Writing MLM Ads That Get Attention

Writing MLM Ads that get attention is transcribed from a video.

Today I wanna teach you guys a little bit more about how to write mlm ads or create video scripts for products you may be promoting in the MLM space. What’s up, guys? Hey, (chuckles) okay, so it’s probably about a week ago, it was towards the end of the day, and I knew that we were gonna go do a bunch of filming the next day for some funnels that you guys will see us launching soon.

In fact, I’ll tell you about one of ’em today. And I thought like, what could we do to make some (chuckles) video that’s like off the top crazy? Like something that’s like, you know what’s funny is marketers, this is marketers, and I’m hoping that you listening to this now, whether you’re brand new in MLM, network marketing, or direct sales, whatever someone chooses to call it now, we’re all basically commission-based salesmen, right? Where it’s the same thing, (chuckles) okay? With overrides under the people we bring in.

Anyway, so whatever it is that you guys are going to choose to sell, understand that as a marketer you are a noisemaker, right? Now some people have gotten mad, as I’ve said in the past, ’cause they’re like, “Hey, look, there’s enough noise out there all ready in this planet, Steve, and I don’t need to be making more of it.” And I’m not saying make noise for noise sake, okay? I have a bunch of quotes on my ceiling right here, in my office here.

What’s funny is like I run out of wall space ’cause I got whiteboards everywhere, so I started putting my quotes on the ceiling. (laughing) So anyways, there is a quote up there though that says like, “Hey, when you open your mouth, you are either contributing and adding value or you’re just making distraction and noise and nonsense,” okay? Now what I’m saying is by make noise, do things of value.

What could we do that would cause positive, good noise that brings attention over to what we’re doing?

And so that’s what we ask ourselves frequently here in this office. There’s several others that work in here now. And we will all sit down, start thinking like, what could we do that would cause positive, good noise that brings attention over to what we’re doing? And it’s been great.  It’s been a ton of fun doing that, and we come up with some pretty aggressive things sometimes. So anyways, what we had the idea to go do was to go up to like 30 minutes away.  I live in Boise, Idaho here, right next to ClickFunnels, and, anyway, we went 30 minutes away to this place where you could shoot.

I shot a lot of guns growing up, I was in the Army for about 4-1/2 years, and I just love guns (laughing), okay? Guns are fun. When you’re safe with them, they’re fun. And so anyways, I was like, “Let’s do something with guns.” It’s like, “Let’s do something that’s big and aggressive,” and anyway, so what we decided to go do was bring or go out to these places and start shooting some guns.  And we brought our videographer with us so we could start shooting. (laughing)

The purpose is to ruffle some feathers around a lot of false beliefs in the MLM space

Shooting with a camera but also shooting with a gun. Anyways, and so I wrote this script, and, guys, the script, the purpose of the script, is to go in and ruffle some feathers around a lot of false beliefs in the MLM space, all right? And then finally, direct them to a very specific place as well. So I wanna read the script to you real quick since you guys can see how I wrote this, and what I’m trying to do with this.

Any script that I write ever, whether it’s for the Secret MLM Hacks Webinar, which if you guys wanna see that, go to secretmlmhacks.com, or it’s really anything.  I always step back and think to myself, okay, my target audience, right? And think about this with your MLM; whether you’re selling product or trying to recruit, whether you’re building or selling the products, it doesn’t matter.   Think about what are the mainstream things, right? What are the mainstream things that my dream customer believes right now and I know is wrong, okay?

And then what I do is become the opposite of that very forwardly in the MLM ad or in the script

Does that make sense? It’s one of the easiest ways to get a lot of attention. Whatever the mainstream, okay, I’m just gonna choose a random thing here. Let’s say it was, let’s say that you were gonna go speak to a bunch of bodybuilders and you’re selling them a CrossFit program, right? Well, all the beliefs that a bodybuilder has, right, that you know are wrong, that actually could be hurting themselves, I’m gonna bring that out in the ad and become the exact opposite of it. I am the anti of that thing openly, loud and proud, in the ad. That make sense? Okay, you’ll see what I mean as we go here.

