the two most powerful words to you that create your future the words and language patterns that we choose to you in our daily lives have the power to shape our reality moment by moment we have a choice as to the vibrations we are offering to the universe to get reflected back to us as manifestation as you know to think is to create however there are two words in particular that locks certain beliefs into our subconscious minds and literally program the way we move through our life experiences as spiritual beings I am these two little words might only be three letters in length but they have the tremendous capacity and almighty strength is sculpt every aspect of your life right down to the most minut and insignificant detail I am is an affirmation every time you say it whatever you choose to pair it with is a prayer to the universe that you are declaring who you are and how you are choosing to define yourself as a spiritual being you are owning that statement branding yourself offering a vibration and stamping a pattern to be repeated as a theme to manifest throughout your life every time you use the word I am you are literally instructing yourself to thing believe and feel a certain way you are telling your subconscious mind what to filter out and disallow and what to let into your awareness you are commanding the universe to form an outer reality which matches the declaration of what you just said the good news is that you have the power to shift your awareness and rewire pattern to set you on a new course of awakening if you spend time shining a light on your limited language pattern it could change everything for the better try these and see if you can drop them into your internal dialogue somehow I am grateful I am happy I am loved I am healthy I am abundant I am joy I am peace I am truth I am power I am spirit it doesn’t take much attention to get the hang of using your words for life you can even spend time intentionally each day focusing on affirmation that will help you rewire whole pattern the magic that will unfold into your life as a result of claiming new I am statement is a game-changer you’ll also start to notice that you become more careful with the words you choose to use when you are conversing with others [Music] you are the only one who gets to decide on the words that comes next after you declare I am choose wisely you believe what you tell yourself try it be gentle with yourself and enjoy the process of owning your new soul statement thank you for watching – Gary Lite channel 1 be sure to subscribe below [Music]

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