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Somaderm HGH Gel For Health Practitioners

All right hi there and welcome.  My name is Leslie and I’m your host today.  I am a holistic health practitioner and was introduced to Somaderm HGH Gel by a colleague of mine and I’m already enjoying the benefits.  Maybe you’re a health practitioner yourself, maybe a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, clinic or gym owner.  So thank you for your interest and I know that you’re busy so I’m going to jump right in and introduce our guest:

Miriam O’Connor; owner of utopia healing center in New Jersey. Thank You Miriam for taking time to answer some of these questions for us today.

Oh you’re very welcome. thank you for having me.  Yes so I don’t leave anything out, I’m just going to let you talk to us a little bit about your background in health & wellness and how long you’ve been in the field.

I started my journey in the field of health and wellness almost 30 years ago

It’ll be 30 years in July, actually.   As a chemist and a microbiologist in a pharmaceutical company.  So essentially, I worked in the lab, quality control.  And I tested everything – from the raw material, the compounded batch of medication, and a finished product, for efficacy as well as safety and purity.  So FDA regulations, etc.  Compliance was all extremely important and I did that for about seven years.

But I am a people person.  So I decided to go back to school, got my degree in pharmacy, got licensed.  And I was a community pharmacist at a big chain big box pharmacy for twenty years because i wanted to help people get their health under control and feel better.  But what I found out was although medications were amazing in helping people in acute cases, we failed at chronic care.

The medications were just serving as a band-aid to control symptoms in chronic conditions

So when they had chronic conditions they weren’t getting well. The medications were just serving as a band-aid to control symptoms primarily.  And then more meds to control side effects.  So I got my certification in holistic health.  And I’m a holistic health practitioner now.  I did some training  Ozone et cetera and I opened utopia Healing Center in 2015.  And in doing that, I wanted to be a health detective.

I wanted to uncover the core issues causing those symptoms and help my clients really get control of their health.   And find true wellness and not live with all those annoying symptoms.  And that’s what I do.   I do energy testing and all of that other stuff.   And when this opportunity was presented to me, I was extremely excited.

Awesome.  Well, I’m sure you you’ve come in contact with many different types of supplements on the market, like I have.

Tell us a little bit about this Somaderm HGH gel and how it’s unique to other HGH products on the market?

Well, when this was introduced to me in my practice, I utilize homeopathy.  When this was introduced to me, I was extremely excited.  The HGH gel we’re speaking of here has an FDA registration and a national drug code.  So that was exciting for me because having been in the pharmaceutical industry and I know how important that is, as well as having to follow set regulations.  And compliance and having to do the testing and everything else you have this on the market.

The way this is different and this was the exciting part for me, whereas in pharmaceuticals or other HGH injections you’re putting in large quantities of exogenous substance into the body and kind of overwhelming the organs in the system.  When you’re working with this gel, you use a homeopathic dilution.  You’re micro dosing.  So the concept behind homeopathy is it’s a microdose to the minimum effective dose at 30 X dilution. We’re putting in a tiny tiny amount of the substance into the body not to overwhelm the organs, but to kind of wake the body up and allow it to do what it’s intended to do.

Somaderm HGH Gel allows your body to do what it’s able to do for your specific needs

I mean our bodies are amazing.  They have the capacity to heal themselves, cells regenerate.  All of those things can take place if we give our body the right things.  Then this was an amazing opportunity to do exactly that. We’re putting in a tiny amount and by doing that we’re kind of waking up the pituitary.   And we’re getting the pituitary to release and secrete growth hormone as it naturally would for the individual taking it.  So it’s very customized.


Your body is going to do what it’s able to do for your specific needs and your specific condition, where you’re at at the time that you start taking it.  And that was very exciting for me, right?  And that is kind of the beauty of homeopathic in this being a 30x.  I mean homeopathy’s been around for centuries.  And really a benefit of it is its just extremely safe.  But it’s extremely effective, very powerful, powerful stuff.

Yeah so tell us a little bit about who developed Somaderm HGH Gel, how long has it been around?

Okay so the formulator of this product is Alex Goldstein.  He’s developed several hundred products, actually, over his career.  And this product is his flagship product.  It’s been around for 14 almost 15 years, so you know  it’s something that he believed in.  And he knew how effective and how important it was because growth hormone is our healing.