So what happened is we went over and I bought a shotgun, and we bought Tannerite, and we bought, if you don’t know what this stuff is, it’s an explosive. We went and we bought, it’s legal, all right? (chuckles) We got it from, anyway, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Anyway, I went to a party store and I got tons of like, I got a full-board cutout of Superman and Hans Solo, and we brought a hundred-pound, old-school TV that we’ve just had sitting on the side of our house forever.

“Is success in MLM even possible today?”

It’s a hundred pounds, thing’s so heavy. We also brought a really old Mac computer, lots of spray paint. Anyway, it was cool. And what happened is we drove out to this place. It’s a super nice day, super. It’s why I’m a little sunburned right now, and we went out to this clearing here. Anyway, so this is the script that I wrote. I got out of the car and in about 10, 15 minutes, this is the script that I wrote. And then I was like, “Boom, I’m ready!” And this is what we filmed, okay? So it starts out with me standing in a field. “Is success in MLM even possible today?” And what’s cool about starting anything with a question is that questions hijack brains.

So if I was to ask you a question, like, “Are you really actually gonna be successful in your MLM right now?” You personally watching this or listening to this right now, you think you’ll actually be successful? By default, you can’t not think about that, right? That’s why questions are such a powerful opener, right? “Is success in MLM even possible today?” And then it backs out and I’m standing in this field with a TV. “Well, let me ask you this.” It’s kind of those Geico commercials. “Could Geico really save you 15% on car insurance? “Could a woodchuck chuck wood?” (laughing) And then it goes a woodchuck throwing wood, right? It’s kinda like that. There’s a lot of fast cuts in this. “Is success in MLM even possible today? “Well, let me ask you this.

“MLM is loaded with old-school methods like the three-way phone call.”

“Will this old-school, hundred-pound TV explode with only four pounds of dynamite under it?” It’s not dynamite, or I said, “Tannerite under it.” And then it zooms away to us shooting the Tannerite and the TV flips through the air and explodes, and it’s really awesome. But anyway, the shockwave was huge, by the way. Oh, my gosh. Anyway, I said, “I’m Steve, MLM is stuck in the ’90s.  Hello, the internet is here!”

And it’s all these cool little cuts back and forth. “MLM is loaded with old-school methods like the three-way phone call.” Okay, now while I say these things to you and you start to listen to me, if this offends you, like, first of all, I’m gonna ask, don’t get offended, watch what I’m doing. Watch what I’m doing on this.

“Like the three-way phone call.” And we zoom to me standing in a Walmart parking lot. You can see very blurry in the background, though, I’m standing in a Walmart parking lot, and I take a step up to Colton, right, who’s the other owner of Secret MLM Hacks. I take a step up to him and go, “Hey, this guy’s gonna make us a bunch of money.

But I don’t do three-way phone calls

“I don’t know how, but we gotta three-way now. “You gotta call now,” right? He picks up a book and slaps me, and I have a delayed reaction, okay? I’m going hyperbole, slapstick, kind of off the top because I know that this is gonna be touchy, right? I don’t do three-way phone calls. I’m not saying that you can’t, I’m just saying I didn’t wanna do that so I built my own system that recruits for me.

And I think in the last (snapping fingers) like four days we’ve had nine people joined? Who I haven’t spoken to but they’re getting trained at this insane level ’cause I automated the training also. Anyway, does that make sense? So I’m going through three things, three methods that I know MLM is believing will cause success that I don’t really agree with, right? So I said, “It’s filled with old-school methods like the three-way phone call.”

“Like making a huge list of uninterested family and friends and bugging them.”

And then it goes to me on a whiteboard writing down total Facebook friends, 2,047. Total MLM leads, 2,047. (laughs) And then I look up to the side and go, “What island should I buy?” Right? We’ve all been there, we have all been there, and that’s why this is like really aggressive, okay? And then I said, “And, finally, like fake home parties.” And then we set up a home party, and it’s like a garden party, and people are wearing their hats.

