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Creating your success path – transcribed from video

Hey hope everything’s going well I know the weekend kind of just ended. I was playing with my little three-year-old and my little two-year-old.  We were running around the house and it was a lot of fun.  I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but we were running around and I’m loud.  So I think it’s sad to try and keep kids quiet.  I think that we all want to express ourselves and be open.  So we’re being loud and we’re running around and I was yelling and we’re chasing around the house.  Anyways a lot of fun.  We were playing this game and I was running up the stairs.

And all of a sudden, I totally tripped

Hey we had been going for a while and I was pretty tired. I think I just kind of knew.  If I just kind of closed my eyes or whatever.  But I’m pretty sure I either really sprained or slightly fractured a toe and probably my foot there.  Anyway, it’s been kind of funny because we’ve got an event coming up here for about three days and I’m gonna be standing the next three days.  And so I was like well that’s good timing.  Like it’s just gonna throw an extra little piece of a little wrench in there.

Hey I just wanted to real quick tell you guys what’s been going on here so my quest has been to help people learn how they can automate their downline recruiting.  Now I do help people sell their products as well and I’m not here to pitch you or anything like that.  I just want to show you what process I’ve been taking in order to create a the course that’s gonna go along with this.  Because it’s been it’s been a fun really fun journey along the way.  And I think that there’s, I don’t know, just kind of top of mind here.  There’s been something on my mind as I’ve been creating this course that I’ve noticed that I think I’ve been good at with my MLM without knowing it.

I used to do door to door sales

And we’d go door-to-door and I was actually pretty good at it.  Good enough that I got invited on a special retreat with the rest of the owners.  And they brought us up to this cabin, this awesome big log cabin, as such and it’s super fun.  There was this pool and we were all just hanging out.  But then there’s this part where this training that would happen.  And I don’t remember anything else but this one line this guy stood up.  He’s actually one of the owners of the entire thing.

Why does it work?

He stood up and he said, “look one of the reasons that we’re here and one of the reasons why younger door-to-door salesmen struggle is because we as leaders don’t know what we know, meaning we’ve been doing it long enough that we don’t quite understand why we’re doing what we’re doing.  We just know that it works and we’ve never actually sat down to figure out oh my gosh you know this stuff this stuff is working because of X Y & Z.  We’ve never actually figured out the mechanics that makes it work, right?”

And so I’ve been sitting down and as I’ve been, you know, creating this course.  And putting all these things together and stand in front of  all these big, massive three foot by three foot boards I made and you know all these cool drawings and stuff and it’s been interesting to realize why my automated downline recruiting funnels have been working.

My recruiting system –  why they’re working

How come people are joining?  Anyway I thought it was because one thing,  but it’s actually cuz a few other things.  It’s been fascinating and so what it’s made me do and what I’ve been doing the whole time is I’ve been creating this and I think what you should do for your downline, is it’s gonna sound cheesy, but there’s a there’s a book called draw to win.

And I mean, just the title alone kind of talks about what the book talks about.  It’s got a picture of like a whiteboard marker.  Anyway, think of it as like football plays, right?  You sit down and you start drawing a diagram of hey you go here and this person goes here and that goes there right there.  Not like super high class drawings or whatever.  And you know what mine are not either.

I really never graduated past stick figures,  I really cannot draw at all, I mean I’m no joke, I’m super bad at it.  And so for this workbook and these things about putting together I’ll go draw the pictures that represent the principle.

What’s been funny is how much deeper I’ve been learning my own craft

It’s been funny because parts that I thought that would be really easy to to describe and communicate in a picture have actually been very difficult and vice versa.  Like this is gonna be super hard.  I’m like oh, that was really easy to describe in a picture.  And what’s been funny is how much deeper I’ve been learning my own craft because of it.  So here’s what I’m suggesting is that when you actually get out there and you start recruiting somebody.

And they’re excited, they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  So they get out there and they start doing whatever.   If you let them get out there and they join your downline and they’re like hey I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna do whatever.  You let that happen and they kind of go all over the place.  You’re kind of setting them up for failure right off the bat.  And in my strong opinion, you need to create what’s called a success path.

