The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4

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You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets In world history. It’s a secret It has a huge impact on everyone who inhabits this planet Most people feel in their depths that something is not right In the world’s economy, but few know what it is Those days are gone when the family can live On one salary, everyday things look More and more out of control, yet only one in a million know the reason You are about to find out The system responsible for inequality In the world today. Top actors don’t want you Learn about this, because this system is from their highest position The financial food chain during the past 100 years Learning this will change your life because it will change the decisions that you will make If enough people learn this thing, the world will change Because it will change the system Because this is the biggest secret of money Never in human history has so many people stolen it By the lack of people. And all this was done through the Great Monument In human history Money is said to not grow on trees But the truth is, most current banks are making money faster Giving it to the trees Most people have no idea how to make money Economists and banks make it seem so complicated that people cannot Understand it But I will strip our monetary system into Its summary so that you can understand the monument that takes place behind the curtains And how that affects you.

Every modern society largely makes money In the same way But since the US dollar is the main currency in the world we will use the United States for our example. It all starts when he says Some politicians “voted for me and I’m sure the government will provide you more free stuff than my opponent will give you. But there is no such thing as a free lunch – even providing these supposedly free things by politicians, the country must spend more than its income. This is called spending deficit. To cover this deficit, the Treasury owes the currency with an issue support. So what is the bond? If you think about that bond is really nothing but (glorified = exaggerated) IOU. A nice piece of paper with numbers printed on it says: (IOU: I owe you owe you) “Lend me a trillion dollars today, and I promise to give it back to you for 10 years.” And I’ll give you back a trillion dollars with interest.

But what you should understand treasury bonds. It is our national religion. These IOUs must be paid by you and me, and our grandchildren, through taxation in the future. And therefore: When the government issues bonds, it steals prosperity From the future so that you can spend today. The Treasury then resides auction of bonds. The world’s largest banks are competing to buy part of our public debt and make a profit on the road to earn interest. You will notice that as we walk through this process the big banks make a profit every step of the process. This is not an accident, as you will see in a little while.

Then, Through a caps game called Open Market Operations, banks sell some of the those bonds of the Federal Reserve to earn a profit. To pay the bond, the Federal Reserve will open his old old checkbook and write fake bad fake checks that should be rejected because they are linked to an account his score is always zero, and there is not a single penny. To quote from the Boston Federal Reserve: “When you write a check there must be enough money in our account to cover this check. But when the Federal Reserve writes a check there is no bank deposit on which the check is based. When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it creates the money. ” The Federal Reserve then delivers these checks to banks and at this point the currency appear to exist. The banks then take that currency and buy more bonds at auction. But what is the check? Check also IOU (paper I owe you). When you write a check you write a note saying “This is my IOU for the money All you have to do is go to the bank and receive it (meaning money).

”Now it is very, very important to understand this process. Because we will come back later and show you this devastating effect on you. Conclusion: The Treasury issues IOUs, (Bonds). The banks then buy those IOUs by currency. The Federal Reserve then he writes IOUs (checks) and delivers to the banks in exchange for Treasury bonds (bonds). The currency is created. Hence what really happens is that The Reserve Bank and the Treasury, They only exchange IOUs, using the banks as intermediaries, And (Abracadabric Presto) magically shows the currency in existence. This process is repeated over and over again. Banks enrich and make the public civilians by raising the national debt. The end result is that there is an accumulation of bonds in the Federal Reserve and a coin in the Treasury.

This process is also produced all paper currency. The Federal Reserve and the government, she calls it “financial reserve.” Because they haven’t watched Episode 1 of this series, and they don’t know The difference between money and the currency. But I will correctly refer to her “currency reserve” for it is not money … It is a coin, and as we learned there is a big difference: Money must hold its value and keep its purchasing power over long periods of time.

We learned in Episode 1 that at the beginning of our history paper money, it was just a check. It was a representation of the real value of the funds —> Gold and silver that were deposited as a deposit in the treasury. You can enter any bank and place your currency, to transfer a twenty dollar check on the counter, you exchange it for real money with 20 gold coins. But now, this currency reserve is piling up here. It is really nothing but a check or a claim receipt for IOU (I.e. bonds), so really nothing but a stock of numbers. The treasury then disposes of the newly created currency in various branches of the government. And the politicians say “Gee .. Thanks for that!”. And the government spends on some public services Social programs, and war, Government employees, contractors, and soldiers pay their salaries at banks.