They’re wearing like party hats that we went and got with like those little blow things, you go– (party horn honking) Those little blow things. They’re sitting there and I stand up at the front. Guys, this is really controversial, and if it’s pissing you off as I say this, you need to watch what I’m doing and model in your MLM. I’m not saying to go in and, I’m not trying to be offensive for offensive’s sake.

If someone gets offended by it, that’s not the goal

I’m not trying to do that, but I’m taking the mainstream beliefs, the methods that people believe are required in MLM, and then I’m becoming the opposite of those.  Because I don’t agree with them. So if you’re thinking about your MLM, your product, your opportunity, whatever it is you, whatever it is your target dream customer, and if you don’t know who that is, that’s why you’re having a hard time selling in the first place, okay? Whatever your dream target customer believes will give them success, and you’re like, “No, no, no, no, no.

You taking that supplement, or whatever it is that you’re selling.  Or you having that insurance plan, you having that retirement thing. Whatever it is that you’re selling, that’s the exact, that’s not true at all. Have you told that to them? In a very memorable way, a very unforgettable way? This is what I’m doing with this, right? So I said, “Finally, like the fake home party.” So we set up a home party and I’m going over the top in the video, okay? It’s hyperbole but it’s to cause a point.

It’s spicy, this is spicy, and it’s meant to be edgy

“Hey, everyone, thanks so much for coming to my home party.  I can’t wait for you to buy my stuff and fuel my retirement and future because truly I never learned how to sell.” And then my buddy stands up, it’s Colton, and he goes, “This party sucks!” He slams something on the ground and then reaches out with the book again, (imitates palm slapping face) and then slaps my face, with a delayed reaction.

It’s pretty funny. But you see what I’m doing there? It’s spicy, this is spicy, and it’s meant to be edgy, and that’s partly my personality. I’m telling you right now, if you don’t want to be that way, you don’t have to. This is just something that I did, okay? Anyway, “This party sucks!” Okay, and then it zooms to me in a studio, and it’s all nice, and I’m standing in front of a camera.

“And, yes, I’m using the internet to grow my MLM.”

I go, “Hey, look, I’m serious but joking.  The point is us full time internet marketers are playing the MLM game completely different than what you’ve been taught by your upline,” right? And I said, “So to be clear, “yes I am building actively in an MLM.” I hate it when I find out someone that I’m learning from is not actually doing the thing that they’re teaching. There are tons of MLM gurus that are out there like that. And anyway, so say, “Yes, to be clear,” and now it zooms back to me with a shotgun and I’m walking.

I’m like, “Yes, to be clear,” (imitates shotgun loading) and I load it. (laughing) “I am building an MLM actively right now. “I’m a participant in this place,” right? Anyways, and I say, “And, yes, I’m using the internet to grow my MLM.” And I look over and point at this, it’s a Mac, it’s an old-school Mac, it’s huge. And we sprayed MLM plus web with question marks all over it.

You can do that in MLM?

“Yeah, you can,” right? “I’m doing it right now.” And then I blow a shotgun round through the center of the computer. (laughing) It was really fun. And then it zooms out to me looking at it, a little bit further away, and Colton’s loading a big rifle, and I turn around to the camera and I look at it, I say, what I said was, “So the whole myth that you can’t use MLM,” or, “You can’t use the internet to grow what you’re doing.” And then as we both look over and Colton lines up, and goes, boom! And we shot five pounds of explosives under this TV, and it went flipping through the air, like this hundred-pound TV.

(laughing) And I said, “Myth busted, that’s crap.” You see how many things I’m rockin’ inside of this? I’m taking all the things that I’ve seen, again, that all these people believe MLM, constraints, this, that, here, there, whatever. I don’t talk about my MLM, I don’t talk about it here like by name, I’m saying. I don’t name it, I don’t tell you, it’s one the reasons I can do it. But a lot of you come join my downline ’cause of how many tools we have for you afterwards, right? Anyway, you learn way more about that in Secret MLM Hacks.

