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Up2give Presentation

by Nancy
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Welcome to this Up2Give presentation where our motto is let’s be different.  At Up2Give we have a strong moral, integral, and purpose-driven vision to change lives around the world through our ecosystem. We’re standing on four pillars with the first being philanthropy. We are focused on creating a culture of worldwide giving. The second is education. Reward those who give while teaching them the value behind growing personally. The third is banking; bank the unbanked through our giving and the fourth is personal causes – create a social revolution of stories with people whose needs have been met through the […]

The Power of Community

Family – that’s a powerful word, isn’t it?  What comes to your mind when you read that word?  Is it a happy, warm feeling?  Is it sadness?  Perhaps you recently lost a family member, like me.  Anger, perhaps?  Families tend to bring out the worst in us sometimes.  They know us (or think they do) better than anyone else.  I keep hearing that family is important, and I believed that, raising my kids with that idea.  Now that they’re grown and on their own, however, it seems it doesn’t mean what it did for me when I left home. When […]
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