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Right now, Up2Give is like the speeding train that people are on. We’re just a big community. That has inspired people around the world to the powerful entity and because of Bitcoin and the opportunity that Bitcoin has actually given us to be able to facilitate the movement financially. It’s something that quite honestly, [ Music, ] understanding the community, understanding the love that people have; from the passion that people have to truly trying to do something positive, has really driven me to to focus a lot on educating people on banking and helping the unbanked (over one point seven billion people). The social training education programs that we have, and our partnerships, we are really going to do great things.


And and it’s more of a necessity than a luxury, because when you understand how you can change people’s lives, by just giving them a simple opportunity or the place that they can find the tools to be really active in helping others, you know we can do a lot of good in this world and I believe, with philanthropy – the way it is has never been taken on a peer-to-peer level.


It’s always been on a big charitable level, big government level, and truthfully there’s just so much that we can do if we can tap in to the six billion people that are on this planet by simply giving them the chance. So can I give you all the answers? No, but what I can give you is an opportunity to help the world through the power of giving, the power of giving back not to mention the power of love to gifts. Because we are different and the only way that you would know how different we are is by giving yourself an opportunity to learn more about it.


So I encourage you to go to the person that invited you to look at this small talk with Jerry Lopez and get on a zoom watch, one of our videos and learn how you can help us to enjoy. Thank you so much for this. [ Music ]

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