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Healy is new, Healy is different, and Healy is extremely versatile. This little game changer is the first smartphone controlled wearable that provides easy support in all important areas of your life with the use of frequencies, Healy analyzes, the frequencies you need right now. And the smart wearable applies subtle currents and individualized frequencies to your body by its electrodes. It strengthens your balance and harmonizes imbalances, fitness health and inner and outer beauty.

Healy has over 120 programs to provide energetic support for you, for your body, and for your cells. Every single cell in our body is a small power plant that constantly produces energy. One thing is particularly important for this: the natural cell membrane voltage – and this is where the Healy comes in with Nuno Nina’s gold cycle programs that focus on rebalancing your cells. He also has suitable programs for many other applications, onboard programs for the treatment of headache. Poor back pain, but also for learning concentration or exams, [Music]. It can even support you with depression, sleep disorders and stress. The Healy beauty programs are supposed to support your inner and outer beauty energetically.

In sports, the Healy is meant to promote performance, muscles and regeneration at home or on-the-go in your leisure time or at work. In our opinion, health begins with good balance in all areas of life. This is what Healy stands for: state of the art wearable technology made in Germany to the highest standards based on use by 2,000 therapists worldwide, who have seen as many as 500,000 patients

Healy for me and for you and for everyone.

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