Now this may shock you, but when you deposit your currency with the bank you are not actually depositing it in an account that keeps you safe. However, you actually lend the bank your currency, and within certain legal limits, they can do whatever they want. This includes gambling on the stock market, lending it … Of course profit. Now, here is where the coin maker really works. Because here is where something called “lending part of the reserve” appears in the square. “Lending part of the reserve” is exactly what it says. Banks are allowed to keep a portion of your deposit and lend the rest. Although the percentage of the remaining portion (of your deposit) may vary, and I will assume that 10% of your deposit is kept. In our example If you deposit $100 into your account, the bank can legally take ninety dollars from it and loan it without your knowledge. The bank must keep ten dollars of your deposit in reserve just in case you want some of it.

This reserve is called a “cash reserve”. But why does your bank account still say you have a hundred dollars if the bank has he stolen ninety dollars from it? Because the bank kept IOUs created called “bank credit” In its place (the place of $90). Now I know this sounds crazy, but here’s the letter what the Federal Reserve says: “Commercial banks are emerging check book. When you grant a loan simply add new dollars to the accounts on their books (on paper) as opposed to the borrower’s IOU ” These are only numbers that the bank writes on their computers, although this bank balance is only IOU numbers. They are very different from currency reserve numbers (because they are only found in computers). It is still (also) a coin. And now there are $190 in existence (the bank). Now the reason people get loans from banks is to buy something. They will buy a house, a car or something. Thus, the borrower takes the ninety dollars that the bank lent to him from your account, the seller is paid for the commodity. But then the seller deposits that coin In his account, and the bank lends 90% of that (seller’s deposit). The bank leaves a balance of numbers in place (the place of the 90%).

As of now there is 271 dollars in existence. This process is repeated and repeated until less than 10% of the reserve percentage. Where an initial deposit of only one hundred dollars can make a thousand dollars from the bank balance (just numbers in banks). All of them are backed by $100 in cash reserves (i.e. when you deposit $100, the bank keeps 10 and lends 90 and the bank records $190 (just numbers against IOU) with him then these 90 are deposited and the bank holds 10% of them ($9) and lends the 90 % ($81), the bank records 190 + 81 = 271, then the 81% is deposited, the bank maintains 10% of it ($8.1) and lends the 90% of it ($72.9) and records 271 + 72.9 = $343.9 and so on.until it becomes $1,000. Only 10% (of which the bank records).

However, as the retention ratios (of the deposit) decrease, they vary randomly … For some deposits it’s 10 percent, for others 3 percent, and some forms of deposits keep the percentage zero! The result is that the banks inflate the currency. It is much bigger than what you think in this example. So again, (the bottom line) when the currency is deposited in the banks, banks lend it, and then deposit it again and lend it again. Depositing and Lending – Depositing and Lending, time and time again creating a bank balance. This is where most of the major currency inflation occurs. Actually 92-96 percent of every currency that is in existence is created not by the government, but here in the banking system.

Right now, pumping huge amounts of currency into society may at first seem interesting … So until you remember one of the most hidden secrets of money From episode 1: The prices of daily goods and services are like a sponge In relation to currency inflation. The more coin we have, prices go up even more. Here is where inflation occurs. The true definition of inflation: It is currency inflation …..

The high prices -they are just symptoms. So our entire currency is nothing but a skin nudging (male deer) (worthless) (Bullshit) scam where Treasury and Reserve Bank exchange IOUs and a set of numbers that banks write on their computers. This is ….. The stock of our currency is just a stock of numbers. Some are printed, most are written, and there is nothing else. But if you think this is crazy, I prepare to enter the twilight zone (meaning the craziest) part of the modern economy, we are working to get some from that currency stock. Real wealth is your time, but we spend moments in our life, hour by hour, day by day, year by year, for numbers someone has printed it on a piece of paper or just typed it on a computer. Now these numbers represent our blood, our sweat, our tears, and our effort; our thoughts and talents.