Bombarded and stressed to the max with information overload

There’s a guy inside of the internet marketing world named Stu McClaren.  He makes millions of dollars every year creating membership sites that he only spends, you know, two to three weeks a year putting together.  And running for several million dollars a year, totally on autopilot.  Like its crazy, crazy, crazy.  And what’s fascinating about it,  we had a chance to learn from him.  What he taught was that at the moment somebody joins and goes into these membership areas, they are typically bombarded, just straight bombarded and stressed to the max with information overload.  Way too much stuff going on.

The exact same thing happens inside of an MLM

There’s way too much information: the comp plans and all. I mean, I know guys who take teams to go read the comp plan together because there’s so much stuff inside of them usually.  Let alone, let’s figure out what the product does and how it sells or how to recruit people or you know what I mean, it’s big and the problem is a lot of us will go out there and the moment we recruit somebody and it’s like hey good luck.

And we haven’t created a way for them to win and so that’s what this guy Steve McClaren was talking about.  With his sites and with his with his business, the way he gets around information overwhelm and information overload which ultimately is the biggest reason people cancel, the way he gets around it is by creating what he calls a success path.

Now you’ve got to start creating a success path for your MLM

You got to start doing that.  Whenever people systematize it, that’s what actually duplicates you,  right?   Yes the system does because you’re not gonna really duplicate yourself.  You’re you.  So if you get the system BAM you’re like okay, number one I want them to read XY and Z and watch this thing over here.  Number two,  let’s do this this and this.  Number three do this all right now.  Now that you’ve gone through this success path, these are our rituals we’re gonna do this every single day.  And these are the things that actually make this business successful, if you’re dedicated and you stick with it and everything.

Does it make sense if you create a success path?

And you actually create an environment, right?  You actually you know, lay the the bricks; lay the road down for people.   And you’re like hey, just literally follow this.  Oh that’s what I did and it’s successful.  Then you’re far more likely to keep somebody inside your MLM and keep them active, right?  Not just stagnant.

People who start to just slowly fizzle and you can never hear or get ahold of again, you know what I mean.  I know we’ve all had people like that.  Of course we have.  Does that make sense, though?  That’s what I’m trying to get at. I sat down and I started drawing these pictures and put all these things together.  And I was like huh, in order for me to really describe this one principle I had to draw like 16 other pictures.

People understand how to create success paths and automate things

I was like interesting – like I understood that in my head, but not well enough to teach it that first round.  That’s fascinating.  Now I  kind of became my own critic about what it really takes in order for people to understand how to replicate and duplicate what I’ve been doing.  And people understand how to create success paths and automate things.  You need to do the same thing.

And do it by going back in your head and asking yourself, okay what were my biggest hang ups when I joined my MLM?  What were the biggest things that sucked?  What are the things that I just didn’t believe or that I had a hard time overcoming?  Address those things up front.  Create a success path that directly answers and addresses that concern.

Show people your success path even before they join your downline

Just say, “hey when you join, you get this, this, and this, obviously from the company, but I personally have x y&z and it’s one of the things that makes our team so different.  We have a success path,  we have something that actually helps to walk you along the way.  So we did the hard thinking for you.  All you need to do is major execution.”

That’s it.  How cool is that?  How sexy is that?  That makes you so much more attractive over the other guy who’s got the exact same products, exact same marketing, exact same websites, exact same company.  That makes sense if you can do that, that’s just another thing you can do and use to throw out there to make yourself different and attractive as opposed to everybody else.  So anyways that’s all I got to say.

Create a success path

Get out there and figure out exactly what it is that people need to do; step one, two, three. And if you don’t know, I guarantee there are people in your upline who would love to help answer that question for you, right? and would love to help put that thing together for you.  So then I would personalize it – make it yours.  If there’s videos involved, you be the one doing the videos.  If there’s recordings involved, you do the recordings.  Become the leader and be the face and that’ll stretch you like crazy.  It’s all really exciting.

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