So he decided to take that and utilize that in this business and a business model that’s been very effective to get it into the hands of many people.  And because it has the NDC national drug code as an over-the-counter product you don’t need a prescription.  And many people can reap the rewards of having this readily available without a doctor’s prescription,  without the side effects.  So he’s he’s been using this for a really long time, even though it’s now just available to turn on a mass-market, right?

It was being sold in a store in California and it was on a few of his own websites

So when he was approached about utilizing a different marketing plan to get this out to the masses, he decided to go with that.  That is not something you can buy anymore on websites because those were his websites that he controlled.  Now are there any drug or disease interactions one needs to be concerned with?

No, again at the homeopathic level,  it’s extremely safe and effective.  Having said that, I always encourage my clients to let their physician, if they’re under physicians care for anything, let them know what they’re using.  But in and of itself, there are absolutely no drug interactions with this.  And it could really benefit anybody. okay what about toss just about some of the other ingredients and I know that there are a couple other homeopathic ingredients in there, as well?

Absolutely and that’s what really makes Somaderm HGH Gel an amazing product

So as you know, the pituitary gland is part of the endocrine system which composes other glands within that endocrine system.  What Alex did with this product is he also included two other ingredients.  One for thyroid support and one for the adrenals, also in low homeopathic micro dose solutions.   So effectively what happens with these things the thyroid gets what it needs to support the thyroid gland.

So I know a lot of people with the thyroid hormone you get the ups and downs, etc.  And the third ingredient which is the used to suppress cortisol and release excessive cortisol out of the adrenals.  And as we know, cortisol release excess cortisol on the blood stream causes inflammation in the visceral fat around the waist.  It’s our stress hormone.  So by controlling that, and balancing the hormone and triggering the pituitary to start secreting the growth hormone again, we’re really addressing multiple concerns and really bringing about a powerful wellness tool people can experience a lot of benefits with this one gel.

What are some of the things people are noticing after using Somaderm HGH Gel?

Yeah, speaking of those benefits – what are some of things people are noticing after using it?  The first thing I think almost everybody across the board notices within the first month is better sleep.  And as we know, sleep is critical to overall health.  For in order to have those vivid dreams that people are experiencing you have to reach REM sleep which is that deep quality healing sleep.  And that’s the first thing everybody’s noticing.

Beyond that, they’re noticing energy improvement, faster healing and recovery of their muscles and joints, better mood, hair and skin is growing.  Our skin tends to get very thin as we age and people are noticing that their skin is firming up and tightening up.  Some are noticing weight loss.  Across the board people are noticing that their body shape is changing.  They’re exercising. etc.

It’s very impressive to see people experiencing all those benefits so early on

They’re noticing the muscle definition, the muscle mass, they’re losing the inches and that’s just so far.  I mean, the product as far as how long it’s been in the market in this type of a business model, it hasn’t been long.  So it’s very impressive to see people experiencing all those benefits so early on.

But I would say within six months that’s really going to be the balance

The tipping point where people or most of the people will notice all of these changes and improvements which are really the things that growth hormone does for us, right? Right.  Well I definitely have noticed the deep vivid dreams for sure and feeling much more rested and even sleeping longer than I normally do – eight or nine hours which is crazy for me.  I’m enjoying that part of it.

So tell us, is there an ideal age group for Somaderm HGH Gel?

Well, this product is intended for anybody 18 and up.  The amount of growth hormone in our body starts on the decline from our mid 20s so yes an 18 year old may still be having the growth hormones secreted but they could use this; especially the athletes to improve healing, etc.  But really anybody over the age of 25 would benefit from it.  And the older you get the more benefits you’re going to see.

You’re going to notice because the less of the growth hormone is being secreted by the pituitary right and going back to the benefit. if you’re listening to this call you can go onto the website and they do kind of map out 30-day 60-day 90-day think you can expect to see over a six month period

Can you talk to people about how long they would need to stay on the gel?

That’s a that is an excellent question because what we’re dealing with is homeopathy.  And homeopathy doesn’t have set rules.  It’s going to work with your body naturally, so therefore you do need to give it six months.  I mean, some people are noticing results within a few days.  They are the anomaly.

Typically I would say one month you know you’re going to start noticing something and as time goes on as the levels start increasing little by little naturally you’re going to notice more and more of those benefits.  So I would give it a minimum of six months.  But look forward to all those benefits.  And people experience it at different rates.  You might experience it a little bit faster but I would give it six months.  Which, even with medication, you have to give it time to do what it’s intended to do and  maximum effects.