We give the currency its value. But here comes the really cruel joke … we work hard, So that we can save some of this currency, so that we can pay it to the tax collector (In the United States known as IRS), they then transfer it to the safe. So the treasury can pay the bond (principal) with interest on bonds purchased by the Reserve Bank by a linked check with an account that has nothing (empty).

Now let’s summarize this section because here is where the system starts with stealing from you and me widely. A lot of taxes are not used for schools, roads, and public services, but to pay interest on the bonds he bought. The Reserve Bank has a check linked to an account that has nothing in it. The Reserve Bank is defrauding. But here is one of their biggest secrets ever: Before the creation of the Reserve Bank there was no need for personal income tax. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913, and that year was when the constitution was amended to allow income tax.

Do you really think this is just a coincidence? Ask yourself how much income tax you paid during your life. Many of them were stolen silently In the hands of those who own the system. Yes, this system is owned by someone … Who is he?? It is an even bigger secret that we get to it in a short time. But first, we need to understand what is called the ‘debt ceiling’. Jumbo Mambo (Khazabali) Which is based on a huge paradox. There is interest on these bonds, and there is interest on each one of those loans issued by banks. This means that there are interest accrued for every dollar in existence: | Let me ask you something: if you borrowed the first dollar to exist, this is the only dollar on this planet. But you made a commitment to return it plus the interest rate …

Where can you get the second dollar to pay the interest? The answer is that you have to borrow that second dollar and you promise to return it with the benefits as well. So now there is two dollars to exist, we owe four and so on and so on. The result is that there is never enough currency to pay the debt. There is always more debt in the system of the currency in place to pay the debt. And therefore, The whole system is impossible, it is limited. It will collapse one day. What would happen if the government stopped borrowing that causes deficit spending? Will those payments stand to repay the treasury bonds? What would happen if people stopped borrowing and digging deeper into debt? Will your home and car payments stop? No, there is a payment each month. The basic value of the bond plus interest for every dollar in existence. These payments do not stop.

If we stop borrowing, there will be no new currency to replace the currency that we used to make those payments. If you are going to pay off a loan or pay taxes to make a payment on bonds, part of those payments goes to pay off the original debt, to execute that portion of debt. But the debt is also executed the currency.. Currency and debt are like something and against something. When they meet, they annihilate each other. If we pay just the principal, all loans and bonds in existence have full currency stock, it will completely end. So if we do not go deeper into debt every year, look what will happen: everything will collapse. Because of those payments, politicians and thinkers alike talk about equal budget: Pay off the debt and live our way. They do not understand that this contraction, It is impossible to take place under the current monetary system without collapsing the economy as a whole.

That is why talking about the debt ceiling is not just ridiculous … It is only a placebo. This system is designed to require Increasing levels of debt, just to continue, which is why politicians Always They are trying to raise this title The “debt ceiling” over and over until the entire system finally collapses In other words, they do not want to collapse before their eyes (during their reign) The founding fathers of the United States knew the danger of banks Central and they fought to free themselves from this thing. The revolutionary war started as a tax revolution, But now we must pay taxes just to have a monetary system (so as not to collapse) Just his presence led to an inflation of the dollar (during the American Revolution) Who printed large quantities of it in the darkness of forgetting to finance the Revolutionary War Understand the risks of paper currency and a debt-based cash system In order to protect the future of future generations from institutional theft Out of government control, they wrote in the constitution that only gold and silver were included It could be money, The simple fact is that you cannot print them.

Not only is our current monetary system Unconstitutional, But it steals from us freedom and prosperity Who fought and died for our ancestors. We are all We feel the effects of ignoring the constitution today. By pumping more currency into circulation This weakens our purchasing power. Financial inflation It is a slow and treacherous tax ghost This is simply the result of this debt-based monetary system This system enabled and benefited those who created and obtained the currency Firstly And they spent it in circulation before it had an effect on the economy.

