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Week 6 On The GEL – RESULTS!


The Gel Testimonial Transcribed from video

Hi guys it’s Jeannie Warren back with an update.  I am so excited.  I’m over five weeks on the HGH gel and I feel so amazing!  My energy every single day is better than the last.  I sleep like a baby and my skin has gotten so much tighter.   I’ll be 47 in just a couple months and my skin has improved.  Its really supple and I have more moisture in my skin.   I had dry patches on my arms and they’re completely gone.  Completely gone!  My moods are better.  I’m so excited every day to get to work.

This HGH Gel has just improved so many things for me and I just feel so good again

I’m an entrepreneur. I own my own fashion business, so just the focus and the mental clarity.  Everything is just working the way it used to.  I’m headed towards 50 and I started slumping a couple years ago and it just kept declining.  This gel has just improved so many things for me and I just feel so good again.  Mental clarity, focus,  I sleep like a baby, my energy is through the roof.  I constantly get to the gym which I hadn’t in a couple of years just because I was so exhausted.

But I just didn’t want to get to the gym.  So now I’m working out two to three times a week and I’ve noticed it’s different in my workouts, as well.  I used to weight train and it was really difficult to get muscle tone and my arms are getting toned much faster, my legs, everything is getting toned much faster.  My chin area it’s more defined.  You can see my cheeks are tighter, my skin is tighter, my crow’s feet – you could barely see them, my under-eye circles are so much better, my frown lines you could barely see.  It is getting so much better and my skin is tighter I can’t even explain how excited I am!

I’m gonna be 47 in a couple months and I feel like I’m 30 again!

My skin is brighter.  If you go back to the first video and take a look at my eyes.  They looked so tired.  I didn’t have that glow anymore.  Can you see this?  I have a glow.  I’m gonna be 47 in a couple months and I feel like I’m 30 again!  I’m not even kidding!  Unbelievable results.  Another thing that I had which is really important for women going through perimenopause this was like so exciting for me.

I was having issues with hot flashes.  I haven’t had a hot flash and some on it had issues with long menstruations.  When they would last three to five weeks!  Three to five weeks and just a couple days would stop and then came back.  It was so, so difficult for me, so difficult.  So in the last five weeks, I’ve had as normal one menstruation lasted five days and it was over.  Thank you, Jesus!

So happy the HGH Gel resolved perimenopause symptoms for me

So women in perimenopause, you know what I’m talking about.  There’s some women that have that issue and I am so happy the gel resolved it for me. Another one is libido not to get too personal here but sexual health is healthy to talk about. My libido is up.   Yes it is and a part of perimenopause – it caused vaginal dryness.  I’m so excited to say moisture is back which is another exciting, exciting benefit that I want to share with you women going through perimenopause.

So I am excited to see what else I’m gonna feel.  All of these things I’ve mentioned have been changing my life for the better.  I feel like me again.  So I’m so happy to share the benefits with you.  If you have any questions you can email me or place your order for Somaderm HERE.


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