It’s how I’m using Facebook funnels and the internet that might surprise you

So I tell ’em, “Guys, it’s how I’m using Facebook funnels and the internet that might surprise you. “Now I personally sell programs, and books, teaching my own MLM methods. I honestly just wanna make a cool video to tell you about another fascinating book that’ll help you make the transition into modern MLM.” Okay, and what I’m doing in the video is I’m promoting Russell’s new book called “Network Marketing Secrets,” and I tell ’em, “Go to The MLM Funnel, themlmfunnel.com, “and get your copy from me,” right? “Get your copy of ‘Network Marketing Secrets’ “and there’s a bunch of cool bonuses there. “And so it’s called ‘Network Marketing Secrets’ “by Russell Brunson,” right? “While old-school MLM tactics can work,” and now we’re zooming back to a rock face and I have a full, it’s a huge cardboard cut out of Superman and of Hans Solo.

Guys, we do MLM differently

(laughing) It’s so funny. I said, “It’s like putting Hans Solo against Superman. “Hans Solo was cool like 30 years ago, CGI is here.” And then it’s (laughs), I won’t, you have to see that part. (laughing) Anyway, “Guys, we do MLM differently. “‘Network Marketing Secrets’ and the programs “that I share with you will teach you “how we’re really doing MLM online, “automated, without talking to anybody.” I’m not removing the person from this business, though, either, just so you know.

“Steve, why do you care? “Well, I have other MLM automated programs “teaching how to do this and I’m hoping you “buy this book and make fat stacks of cash “and use some of it to come by my programs in the future.” All right, “How evil of my plan is that? “And maybe join my team (laughing maniacally).” Right, anyway, “So here’s what you’re gonna get.” And then I go through and I give ’em a really cool offer, and I’m giving ’em one of my recruiting funnels if they buy the book through my link.

I recorded myself building a recruiting funnel

Same offer’s for you, by the way. If you guys go to themlmfunnel.com, it will take you over there and you’ll see on there what the offer is. I’m giving ’em, I recorded myself building a recruiting funnel in front of a live audience. They get that video course so they can see how I built all the pages, then they get the actual funnel itself.

So they just copy it into, like, if you don’t have a ClickFunnels account, it will give you a two-week trial when you click on the link. I also give them, there’s a bunch of other stuff that’s really awesome. Oh, I have it right here. I give ’em the program that I train my downline with once they join me, that way they can see how I do it so they can go do it in their own MLM, right?

What I don’t wanna do is I don’t wanna marry my downline

That’s not the same as, I’m not saying I don’t wanna help.  I’m saying I don’t wanna marry my downline, right? The point for me is to build an asset, not a job. Therefore I should automate certain things that I do all the time. If I’m doing ’em all the time, it’s the same thing over and over again.  Why on Earth have I not put a system in place to automate that, right? Anyway, I give ’em a discount ticket to OfferMind, which I’ll invite you guys to come to.

It’s September 2nd and 3rd. Russell Brunson will be keynoting at that. I’ll teach you how to make a sexy offer so that you actually can outvalue your upline and downline. It’s really cool, it’s what I do. Anyways, and then, anyway, so there’s a lot of cool stuff that’s going into it. I said, “Sure, you may love the cute way your MLM has taught you to recruit and sell.” And then I pick up this panda, it’s a pinata.

But what has cute and comfy actually done for you?

And I say, “You’re right. “Things that are comfortable can be really cute.” Oh! (snaps fingers) “But what has cute and comfy actually done for you?” And then it’s me slamming the thing on the ground and ripping the head off of it. (laughing) It’s a really aggressive ad. (laughing) Go to themlmfunnel.com, it’s where this video is going to live. You can go watch the whole thing. Themlmfunnel.com, you can watch the whole thing when I’m outta here, anyway.

“But, Steve, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?”

“All right, but no one’s buying hundred-pound TVs anymore, right? “MLM has changed.” And we took that hundred-pound TV and sprayed old, and outdated, and slow on it. And, guys, there’s an analogy that I gave, and you guys saw it probably just in this past four-part series that we just did. There’s an analogy that I gave about it’s not that the way MLM teaches you traditionally can’t work, but it’s like putting a Prius against a race car down a drag strip, okay?