They steal purchasing power from you and transfer it to the banks the government Every hour of every day because of this false monetary system And it’s not the case as if people on top don’t know this. In the words of the Federal Reserve The decrease in the purchasing power incurred by the owners of the money Because of inflation, it gives gains to the money stamp. ” This is cheating, it is a hierarchical scheme, it is a ponzi scheme, It’s a scam, it’s a lie. Our entire monetary system There is nothing but a form of legal theft !!. But here’s the biggest bluff: The Federal Reserve Bank is not a federation – it has shareholders. (Owners – partners) There is no federal agency with shareholders What do shareholders mean? Shares are shares Ownership in the company, so the shareholders They are the owners of that company. So the Federal Reserve is A private company with owners …

You can see it for yourself if you go to the Federal Reserve website He says: “The shareholders receive an annual profit of Six percent. “We now know that the shares in the Federal Reserve were originally made Posted it The largest banks in the United States are countries but due to mergers and Acquisition over the years You cannot actually track who owns the shares in the Federal Reserve.

This is very strict guarding. My guess would be that the owners They are the main dealers and profit making banks By selling part of the national debt – those bonds – to the Federal Reserve Who buys it by doubt from nothing (it has nothing)! Then we pay taxes to pay off the principal. And interest on those bonds so that the Federal Reserve can pay to the banks 6 Percent profit. Don’t be surprised if you don’t fully understand the deception in this system at first sight. Very few people can (understand it). It is intentionally complicated. Economist John Maynard Keynes once wrote: “By these means, the government may secretly and uncensored Confiscation of people’s wealth, and one man out of a million will not be discovered That robbery.

” I think it was shown correctly Anyone can understand this system, no matter how complicated it is So let’s recap and simplify it more … Step 1: How this system works The government issues IOUs (bonds) These bonds increase our national debt The audience was placed on the fishing rod to return it. Step 2: IOUs are exchanged to create the currency. Treasury It sells bonds to banks. The banks then turn and sell our national debt To the Federal Reserve and make a profit, which they may own. The Federal Reserve then opens a checkbook in which it does not have a penny He buys those IOUs with a check that he writes Checks linked to a zero balance account. Then he gives those checks to the banks and the currency appears to existence, Then the whole process is repeated. This leads to an accumulation of bonds in The Federal Reserve, The currency is in the Treasury … It is really just a stock of numbers. The Treasury then puts the balance of numbers at the disposal of various branches Government and we get to step 3: The government spends the numbers on promises, Public services, social programs and war.

Then government employees, contractors and soldiers bid farewell Their salaries in banks And we get to step 4: where banks magically multiply numbers More From the I.OUs through Reserve Bank loans, they steal part of Deposit every person and lend it. The currency is then deposited and part of it is stolen again The process is repeated over and over again, which leads to a doubling of the currency stock Exponentially. Then we are working to get some of these numbers which leads us to step 5: Where our numbers are taxed. We pay taxes to the tax authority That then transfers our numbers to the Treasury, so the Treasury can pay Major (bonds) plus interest on bonds purchased by the Federal Reserve By check without balance. Then we get to step 6: They are debt ceiling. The system is designed to require Constantly increasing levels of debt that will eventually collapse Because the politicians They always raise the ceiling of debt, they do not want to collapse during their rule And finally Step 7: Secret Owners take their share The largest banks in the world own the Federal Reserve, those banks make a profit By selling the national debt to the Federal Reserve, They make a profit when the Federal Reserve pays them interest on the reserves that are in the Federal Reserve, And the Federal Reserve pays them six percent profit on Their ownership of the Federal Reserve.

This system is fundamentally evil. It transfers wealth from working people To the government and the banking sector. It is the reason for the false prosperity And the failure of modern economies, It causes a great variation in wealth between the rich and the working class. -And- It is possible (exists) only because we no longer use real money, We only use the currency. But the worst of all is that it is a form of slavery. BOND is the root of the word slavery (BONDAGE). Whenever the government issues a bond, it will He promised to make us pay taxes in the future. No one asked you if you want to pay the tax today for your prosperity We enjoyed it in the last century. Nobody asks our children if they want to work hard in the future For the prosperity we have now. George Washington once wrote to James Madison: “No generation has the right to pledge greater debt Whoever is able to pay it during his time is.

