specific general pharmacy and relevant sections of the HP us.  There must be submitted documentation and it must be approved in a format set forth by HP us.  The therapeutic use of a new what they call anything that’s put forward even a homeopathic is considered a new drug in their eyes so even though it’s not a drug in their in their whole language that they use that but the therapeutic use of an on or non-official homeopathic drug they must have proving and clinical verification acceptable to h pcs which is the criteria.

What is the research on this?

He had to submit it in order to be able to get registration and there there must be a therapeutic use established through published documentation and the therapeutic use is established by at least two double-blind clinical studies and and then the therapeutic use is established by data.

Data gathered from clinical experience encompassing the symptom picture of pre and post use and and that’s kind of in laymen terms that people can go on and look at the HP us and what the criteria is so that they can have an understanding that this gentleman, Alex Goldstein, didn’t just put a label on a bottle and put it on the shelf.

Somaderm HGH Gel had to go through specific requirements in order to get that registration.

That’s huge and so when we’re talking to people we can feel good about not only what the benefits are but knowing that there was a lot of research and data that was put forth to be able to put this product in a registration mode.  So if you’re looking for some kind of safety factor there it is.   And the national drug code; do you use that much in natureopathic medicine?

No, no we don’t.  But that’s huge.  It is and when we’re talking the biggest thing is in United States homeopathy is not and you can understand this is really not the wide accepted percentage of people would go seek that out. There’s no run like you’re a medical base yes but Europe is what forty five percent I know they love and they love their homeopathy and their natural Africa yeah yes yes and so it this was the basis of medicine way back in the day.

People are starting to wake up and take more accountability for their healthcare

Then you know we’ve gone over into the westernized medicine and it is it’s never gone away it’s made.  It’s really seeing that you know people are starting to wake up and take more accountability for their healthcare.  They’re not wanting to use a bunch of drugs, they’re not wanting to use this drug and then have to take another drug to negate the side effects of this drug and then another one and another one.

Instead, they’re saying, okay I need to be responsible for what I’m doing.  And what I’m putting in my body and how can I better my health especially with the cost of insurance now.  They’re looking for ways to beat the age.  The age man  that’s coming after us, because every year we’re getting older and they’re looking at ways to save on money, keep active and healthy long term.  People are starting to see more and more that and to bring that in this setting and I just think that it educates more people what’s available to them as an option in their own healthcare.

Holistic healing arts is archaic revival

Well I think we’re turning back the hands of time a little bit with our our outlook on our health which is phenomenal.  You know, when I tell people I’m in the holistic healing arts, they think that’s New Age stuff and I say you know, it’s more archaic revival than it is New Age anything.  Because my grandmother used to put mustard pack on our chest when we come down with something and she’d used cinnamon.

I mean the list was so long coming from Italy she had her whole list of things she’d make a broth with garlic and turmeric and I mean turning back to those things like you’re suggesting and getting away from so many rx meds or running to you know a handful of Tylenol or a couple of Aleve.   The things that we’ve become accustomed to.   That kind of microwave mindset, right?  We want our healing in like a half-hour.  Some people are frustrated by that because they kind of think that within 24 hours you know they’re going to find a response or by the second night they should be sleeping you know hours without getting up.

There’s subtle changes with homeopathy

But it is that delicate piece of homeopathy that makes it so intense.  As the benefits start to show themselves and I almost have to look in the mirror, Georgia every day.  I’m sure you’re sharing that too with you and your husband.  That there’s subtle changes with homeopathy.  With Western meds, we kind of feel like the doctor is going to ask us in a day or eight hours even, are you feeling better.  That should have kicked in by now.  But I look in the mirror every day or I’ll look down and notice, oh these spider veins are gone.  Or another dark spot has disappeared.

I’m pretty sure my teeth are whiter

I’m  not a girl that puts the strip’son.  I do like a charcoal wash in my mouth every once in a while.  But all of a sudden I’m taking pictures for for my work and my teeth are whiter.

So it’s like things like that that I feel that when people look at homeopathy and and all that you’ve gone over with us tonight you know it’s just this delicate frequency that as it works with the body and I so appreciate you explaining it to us because what my takeaway from listening to you more than anything is the power of this product and I feel like getting on this call I really know the power of the product but I feel like that times 10.

Now after listening to you yeah you know I really should be telling everybody right?

There isn’t really a group of people, except the under 25, that really don’t want to know about this.  Is there any reason why say you were 28 or 30 or so and you’re not having a good time sleeping, you’ve got young kids at home, or a million different things, you’re working two jobs.  Is there any reason why a younger person wouldn’t want to use the product?

The HGH Gel is enhancing your own melatonin production which is phenomenal

I have no understanding why they wouldn’t want to use it, because it’s just absolutely beneficial.  The longer that we can sleep, we recuperate. You’re more energized, you’re more focused.  Because you know when you get into that real real deep recuperative sleep you’re in rem and you can heal.