Talk about the best way to use Somaderm HGH Gel

I know that we typically use it for five days on and two days off.  I use mine Monday through Friday and then Saturday and Sunday off.  But tell folks the best way to apply it and how to use it.   So there’s a little bit of a differential with men and women.  Men tend to need more; they weigh more and they’re bigger.  So for men, two pumps twice a day for five days on two days off.   And for women, typically one pump twice a day.  They could use more, but you have to listen to your body and see how you feel, if you’re using more.

The best place to apply this is to the thin parts of your skin where you see the veins.  Because it’s going to absorb through the skin and directly into the bloodstream through those veins.  So you want to put it on your wrist, the back of the hand, your forearm, the back of the knees, even the top of the feet.  You can apply this and personally I would say don’t apply it with your hand.  I use my wrist to rub it in.   I don’t waste any of it.   So I use my wrist and I rub it in.  And I alternate the site.  And the reason you alternate site is you don’t want one site to get overused. So you rotate the site.

The reason you take the two days off

The reason you take the two days off is the two days gives your body an opportunity to do a little bit catch up.  So you want to rest it to give your body time to digest what’s happening and react to it.  So five days on two days off. And I always tell all my clients make sure you’re hydrated.  It’s going in the bloodstream, you’re circulating, and it does dissipate pretty quickly.  So drink water and make sure your skin is not dry.  And that’s just going to maximize the effectiveness of it.

How is Somaderm HGH Gel sold in a clinical or practice setting?

So there are a couple of ways of doing it.  I mean obviously they can purchase the smaller pack and try it out and then sign up their clinic.  As you know as a corporate account, they’re able to buy minimum of forty bottles at $89 each.  And then retail it at their clinic or gym etc at the full price of $149 or $169, depending on what  they choose to do.  The other way they can do it, depending on how frequently they see their clientele, is to maybe sell their first bottle and then give them the website to go on, put themselves on auto-ship so that they’re never out.   They can always go to the same business and purchase right off the shelf, if they need to.  So those are the two ways that I would recommend.

So retail typical retail is $169 and that they’re getting 40 bottles at $89 expected pretty great mantra and then if they’re patient or client wanted to purchase online I believe the online price will retail $159 or if they are if they’re on auto-ship its $149. that correct correct correct okay no I like the auto-ship option I give that to my clients only because it assures that they have it in their hands on a regular basis.

Why is FDA registration important with Somaderm HGH Gel?

There are clinical trials that have been done and the white papers are done.   We’re not reinventing the wheel here.  We’ve got the FDA registration because we’re utilizing that specific raw material and all the research has been done on it.  We just had to get a registration stating that that’s what we’re going to use and a gel formulation so that’s the read that the difference between an approval and a registration.   Approval is for pharmaceuticals that are prescription only so they do have to go through a much longer, more time,  as well as expense to get it approved by the FDA.

But once the research is there, if a company is going to use the same raw materials to make a formulation as an over-the-counter, they don’t need to repeat the whole process.  They can just utilize the information that’s already been obtained through extensive studies. And to my knowledge there are no supplements that are FDA approved.   And so yeah, that’s really great information and I think like you said,  we’re talking about homeopathy.

Now, Somaderm is the only transdermal HGH Gel formulation on the market, correct?

Absolutely.  And the thing to notice is that there are other products that are human growth hormone.  Two things to know.  Well, one main thing is oral supplementation of human growth hormone is not going to be absorbed.  It’s not really going to do anything for anyone because what happens is that gets broken down.  So over ninety percent gets broken down in the saliva and the balance of it gets broken down in the gut by the gastric juices.  So essentially, you’re not having anything absorbed.

The second difference is you know you’re talking about the other option would be the injectables.  The problem with injectables is first of all it’s extremely expensive and it’s invasive.  You’re injecting large doses of crude substance into the body; beyond what the body is intended to have at any given time.  So I know as healthcare professionals, we talk to our clients, our patients, about the excessive use of laxatives.

When you overly use something,  your body stops responding

So its the same concept with this.  With the injectables you’re putting in more than what your body would naturally make, and your body is gonna respond to that in a negative way.  So then you’re dealing with side effects –  a lot of side effects.  And invasive and expensive.

We don’t have to worry about any of that with this gel.  It’s cost-efficient, it absorbs well, there are no side effects, and it’s extremely effective.  And those are all great things.   Awesome.  Well, I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to start getting more results the longer than I’m on it.

For more information about Somaderm HGH Gel, or to order, click here.


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