” By stealing prosperity from tomorrow so we can spend it today We make ourselves and future generations slaves Now all this looks very bad but there is great hope You ….. you are the biggest danger to this false monetary system. This system relies on the public being ignorant of its functioning Please share this knowledge with everyone you know, because the people are enlightened Who fully understands the system, can build a better future For the next generations. And now I leave you with this quote, Which is widely attributed to the former Bank of England director: “The modern banking system Money is made from nothing. This process is perhaps the most amazing display of lightness That was done at all. Designing the banking system is a major sin And the son of sin (Ibn Haram). Bankers own the land. Take it from them But I leave them the right to print money and control the cash stock and the stroke of a pen They will print enough money to buy the land again.

But if you want to continue as a slave For bankers Pay your servitude, allow them to continue printing money, And controlling cash inventory. ” This is the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. It is located on Constitution Street, this joke is like a joke of the Federal Reserve in New York On Freedom Street. Both are unconstitutional, both of which limit our freedom And they transfer our wealth every second of every day For the Federal Reserve, the government and the banking sector. You are now one in a million who can uncover theft of our prosperity … So the big question is: What can you do about it? 1: Watch this video so you can describe it And explain to others. Those who understand this system They can make the necessary preparations for its inevitable collapse And protect themselves. History shows that those who fail Most likely they will finish 2: Share this video with everyone, especially those you care about All it takes is a click of a mouse or two To spread this message to millions. Share this video on Facebook, Tweet it, Tweet it, Email it to loved ones and dear ones Please spread it everywhere you can spread it.

3: Join the conversation. The current global financial system is based on design He is 300 years old It aims to enrich the few at the expense of many … There has to be a better way. On We have created an open source platform for design and development A new global monetary system. We invite Every economist, every student, every college, Every brilliant mind and anyone interested in joining a discussion. By educating ourselves and each other, we can avoid losing more of our freedom And maybe, maybe just some other recovery … Stay tuned, Ron Paul … Jim Rickards and Steve Forbes Watch more episodes at [Ron Paul] I think episode 4 is on your show Very useful, and very useful, it will present these ideas to many people, Just as I have spoken We have to change people’s minds and better understand it, I think we are at this point now where more people are in recent years Four or five years ago I thought about the Federal Reserve more than I thought In the past ninety-five So I think the explanations and graphs help clarify it greatly Because, frankly, they will not get it (the explanations) in schools They will not get into high school And they will not get it in college except in very rare cases To understand How does this work.

[Jim Ricards] You know for years before I got stuck in Study gold and some of the things that I write and talk about today, I was For decades, an economist in the video talks about major dealers I have been a senior legal advisor and chief cash manager for one of the major major dealers for a decade Years So I had a great knowledge of the treasury and I had the honor to work With several Two former directors of the Board of Governors David Mullins back to the eighties and nineties so I was very immersed (I have a lot of knowledge) about what You were talking about, I think it was Very accurate, very clear, I don’t think you were dependent on any point (I discussed) on something that seemed to come from Doctor of Philosophy but it was very easy to understand, and I think it can be accessed (absorbed), I think we are witnessing something of a revolution in communication Meaning that as I indicated that the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 In 1913 there was no internet, no YouTube, and no Twitter No one was standing The Fed opposes or invites them (thieves) as you did, or get into a discussion Americans can track him every day This is not true now – with social media and everything else You can reach millions and tens of millions of people and tell them What is happening now, I think you did, I did that successfully salute it, and I think it’s a great video and I am I plan to see him again, and I know millions of people will enjoy it [Steve Forbes] Well as we know The Fed thinks it can make money out of nothing, And he doesn’t realize that money should represent real products and services And what people don’t realize when the Federal Reserve does that In fact, as Keynes noted was a form of taxation, It is a form of confiscation and because people don’t see it And politicians go with it, but it also undermines social confidence, It is just harm all over the community.

And we will have a lot of turmoil in the coming years, But it will be a kind of disturbance that leads to positive things. So do not despair, get out and fight Because the tide will turn. This is how it will be like in the end [Mike Maloney] Thank you! [James Anderson] This episode of Mike Maloney is the hidden secrets of money It was brought to you by and the new Silver Pegasus round. To know how to protect your family Turning the next economic storm into your chance … Visit: .

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