A lot of people are using melatonin to sleep and it’s not working and that is also a hormone which is funny because people will go to melatonin.  They have no problem taking it and then question up and down about the gel. Because you’re sleeping and you’re sleeping so deep you’re great.  You’re enhancing your own melatonin production which is phenomenal. Is that why we dream more vividly when using this product?  Yes, yes because our own melatonin production is enhanced.  Yes because a few people have suggested to me that this could be a placebo effect.

A placebo effect would never cause the brain to have a vivid dream

Well, I am a student of the gel and homeopathy for many years.   So you know I knew that it didn’t have a placebo effect.  But a dear friend of mine, who is a homeopathic doc said that the science behind the fact that someone is having vivid dreams should let them know that that has nothing to do with a placebo.  A placebo effect would never cause the brain to have a vivid dream.  So if you’re waking up going oh my god you can’t believe you know what just happened in my dreams.  She said that should prove to them that the product is working.  Would you agree with that?

Absolutely and 100% agreement with that.  Awesome, awesome.  So Dr. Georgia, the one last thing right before we we let everybody off.  A couple people have texted me since we’ve been speaking and you touched on how this product the Somaderm hgh gel can help with thyroid health and how it relates to the adrenal glands, also.  What if someone has had to have their thyroid removed from a cancer or another disease.

Do you feel from your gut as a natureopathic physician that they’d get the green light?

I would give them the green light and the reason being is now the thyroid is missing.  They’re using thyroid hormone in its place.  The adrenals are now more taxed.  And if anybody could use this product they could.  Awesome.  Especially them, because they’re they’re missing that.  So we have to make up for it and I love the whole thing about how you touched on the gel.

You know my mom is going to be 86 in a couple months.  She has a hard time swallowing her vitamins.  She got so excited when I told her that it was a transdermal application.  I’ve talked to a lot of other people now that say especially in the elder community, that’s a beautiful thing.  Not again having to ask someone to swallow something.  The fact that in the elder community, the skin is so thin.  It seems to show a great benefit very rapidly with people the older they are.

I said to my mom put the HGH Gel where the skin is thin and she started laughing

She said okay, that’s pretty much 95% of my body now.  Where I could rub it anywhere I want. I mean the response is just so so quick.  But I love that application. I’m sure that you love a lot of the secondary ingredients too right Georgia?

Yes, yes.  I think they’re minor and and I did go through them.  And I get a lot of questions and you probably do, too.  Does this product contain soy?  No the product does not contain soy. The vitamin E has been extracted from soy but it’s not that it contains any form of soy whatsoever.  It’s strictly vitamin E.  When you look at that label sometimes people get confused because they see the soy and they don’t know what the tocopherols means.  It’s just meaning that they’ve extracted the vitamin e out, so there’s no soy in this product.

Is Somaderm HGH Gel Soy-Free?

That was the other thing.  I wanted to make sure it was a soy free based product. Where are the ingredients  derived from?   The United States.  A lot of lot of companies put products together and those ingredients are not here in the United States.   So we don’t know what lab they’ve come from or what the quality is.   All our products are derived here and under specific standards in processing.  Which makes it wonderful when you’re relating it to  a patient.   You want to make sure that they have the cleanest source.  And a product that’s going to deliver what it says it’s going to.   This product definitely has.

What’s your projection for Somaderm in your community of healers and alternative Doc’s?  Do you feel like it’s really going to make a mark?  Yes very much so, very much so.  I have reached out to numerous other natureopaths. They’ve asked me several questions.  Even though because I’m using the gel,  they want to know from me.  They’ve looked at it and they’re very excited about having something that will definitely benefit the HPA access without having to have our patients swallow pills.

It’s unfortunate

It’s often times we have to have three or four different things to try to manage a specific set. And it’s not that we want to.  But again as you know we live in a society where people want to see results.  They want to see it quickly.  And if they don’t see it, they don’t come back. They think that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

But because they’re used to the fact that if I take a pill from a doctor for an antibiotic within five or seven days, I’m going to feel better.  We’re under that same kind of pressure and this product is able to deliver without having to put our patients on a numerous amount of pills and or tablets.  An easy application and getting more benefits than what you would think.

The HGH Gel has so many benefits – who wouldn’t want that?

I’m using it for a thyroid adrenal they get the benefits of the skin who wouldn’t want that?  Stronger bones – who wouldn’t want that?  Who wouldn’t want stronger muscles, or better recovery from workouts which has been a phenomenal thing.  My husband and I started CrossFit.  What used to take days for recovery.  My husband’s a little older than I am.  CrossFit is really, really is harsh.

Within hours I’m ready for the next day and that never used to be.  It’s remarkable.  I’m glad I have the gel because I might be having a hard time sleeping tonight. You got me really excited but you know how lucky are we, really!  I mean, I’m going to be 55 in June. So you and I are in that same category.   Where sometimes you don’t think you’re going to stumble on something that exciting.  And not only the product, but this amazing community of optimistic and beautiful people at New U Life.


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