Like it’s so much faster. I can auto-pitch people like crazy, far more than I ever had time to do. We now have had, me personally, just me personally, not including all those I’ve recruited, we’re well over 1,500 people asking to join my downline. I didn’t recruit them all ’cause I chop a lot of of them out ’cause it’s a real application, okay? But 1,500 people asking to join my downline in the last year, year and a half.

The internet is part of the MLM future

And, yeah, that’s nuts, that’s crazy. And if I was to go do 1,500 presentations. Actually, no, no, it would be way more than that. These are the people who are finally saying yes. You see what I’m talking about? So like learn this stuff. That’s why I do this show. And I know it’s controversial. I know it pisses people off, who are like, “You can’t do that!” Usually it’s ’cause they don’t know how to do it, right?

And then I freak ’em out. Whatever, it works. We’re doing it, tons of people are. I’ve had multiple people recruit several hundred in a month. Just in the Secret MLM Hacks program, not my downline alone. Other MLMs, really, anyway, it works. And regardless with your friends and your family, say, your upline, your downline, corporate, or your mom, “internet is part of the MLM future.” It already is.

It’s the way the huge guys in MLM have already been playing it

They’re just not teaching you that. Anyways, and then we shoot back over to me, and Colton and Austin are standing on a rock with confetti rockets. Have you seen those things? They’re super cool. They’re like these big tubes. I say, “So, congrats.” Boom, and we all shoot the confetti out. “Throw a party because you’re about to learn “how the big MLMers are actually playing the game.” And then I say, “Click the link below “to get all those cool bonuses and get the book, “and we’ll ship it on out to you.” Pretty cool, it’s a good ad.

Anyway, I just wanted to break that down so you guys can see how we do that. And you wanna see the actually final video, if you want to, go to themlmfunnel.com. You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about on this. And it is meant to be shaking, right? It’s meant to be, so how did I do that, again? It’s one of the easiest ways to become a marketer, right?

A marketer does nothing more than change beliefs in order to cause a sale

That’s what marketing is. It’s not logos, it’s not slogans, it’s not ads, right? That’s all part of it, it’s an appendage, but marketing itself is changing beliefs with the intent of a sale to happen. So that’s what I did. So what did I say? How do we all get trained? I was too, the first two MLMs I was in, right? They’re like, “Okay, let’s do some three-way phone calls.

“Make a huge list of your friends and family. “And, by the way, you might wanna “think about throwing a home party.” I did those things! I did the three-way phone calls, I did the fake home parties, I made a huge list of uninterested friends and family, and it was extremely embarrassing, everything that happened, and I still have soured relationships to this day because of that, and I hate it, and I will fight it.

It’s the reason why I created such an intense ad

So anyways, guys, (siren blaring) I hear the siren in the back here at the moment. (siren blaring) There it is. Anyway, hopefully you guys liked me breaking this down because once you have the product, your MLM’s product, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to go create marketing for it. You still go create marketing for it. It’s why I sell my stuff, it’s why like, anyway. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this. I would love to have you guys go, anyway, go to and check out themlmfunnel.com, and I’m excited to try to share with you guys a little bit more about that. For those of you guys who are like, “I don’t know if I should be in Secret MLM Hacks yet.” Probably going to themlmfunnel.com is the place to start with if you’re not ready yet.

“Let’s make this an actual asset.”

If you are wanting like a full swing, like, “Stephen, I’m ready to do this. “Let’s make this an actual asset.” Go to Secret MLM Hacks and buy the program. Secretmlmhacks.com, we’re about the raise the price on it ’cause it’s  freakin’ incredible. It’s not an easy thing for me to have put all that out there. So anyway, we are gonna increase the price on it soon. Anyway, so I’m excited for you guys to have it. And go to themlmfunnel.com.

If you’re like, “Hey, I’m limited.” That’s fine, the book’s seven bucks. Comes with all those bonuses. Seven, eight bucks, or something like that. I can’t remember. And then when you go buy it through my affiliate link, so watch what I’m doing, watch what I’m doing. When you go to themlmfunnel.com, I beg you to buy slowly, so you can watch through all the things that I’m doing inside there.


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